Face Down, Ass Up 3



123 Mins
THEMES: Anal Sex, Euro-Chicks
STARS: Sandra Kay, Pet, Luna, Altea, Vanessa,.
After abusing the anal cavities of woman all over the San Fernando Valley, Luciano has taken his act on the road. Not one to do anything on a small scale, he heads all the way to Prague to find some new assholes to bust. What Seattle was to grunge music in the early 90’s, Prague was to porn in the late 90’s. Let’s follow Luciano and see if the city still has some fresh meat to pick over.
After some too long footage of Luciano, Mark Wood and the Euro-pimps, the first girl, Sandra gets going. Who told Mark that his hair looks good yellow? Is it supposed to match those stupid ass sunglasses? When Wood finally shuts up and starts licking the brunette’s ass, things finally get tolerable. She’s got a pretty nice ass and does a decent job of sucking his dick. Sandra is only fairly pretty, but has nice eyes and a pretty pussy. Mark fucks her and she does a decent job of not looking disgusted and bored as he does his duty. With the exception of some nicely shot RCA that focuses on her smooth thighs and hot pussy, this is a pretty average scene. Sandra’s body is a lot better than her face and her energy is only high during the anal. This isn’t a bad scene, it just started so slowly, that it seems to take forever to heat up. By the time he drops a load on her ass, I’m semi-interested, but the scene is over.
Pet is a little bit more attractive than the first girl and she is at least somewhat interested in the action. (Luciano is in the scene, could be the difference.) He spends a lot of time behind her, poking and prodding at her pussy and getting her ass to gape without ever fucking it. (Is it a good thing when a woman’s ass does this?) Her pretty head bobs up and down in his lap like she really wants him wet and hard for her other holes. When it’s time for the sex to begin, he’s plenty hard and not about to hold back on the little Euro-tramp. He let’s her get on top for the anal, thrusting up into her spread cheeks until nearly all of his cock is gone. She takes anal like a champ and gets her gaping as covered in cream.
Luna is another fairly attractive girl with a nice round ass that Mark Wood (Again?) gets to know on an intimate level. His cock is a tad too big for her mouth, but Luna gets an a for effort. Her reward? That big prick inside her little slit. The best shots of the scene come when she’s riding his dick and the camera moves above them for a high angle shot of her tits. Of course, we get the usual low angle close-ups of her ass that gets us ready to see the invasion of her bunghole. I don’t want to turn this into the bash Mark Wood review, but so far the two girl he’s fucked just seem to want to be somewhere else. Luna lies there and takes his dick in the ass with all the joy of a woman opening a letter from the IRS. After he cums on her ass, the scoops it up and licks her fingers clean.
After a rather long segment of Mark and Luciano having fun with a crazy man on the streets, we get to Altea. She’s not all that good looking and once again rides on the Wood express which means she going through the motions with all the energy of a freshly fed python. Altea doesn’t even do a very good job of faking interest. I have to say I join her in being pretty bored with this scene from start to finish. Another piledriver cumshots so she can scoop the load from her ass to her mouth.
Vanessa is the final girl and she’s a dirty blonde with braids in her hair. She’s pretty thin with a nice firm ass and a shaved little box that both get a lot of attention from Luciano’s fingers. He goes from the fingers right to the cock, slamming her from behind. After a long doggy, we get an even longer spoon that shows off her good shave job. The blowjob action comes after he’s done fucking her pussy, but before her ass gets filled. Vanessa’s ass does get quite a workout and she doesn’t seem as dead as some of the other girls, which is nice. With another piledriver pop scooped into her mouth, this movie grinds mercifully to a stop.
You know, I usually like most of Luciano’s movies and I generally like Euro-babes. So what went wrong here? First of all, I just don’t think Mark Wood is the right performer for this series. Extreme has guys like Tom Byron and Luciano in the lead for a reason. They are fairly good looking guys who have a long history of bringing out the best in their partners. I’ve yet to see this sort of skill from Wood, in fact, I’ve seen just the opposite in a lot of his work. None of the girls in this movie really stand out as great looking or volcanic performers. That action is pretty well shot, I’ve just seen a lot better from Luciano and tend to expect more than a run of the mill anal fest with half bored Euro-chicks and some dude with bleached hair who looks and acts like Baby Huey.


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