72 Mins
DIRECTOR: Stuart Canterbury
THEMES: Roman Garb, Slaves,
STARS: Julie Meadows, Evan Stone, Angelica sin, Bridgette Kerkove, Jessie Jordan, Chantal Lace, Kyle Stone, Joel Lawrence, Rich Handsome, Shay Sweet,
The history of porn is littered with mainstream parodies. If there is a successful movie on the big screen, you can count on porn finding some way to tweak the title or the theme and use it. I suppose we should have expected a Gladiator porn, though I would have thought it might have come from one of the gay companies, rather than from Pleasure. Porn’s romance novel cover boy of the moment, Evan Stone dons the leather and struts his stuff in this Stuart Canterbury production that just happens to star one of the hottest babes in all of porn, Julie Meadows. I don’t know if this one will be as well received as the Russell Crowe movie of the same name, but at least you don’t have to be embarrassed if your pastor catches you with this video under your arm.
Julie has a plot to kill her brother who just happens to be the Emperor. Unfortunately, her choice in confidants is missing and she gets sold down the river. Joel Lawrence, cast nicely as the crazy brother, has her taken away to be a slave in the arena. With his murderous sister taken care of, Joel goes to work on her backstabbing pal Angelica Sin, rewarding her with a seat at the royal feet. After letting her lick him to full mast, Joel takes the busty brunette from behind. (Wow, latex just seems way out of place here.) Moving her into piledriver, he works his big cock into her ass as she smiles up at him. Good energy in this scene and those of you whole like long, strong legs, can enjoy Angelica for all she’s got. He whips off his condom and shoots a load all over her belly.
Taken to a training ground, Julie learns her fate. For the entertainment of the masses, Roman women are going to have to fight. Shay Sweet and another girl, not nearly as cute as the blonde, pair off first, slap each other for about a second and a half, then get down to the really entertaining stuff. What follows is a rather run of the mill lesbian scene that actually has me wondering what these two would look like if they were actually fighting. Shay still looks pretty good and clearly likes doing girls better than guys these days, but this is just filler.
The big plan is to have the great champion, Evan Stone, take on a hoard of women in a huge battle to the death. Of course, the women don’t know that and they continue to train by day and service the guards at night. The lead guard, Kyle Stone, has his eyes on Bridgette Kerkove who is more than happy to spread her thighs for him. I guess as a slave, she would have spent plenty of time on her knees and it shows. Bridgette pro-sucks his cock. Julie watches and I hope she’s taking notes because Bridgette uses everything she’s got to win Kyle over. After he slams her ass, he drops a load on her thick lips and watches as she sucks down every drop.
While Angelica and Joel plot something big with sister dearest, a couple uses the palace lawn as a personal sexual playground. I like the setting for this scene, bright sunlight, the grass, but it’s a lot more appealing than the actual sex. The brunette isn’t bad looking, there just isn’t much heat here. It’s a well shot scene with great lighting and attractive enough people, it just doesn’t work as well as some of the others.
Even as the forces of evil align against her, Julie has a strong ally on her side when she teams with Stone. They make a late night escape and then fuck. (Natch) She gets down on her knees and does her very best to swallow every inch of his long sword. When some of it won’t fit in her mouth, the pretty blonde uses her hands quite nicely. After a fine looking blowjob, Evan climbs between Julie’s parted legs for a tasty treat. Staying between her legs a long time, Evan has Julie’s pussy flowing by the time he slides his long sword into her satiny sheath. Much of the fucking comes with Julie bent at the waist taking dick from behind. That certainly shows off her great ass and long legs. While I like this position, more than one would have been nice before seeing Evan shoot his load on the small of Julie’s back.
Oddly enough the movie ends here. I’m not sure quite how I feel about that. After all, if you’re going to take the time to try and tell a story, why not at least finish it? I was actually finding the whole slave/gladiator/revenge idea fairly interesting. Julie Meadows looks fantastic in this movie and is sadly under-used. Her scene with Stone is a good one, but there should have been more. Some of the other cast members turn in high energy scenes with varying degrees of heat. This one is great if you like outdoor sex and the story and costumes will make it a decent couples movie. I just wish they had done more with what they started.

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