Try A Teen




120 Mins

DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron, Mark Wood

Visual Images/Legend

THEMES: Teens, Anal Sex, Trash Talk, New Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Halley Sweet, Brittany Blue, Buffy Van Norton, Vera Sunrise, Summer Storm, Sunrise Adams


Somehow I knew Brandon Iron wasn’t going to have to look too far to find his next gig. After some good teen movies, Extreme brought him on, gave him a new name and turned him into a Slap Happy guy. That didn’t last long and now it seems Brandon and his partner Mark Wood have taken their teen punishing pricks over to the Legend stables. (Max leaves, Brandon enters, it’s porn symmetry.) A few of the girls in this movie are pretty cute, but the main reason I want to see this one is Sunrise Adams. I hear she’s Sunset Thomas’ niece or something like that. Hell, that’s got to be worth a look right? At the start, Brandon and Mark give us a little rundown on the series, but basically it’s a light vignette style line with teens as the target. At the end of each scene is a little report card to see how they match up.

Brittany Blue calls up a radio station to win some concert tickets. When Mark comes by to give her the tickets, he also gives her the chance to come backstage. You’ll never guess what she has to do to get these passes. In no time at all, she’s getting acquainted with Mark’s balls and staring right into his navel. We know that Brit is young because she giggles and wears little white socks. She also has real tits which is nice and gives great eye contact while sucking dick. He has her turn around and shake her little ass as his cock slides deep into her shaved slit. Staying nicely vocal, Brit is fairly flexible and willing to taste herself on Mark’s cock. Outstanding RC here with the feet on his thighs, showing off all or Brit’s best parts. After a hard ride, he convinces her to take a load on her face in order to secure the passes. Brittany does just that, wearing his load with a smile.

Sunrise Adams is quite cute and doesn’t even get a vignette. Brandon introduces her, then watches as the bikini clad blonde gets molested by some dude with tragic facial hair. At just eighteen Sunrise already knows how to milk a cock in her hands and lips. The pretty face and good eye contact help a great deal, but it’s the way she seems to actually have fun sucking dick that reminds me of her more famous aunt. Once his cock is hard and wet, the guy rolls Sunrise over onto her back and fills her young hole with meat. With only a couple of small tattoos, she still looks very good from head to toe and is especially fetching in reverse cowgirl. Her reward for a good fuck is a thick load of cream on her pretty face. Sunrise Adams is a babe to watch for.

Buffy Van Norton is quite good looking and is making the rounds as a former Hustler model turned slut. (Redundant much?) She bounces into the room with her friend Vera to share with Mark and his buddy. Vera is supposed to be a virgin who just happens to be a very skilled cocksucker. She and Buffy both start out with a mouth full of dick, working every hard inch with their young mouths. They double up on Mark, both showing pretty good skills with their mouths, but can they fuck? We never get to find out, because the guys shoot cum all over their faces instead. Hey, if a hot chick wants to stay pure by sucking down your load, why question?

Brandon and Mark really rip into Summer Storm before the scene. Apparently she has a really stinky snatch and Mark doesn’t like it. (Hey, these chicks have to fuck guys like Wood, maybe it’s a tradeoff.) The fairly cute blonde starts out by sucking Mark’s cock, showing that she’s more than willing to get on her knees to secure a job. Maybe her pussy stinks, but Mark sure fucks it hard enough to burn out any stench. I guess he’s trying to punish her by making her suck her own pussy of his cock. Whatever happens, it makes Mark upset and there is a bit of fighting going on. They get past this and manage to finish up with a pretty good load fired onto her face.

Halley Sweet is a pretty nice looking babe from Philly who sports a great set of eighteen year old tits. (Actually, the tits probably spouted just a few year ago.) Those tits are her ticket to porn stardom, even if it’s her pussy and tight little ass that earns her the most praise from Brandon. He taste tests her ass before fucking her totally smooth pussy. I could do with less trash talk from Brandon, but thankfully, Halley is a vocal little tramp who drowns out a lot of his verbal background noise. Great shots of the reverse cowgirl with that teen pussy taking center stage. Too bad she has a tat on her hip. The one on her ankle can be excused, but the hip ink is pretty tragic. After the vigorous fuck, she gets down on her knees and takes hi load on her face and down her throat.

As an added bonus, we get a blowjob scene with a chick named Angel. She’s fairly cute with a lot of freckles, but it’s hard to tell much else about her since she’s already got two dicks in her mouth. This is a nicely shot double suck with a very messy facial. Maybe Angel will appear in another movie down the road.

With some preview scenes at the end, we see where Brandon and Mark are taking this series in volume two. Looks like more of the same to me, but when it ain’t broke you don’t fix it. Sunrise Adams is the single best reason to watch this movie. She really is cute and seems to have the sexual skills to carry her a long way. Halley is also a pretty hot chick to watch and Brittany Blue does another nice looking scene. Some of the other girls just don’t hold my interest and there is a tad too much male trash talking going on for my taste. Still, Brandon Iron knows how to make good fuck flicks and this one is pretty damn good.

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