Violation Of Kate Frost




70 Mins

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Jail Sex, Toys




STARS: Kate Frost, Dru Berrymore, Kaylynn, Shelbee Myne, Kristy Love, Kristina Black, Angela D’Angelo, Alana Evans


It looks like we may have found a limit to the creativity of the JM team. After so many Violation of movies, we are returning to a theme that we’ve already seen. Of course, lesbian sex in jail cells is such a natural fit that we should probably forgive them for re-visiting it. Besides, if you have a set, you’re supposed to use it right? Regardless if the location, we know what we’re in for with this series. Cute Kate Frost is going to get herself into trouble and a whole collection of uniformed super dykes are going to ruin her tight little holes with fingers, tongues and a collection of toys that only true perverts can appreciate.

Kate is not in a very good mood as she drives down the street, distracted by her cell phone conversation. To make matters worse, she gets pulled over by the cops. When the two cops who pull her over are both women, Kate gives them serious attitude. They take her in for drunk driving and running a red light. Instead of taking her in, they drive into an alley and start roughing Kate up. I guess, those snotty dyke comments hurt the cops’ feelings. They get really rough, but no sex happens just yet.

Things don’t get any better for Kate in jail. Her cellmate, Shelbee Myne is quick to take advantage of the new meat. This is a bit of a change from the usual Violation of formula. Usually, we don’t get to the title character until the big bang. I don’t think the cute redhead has a lot of experience with other women and she’s sobbing as Shelbee hovers over her. I can’t say I blame Kate for saying she doesn’t want to do this. I wouldn’t want to fuck Shelbee either. To ease into the lesbian rape, Shelbee does down on Kate first, trying to weaken her resolve. It really doesn’t work, even as she fingers the pretty girl’s shaved slit, the cries are still of protest, not of joy. Like it or not, she’s going to have to learn to lick pussy as well. If you really like forced lesbian sex, then this might be just the kind of scene you’ve been looking for. When the licking is over, Kate screams in resistance as Shelbee straps on a cock and forces it down her throat. The cries get much louder when she fucks the prone newbie from behind. I just can’t dig some chick crying through the whole scene, especially when she’s being fucked by a chick I wouldn’t bone with Rod Fontana’s dick.

When Kate tries to get help, reporting the abuse by the cops in the alley, she finds out that no one really gives a shit. Every time she tries to tell her story, she gets spanked, cavity searched and thrown to the wolves. The final outrage comes when Kate is thrown to her knees in front of a group of angry cops who take full advantage of their whiny little prisoner. They use their nightsticks to keep her hole well filled. Strap ons and trash talking cops fill her world as Kate sucks on some plastic pricks. After battering her holes with their sticks, the cops finally get Kate to admit that she loves it. Each of the chick cops has a big strap on in their pants and MS. Frost has to suck her way down the whole line, choking on dick and taking more verbal abuse from her horny captors. One of them lies on the floor so Kate can ride her fake cock with her ass. There is some nice strap on action here, followed by multiple dildo penetrations. Alana Evans gets in some sex with one of the other cops as well. They force ridiculously huge toys into her mouth and Kate actually gets her lips around one that looks like a fire hydrant.

When the scene is over we get a little bit of bonus footage that shows Kate storming off of the set, making it really difficult to finish. This is really the perfect end to a dismal effort. I often like the Violation of line, but this one just didn’t work. It played more like a bondage and abuse flick with some sex thrown in for sport. Kate looks all right, but many of the supporting girls are totally unappealing. I’ve noticed of late that the all girl gang bangs are poorly shot, making them just a mess of backs and legs. I think Powers needs to more carefully select his leads and get back to putting more effort into making these quality smut flicks. He’s still one of the most innovative directors in porn, I just think he’s sleepwalking through this one. (I know I was.)

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