Ben Dover End Games




129 Mins



THEMES: New Girls, Blondes, Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Anne, Sonia, Hannah, Laura, Rebecca, Pascal White, Super Mario, Philippe, Ben Dover


As many of you already know, I really enjoy old school gonzo movies, the kind where the guy behind the camera is part of the ‘story’ and he (or she) leads us on an adventure. Seymore Butts, Buttman, John Leslie and the director of this vid, Ben Dover are the very best at this sort of thing and of that crop only Ben is really shooting this kind of movie any more. He’s a wonderful old perv who always seems to find the cutest girls around and gets them naked and fucked before you can say Cherrio.

The first stop in this movie is the Belgian sex festival. Naturally he runs into a sexy blonde named Anne. In no time at all, she’s back at home, between Pascal and Super Mario, working their cocks into a frenzy. They move her quickly into position where she can be fucked. Damn, she went from pretty girl to porn slut awfully quickly. I sort of miss the chance to get to know her a bit, but once you’ve seen this hot body, who cares what her interests are? Ben puts his cock into the mix so that sexy Anne has three hard dicks to play with. She really gives enthusiastic head to this trio of shafts, getting them all ready to really abuse her young slit. After a long doggy fuck that really shows of her thighs, she rolls over, lifts her legs and lets her ass take cock. Give her a lot of credit for advancing so far in her Slutology 101 classes to take the guy balls deep as he pumps her from behind. With all that ass fucking going on, her face is exposed and ready to take cum. Ben fires first, and the others follow suit until she is a creamy faced porn slut. Very hot babe, very hot scene.

The same two studs join Ben as they go to visit Sonia. She’s a brunette with an average face, but what appears to be a pretty hot little body under her short dress. In the car on the way home, she’s already rubbing her pussy and sucking some cock. OK, huge points for energy and for a willingness to bob knob in a moving vehicle. Back at home, Sonia gives a quick triple blowjob just to let the guys know what they have to look forward to. Her body is thin, natural and mostly unfettered by body art, but the guys are mostly interested in how quickly they can fill her pussy with tongues, fingers and of course, cocks. Sonia is very vocal and talks like a perfect porn slut, encouraging them to fuck her harder and deeper. It’s a good thing Ben has these two well hung guys on hand because once you get this brunette chick started, she won’t stop until every cock is drained. They double team her pussy before they give her ass a try. It’s sad that of the two small tats she has, one of them is actually on her tit. Her ass is unfucked, or so they say. However, Ben isn’t going to stop filming until both guys have done their best to loosen up her sphincter. The guys blast her ass and then spew all over her face. Somehow Ben has found another energetic prick cushion.

Hanna and Laura are a pair of eighteen year old girls who are fresh faced and ready to get down for the camera. Ben interviews them about their modeling careers and you’ll never believe this. They like the idea of guys getting horny and jacking off looking at them. Ben just happens to have a cock and lets the girls get down and share it. When they have proved they are ready for more, the girls play with each other. Pascal and Philippe are watching and quickly dive in for a taste of young pussy. I would like to see Hanna on her own, since she is so terribly cute, but both girls are more than worth watching. The girls fuck side by side, taking their guys deep and showing us that at least some English girls really do love to fuck. Eventually, the move together and turn it into a four body cluster fuck. Laura has some sexy leather boots on, but it’s still Hanna who steals the show. This little thing is one to watch for sure. They both have tight asses, but of course, that will never stop Ben. In no time at all, they are riding side by side, each taking a dick in their bum and both of them squirming about like the creaming little teens they are. As a special treat, they double team the guys for the pop shots. After sharing the first, they cum swap the second and then a bonus load. These two girls are trouble, sexy, hot wonderful trouble.

Rebecca is the final girl in this movie and she has some very tough acts to follow. Mario and Pascal team up again to introduce this sexy young girl. She is a little thin, with nice tits and like the others, attacks cock without question. Before the sex starts, Ben tickles her feet a big, nearly driving Rebecca into fits of laugher. To get her warmed up, the guys start really finger fucking her young pussy. This makes Rebecca very, very happy and has her pussy juiced up for ease entrance. As one guys is pounding away, making her little tits dance, Rebecca reaches out and starts stroking the other dick. The guys sit side by side on the couch so she can quickly move from one cock to the next, showing us all how much she wants them both. We get a good shot of her pussy when she’s bent over taking cock. I like the underneath shot when we’ve got a snug snatch to gaze upon. We know that her ass is the main course, so naturally it’s going to get nailed as well. Ben examines it before the guys take over and just slip meat right into the back door. In no time at all, her snug shitter is sliding up and down a slick prick like she’s being butt banging her whole life. After a quick DP, the guys fill her ass with cum. Both loads puddle up on her rosebud and drip down into her face. Lots of post pop cum play here for those who really dig that.

As usual, Ben finds some very nasty young women and lets them prove just how filthy they can be. There are a few real cuties in this cast, Hanna, Anna and Laura in particular. Even the girls who aren’t stunning turn out to be great on screen fucks thanks to high energy and anal enthusiasm. If there is a criticism here it would be that some of the action gets a little choppy, as if Ben is trying to flood us with so many images that we don’t get to enjoy many of them. Great anal action, hot facials and some chick we don’t see on every single box cover make this another in a long line Ben Dover movies that strokers on both sides of the big pond can enjoy.

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