95 Mins
DIRECTOR: Fred Lincoln
Jill Kelly Productions
THEMES: Girl Bands, Sex in Water
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Jill Kelly, Haven, Tabitha Stevens, Mari Silva, Calli Cox, Gina Ryder, Julian, Marry Romano, Evan Stone, Lee Stone
Jill Kelly Productions has rocketed to prominence as quickly as any company in recent memory. Combining high quality productions with an ever growing collection of hot young starlets, JKP is hitting on cylinders. It’s one thing to trade on the popularity of your company founder, but another to take things to the next level and make quality features with hot sex. So far, that’s what I’ve seen from Jill’s movies and with Haven in the cast of this one, I’m hoping for very good things.
When Tabitha Stevens arrives at work, she is summarily dismissed by her boss. It doesn’t seem to bother her much, but there is that whole rent issue. Turning to her friend, (Jill Kelly) for help, Tabitha seems a bit desperate. Jill has other things on her mind and quickly joins her personal trainer, Julian in the hot tub for some special muscle training. His throbbing unit is sticking out of the hot water so Jill just attacks it with her mouth. It takes both hands and her lips to take it all, but Jill gives a very enthusiastic blowjob that has him ready to work out some build up aggression on her pussy. Jill rides his rod, using her strong abs and legs to really pump that prick with her puss. While being drilled at the side of the water, Jill lets her mouth run wild, encouraging him to keep fucking her. In response, he shoots a load all over her face. These two always give high energy performances together.
Tabitha turns to her biker ex for help with her problems. When he turns her away, his new babe, Gina Ryder, wants to reward his strength with something special. What better way to reward restraint than by sucking his cock and letting her girlfriend join them. The girls take turns, showing good oral skills on this lucky dude’s shaft. I like the look Gina gets in her eye when things really heat up, it’s quite sexy. After a deep assfuck with the other chick, the guy pulls out and shoots on her butt.
Tabitha is still looking for a sympathetic ear, and at least gets some help from Haven. They decide that the best way to solve their problems is by forming a girl band. With Jill in as the third, everything is all set. (And yes, the humor of three hot chicks with no musical talent forming a band is explored in the script.) With that major decision out of the way, the girls relax as only budding pop tarts can, with some wicked lesbian sex. As always, Haven looks magnificent, especially spread out on the piano bench where Tabitha attacks her warm parts. After a brief 69 on the floor, young Haven bends her experienced partner over and really works her over with a furious finger fuck.
Putting the wheels in motion, Tabitha goes to visit a friend who can make their musical dreams come true. Of course, Lee Stone is taking a bath with a cute little blonde at the time, so any negotiations are going to have to wait until he’s used his over sized to tame this pretty little filly. Even with her hand wrapped around the shaft and a mouth full of cock, there are still a few inches in between, but give her credit for going right after that big thing. Nice and wet from her mouth, his cock slides right into her shaved pussy. Whoever this chick is, she has a nice looking slit and takes it fairly deep with some enthusiasm. He empties his sack on her chest before negotiating an interesting deal with Tabitha.
Moving along, Tabitha is quite blunt with Evan Stone about what she’s willing to do to get the contract. He’s not about to turn this down and gets his lips around her nipples faster than you can Dixie Chicks. We know that Tabitha and company aren’t going to make it for their singing, but she handles Evan’s mike really well. That’s an awfully big cock, but Tab uses both hands and her tits to deliver a very hot blowjob. There are some great shots of her bent over the desk showing off her firm ass, but the capper comes when she spins around and downs a load of hot jizz.
I’m not sure if this is the start of a two or three part movie or if it’s supposed to stand alone. As the start of something, it’s got a lot of promise, especially if later versions focus on the other girls in the band. If it is a stand along piece, then it’s clearly a Tabitha Stevens vehicle. She carries much of the sexual weight on her shoulders and even has the bulk of the dialog. Though she only has two of the five scenes, that’s twice as many as any of the other girls. Haven only does Tab in this movie, but it’s a really well done scene. Jill and Julian fuck each other crazy in what might be the best scene of the flick. The other girls are cute and the action is nicely captured, but Tabitha takes over in the final two scenes. Her enthusiasm is high, as always and I’m starting to like her as a brunette. More of Haven wouldn’t hurt, but I would love to see a part two to this flick.

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