Balls Deep 2


140 Mins
DIRECTOR: Lexington Steele
THEMES: Big Cocks, Interracial Sex
STARS: Sophie Evans, Paige LaSalle, Marie Silva, Luzy Pearl, Daniella Rush, Taylor St. Claire, Judit
This is the second effort from Lexington Steele and already the buzz on this series is tremendous. After bringing us a movie that fit its title perfectly with Balls Deep, part two promises more of the same. Hot chicks taking big cock and taking them deep. Most of the girls in this one are fairly new to the business, but there are a few big names like Taylor St. Claire, Sophie Evans and Daniella Rush. Sure to thrill fans of interracial action and size queens everywhere, Balls Deep 2 is about ready to start so let’s get to it.
Sophie kicks things off and she looks fantastic in her stockings and sexy top. For some reason, I thought she was Spanish, but she’s Hungarian. (As if that really matters.) There is a nice tease sequence leading up the to the sex here, showing that Sophie knows how to get a guy ready without even touching him. In comes one big, black cock (Mr. Marcus I believe) After she sucks it for a few seconds, Lex sticks his even bigger cock into her face. Sophie happily sucks it while Marcus fucks her tight pussy from behind. When she turns around to offer her goodies to Lex, Sophie shakes her perfect ass and he slaps his hard prick against it. This little blonde Euro has a two of porn’s biggest cocks throbbing and she isn’t about to slow down. The guys pound away on her pussy, then her ass and you know she’s about to take them both at the same time. There aren’t too many women in porn who can take these two cocks at once, but Sophie makes it look like a lovely picnic in the park. Both guys reward her hard work with thick loads for her pretty face, leaving her stretched, coated and smiling.
Paige LaSalle is an exotic looking Orange County girl who looks very hot in her bikini and stockings. Lex takes the new girl to school, giving her his cock and setting her mouth and hands to the work. Paige looks a little like Jasmin St. Claire, but with small, real tits and super pointy nipples. Lex licks her pussy for a minute to make sure she’s nice and wet. Her snug young snatch stretches, but Paige responds nicely. Great shots of her bent over the furniture, taking it deep and responding with vocal spender. She looks quite good riding reverse cowgirl and just about as good in standard CG. As the camera zooms in, we see that Paige really has a nice looking pussy that barely takes all Lex has to offer. Saving all that juice up, he unloads on her face and rubs it into her lips as she sucks the last few drops out.
Luzy Pearl needs some help from Marie Silva to handle the massive tool. They share his cock, stroking it gently and teasing it with their tongues. After sharing that big cock, they kind of work on each other for a bit. Marie helps ease it into Luzy from behind, but she doesn’t seem to have much trouble letting Lex into her wet pussy. When they switch, Marie’s pussy, which has been pierced, gets poked and she does seem to be feeling the effects of a super sized meat meal. (Not in pain, just feeling it, if you know what I mean.) After some brief anal, he goes back into Luzy with Marie pulling his cock out every few strokes to taste her new friend. Marie spreads her legs wide for some close up RCA. Her pussy lips are very pronounced, maybe a little too much for my taste. (Sometimes a little pubic hair is a good thing.) However, it’s hard to notice her puss when her ass is being stuffed and stretched by 11 inches of hard cock. The girls knees side by side and wait as he jerks his cock off onto their faces. Marie, the greedy little slut, takes most of the load, but Luzy gets her share as well.
Daniella Rush is a tall, pretty brunette with very beautiful eyes, a nice ass and just about anything a grown man could want. To welcome this pretty girl to American, Lex has brought along a friend and they feed her two feet of hard black dick. After a very brief double blowjob, she bends over to work on Marcus while Lex lights up her Euro-vag. Her body looks great on her hands and knees with curves in all the right places. Of course, that’s nothing compared to those big green (could be light blue) eyes looking up into the camera as she works hard to orally worship a huge cock. Marcus lies on his back and gives her a modified spoon, which allows us a great view of her long legs, lovely rack and near perfect slit. The guys position her for the big, super sized DP. Daniella takes both cocks and even manages to let the guys do some serious pumping into her well filled holes. All that fucking has Lex primed and he shoots a load that hits Daniella in the tits, chin, cheek, nose, eye, forehead and hair. Marcus has to work hard to keep up, but does manage to add a good load to her pretty face.
Judit is another blonde Euro who is being molested by Vince Vouyer as the scene begins. She moves quickly through the blowjob, so she can ride his cock. This is a good looking woman, though not as hot as the others on this tape. As such, it’s nice to see her make up for that by enthusiastically riding Vince’s cock. In the reverse cowgirl, he pulls her legs up so we get an unobstructed view of the action. Judit has some very nice tits and a few of the shots highlight her magnificent mams as they shake about with every stroke. He moves to her ass, sliding it in from behind. Like the other scenes, this one is brilliantly shot, for more maximum raincoater appeal. Great close ups from behind, then from above as we look down at Judit’s ass taking Vince’s cock balls deep. After some intense RCA, Judit slides down and sucks her ass juice right off that hard cock. She also takes her facial with a smile, closing out a pretty good scene.
Finally we get Taylor St. Claire, who comes down the stairs looking lovely in her corset and black skirt. As a warm up, she rubs her pussy and invites us to watch as she frees her huge hooters, gives them some loving licks and gets ready to have her holes ripped open. In comes the first dick and Taylor gives it her all sucking it like she really loves cock. When that isn’t enough, a second cock comes in and now she has twice as much to work with. Les rolls her over onto her back and goes after that glamour girl pussy, pounding his stalk so deep, Taylor may need a shoehorn to get it out of there. Vince a Joel Lawrence double up to fuck her pussy while Taylor stretches her head back to suck some more cock. They move her around for the more traditional DP and still Taylor is ready for more. I can’t think of another performer who has gone from a prissy model to such a down and dirty gutter tramp as completely as Taylor has. (And this is a good thing.) It’s time for the cum to fly and after the first load hits her face, it stays there as the remaining two guys fuck her and add their juices to the mix. Lex finishes her off with a rigorous fuck and a big load on her already cum streaked face.
True to the title, the girls in this movie really do take some huge dicks all the way to the root. None of them can deep throat these monsters, but their pussies and some of their asses do get crammed full of cock. You can never go wrong with Sophie Evans, who rocks the house in the opening scene. Likewise, Taylor St. Claire sluts it up nicely in the finale. In between, we get some nice looking newbies like Pagie and some well fucked Euro-sluts like Daniella. Very well shot, with the focus on the women and the action, Balls Deep 2 is a great stroke video in the Diabolic tradition. It’s also for guys (and girls) who dig big cocks and the women who dig them back.

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