Initiations 7


140 Mins
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer
THEMES: Anal Sex
STARS: Julie Ryan, Cassandra, Zoe Young, Victoria Style, Monica Mayhem, Calli Cox, Cashmere, Kyla Fire, Mario, Pat Myne, Bobby Vitale, Vince Vouyer, Mr. Marcus
This is one of the lines from Anabolic that I really enjoy. Most of the women are fresh faced and unspoiled by the world of porn. That doesn’t mean that they’re amateurs, just new girls who get run through the Anabolic ringer to see if they can handle it. If they pass, it’s time to put them in the other lines. If they don’t, it’s out the door they go with nothing but a sticky T-shirt, a few loads of ball batter and a one way ticket back to whatever they came from. I wonder if Vince will continue to shoot movies like this with his new company, ad I certainly hope that someone will pick up the ball for Anabolic. Vince does something a little different during the cast list. He shows us super tight close ups of the girls’ pussies, tells us how old they are and asks what they like shoved in there. Personally, I like to see the whole woman, but hey, it�s all about pussy in the end isn’t it?
Monica Mayhem is an Australian blonde with gorgeous eyes and a very nice, all natural body. She won�t do anal, but comes out in her blindfold, sticks her ass in the air and takes Marcus to the hilt I her little pussy. Within a few strokes, she�s already asking him to fuck her faster. They roll her over and have some Euro-guy take over for Marcus. Monica is not going to leave the room without being thoroughly fucked down under princess. After fucking both guys, then sucking their cocks a bit, Monica finally gets to see who she�s been fucking. Knowing who they are doesn�t slow her down. In fact, now she can fuck one and suck the other giving us a great view at both ends. While Marcus is pounding her pussy, the other guy shoots his load all over her face where it stays until he can add his jizz to her mouth. Pretty and sexy, Monica is ready for more.
Cassandra is a twenty one year old Euro-babe who says she likes to swallow cum. She also has two of the biggest real tits I�ve ever seen. Her body is soft, but not fat, her face is decent enough, but that pussy just isn�t pretty. Wisely, Vince focuses on her tits in the early going. I guess we�ll se more of her later. (I hate when they do this.)
Casmmere is a twenty year old black girl who says she loves giving blowjobs. To put her to the test, they shove a dick in her mouth and let her talk to the camera in between licks on a pleasure stick. Great eye contact as she uses both hands to jerk him off right into her mouth. I imagine we�ll see this babe back for more as well.
Victoria Style is a pretty girl who looks to be racially mixed with some black and white, though could be middle Eastern. Her southern accent is slight, but her slut accent is quite apparent as she talks about sucking cock, swallowing cum and how much she loves to fuck. Vince gets to see her naked and promises to bring her back.
For now, we move back to Cassandra who is ready for her initiation. With her blindfold in place, the busty Euro bends over and has a cock up her ass before you can say sports bra. Making her ride the A2M train, the guys move from that ample ass to her sucking mouth. When she�s on her back, Cassandra does a good job covering up her belly as one dude pumps her ass and the other tries to silence her very loud cries of ecstasy with another stiff rod. Getting back to her knees, the guys have her suck for a while before the blindfold comes off. Not worried about who is fucking her, Cassandra gets back up on the couch to take a little ride. Tit lovers will want to beware because these heavy bags are moving a lot as she fucks. I don�t want you mam fanatics to have a coronary. They slide her off into a piledriver position to further stretch her sphincter. After letting them DP her holes, Cassandra holds her mouth wide open for a pair of loads. She�s big, she�s nasty and she�s real.
Zoe Young is a very pretty girl from London who is twenty four, but looks younger. She looks so good Vince lets her suck his cock. Lets? Holy shit some people have much better jobs than others. A quick blowjob ends with a shot onto her pretty face.
Kyla Fine is a very pretty twenty year old who says she loves giving head. (How many girls in porn say they hate giving head?) That�s all it takes for Vince to have her on her knees and earning her keep. These short blowjob scenes are nice teasers, but I think Vince is just taking advantage of his position.
Victoria Style is back for her full scene and since there are no guys on had, Vince crashes her blindfold party himself. On the couch with her ass high in the air, Victoria gets her tight little pussy drilled and seems to really love it. Well shot sex here as she moves onto his lap and grinds a bit. When she�s on her knees sucking and takes off the blindfold, Victoria doesn�t seem very upset. Her face is her best feature so the sex without the blindfold is better looking and every bit as energetic. When she�s riding, Vince holds her cheeks open and that asshole sure looks inviting. Instead, he pulls out and gives her a mouth full of cum.
Julie Ryan is an eighteen year old blonde with nice tits and a voice that makes you wonder if porn with sound is really such a good idea. She almost sounds retarded, but once they throw some dicks her way, she becomes the perfect little teen aged cock monster. Both cocks explode on her face, keeping her nice and quite.
Zoe comes back in a little skirt and sexy top. She puts her face down, her ass up and waits for some cock. Bobby Vitale has a stiff one for this English muffin and shoves it right into her waiting hole. I still like watching girls faces, so the blindfold doesn�t allow the best view. What we do see is a nicely built young woman with soft, real tits getting shagged silly. I do love the moment the blindfold comes off though. That hello, how are you, your dick is in my mouth look is just precious. Now that we can see Zoe in all her glory, it�s a beautiful thing. She�s got great, long legs, a nice pussy and near perfect tits capped with pert little nips. It�s pretty clear she�s not wild about anal as she was about vaginal, but Zoe gets credit for making it through two positions of assfucking before taking another big load on her pretty face.
Calli Cox is a pretty blonde who smiles through her short interview and gives Vince a quick blowjob. Very nice hand action and Calli knows the value of eye contact as she licks his dick like a big popsicle. She takes a big load on her face and says she�s ready for more.
Julie is back and there is good news and bad news. The good news is that her body is tight and ready for some serious fucking. The bad news is that her voice hasn�t changed any. After the blindfold goes on, they have her lie on her back, spread her legs and wait for a man to come stick his cock in her eighteen year old pussy. Her legs look great, but not as great as that sweet little pussy. Julie looks good like that, but just as good on her knees sucking a pair of strange cocks. As much as I love vocal chicks, her voice is a bit of a distraction. Thankfully, she looks fantastic and is a very energetic little fuck toy. While being fucked in the ass, she tells us all what a bad girl she is and that really does it, what a fucking cutie. The guys turn her out with some very hard DP that ends with a simultaneous double pop on her wide open mouth.
So what of the other girls? Some of them didn�t get to come back for a full scene. Thanks to a recap at the end, we get a quick run-down. Casmmere failed for some reason.
Cassandra passed. Kyla failed..huh? Victoria is a �You Decide.� Zoe also falls into the we decide plans. Calli passed (Natch) and so did Julie and Monica. Why didn�t Calli get a full scene? I still don’t like all the jumbled up stuff, and really would like to know why some of these girls didn�t pass. Beyond that small criticism, this is a very solid stroker tape. The girls are pretty, the sex is very well shot and the action is varied. We get some anal, some DP and of course, plenty of hot facials. Initiations remains one of the best pure stroke lines on the market.

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