Young And Thirsty




100 Mins

DIRECTOR: Dion Giarrusso, Corey Jordan

Elegant Angel

THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials




STARS: (Cast list from box.) Kitty Marie, Jesse Jordan, Raylynn, Misty, Dru Berrymore, Mia Starr, Leigh, Princess, Sabrina Jade, Meriesia, Kamy, Felony, Shay, Paige Sinclair, Redda Lacey,


With the of blowjob tapes on the market rivaled only by the number of young girl themed movies, it was inevitable that the two would somehow meet. Like a deranged ‘your chocolate is in my peanut butter’ commercial, we get the bastard child of these two genres in Young and Thirsty. There are some girls in this cast who certainly aren’t the freshest of faces, but I guess putting them in pigtails will allow them to qualify for our purposes here. Plaid skirts and pigtails work for visual purposes and we all know that a good blowjob movie is pretty easy to shoot. We’ll see if Dr. Fellatio works on the campus of the local Jr. College.

We start with no intro to a pair of chicks sucking dick in front of a window. Dru Berrymore is joined by Misty. The bright sunshine coming in through the glass door is harsh, but when the camera moves a bit, the picture clears up. Dru is a great little cocksucker who looks good with her hair in a ponytail, but this scene doesn’t look any different than any of the other Elegant blowjob scenes. She does most of the work here, leaving the other girl to suck a lot of sack while Dru strokes a load into her open mouth. Decent blowjob, but a strange start to a movie that is supposed to have a theme.

Michaela (No one by this name is listed in the credits) starts with a ten second interview then goes down on the guy. She’s twenty and fairly fresh looking though not exactly a stunner. Her oral skills are good enough to earn her a load in the mouth that she happily swallows for the camera.

Jesse Jordan and Kitty Marie team up, looking quite teen-ish on the tennis court. Again, the action has two girls sucking a single cock with Kitty taking the lead. There are some shadow issues blocking some of the action and causing the girls to squint a bit. I like outdoor scenes, but the lighting has to be handled more carefully than this. The sucking is pretty average here, low energy and not all the well shot. Decent facial, but pretty forgettable otherwise.

Kalynn is the best looking girl so far and she has a sweet voice to boot. Even as she’s showing us her ass and talking about how she likes to suck, the heat is higher than it has been to this point. When she starts, Kalynn uses a lot of eye contact and the technical glitches have all been cleared. What we get is a nicely shot blowjob, delivered by a cute, energetic little thing and that’s always good. The hot talking brunette takes a nice load on her face in what is easily the best scene to this point in the video.

Paige Sinclair is a girl who I always love, especially when she’s using that pretty mouth for some good ole dicksucking. She starts out slowly, with great eye contact, deep mouth action and just enough talk to keep it interesting. This is another of the well shot scenes, so thankfully I don’t have bash the director for fucking up a great Paige scene. Throughout the long blowjob, Paige goes deep and uses a lot of hand motion to make sure her man is happy and on the verge of feeding her a big load. He finally goes over the edge, shooting a nice load into her pretty mouth. This is the best of the movie, no question.

Princess, Kamy teaming with Meriesia, Candi Cotton (A foul mouthed stripper even in pigtails.) Mia Starr with blonde pal Leigh Brooke, Keri Starr, Felony (Looking pretty cute actually) and Redda also prove to be quite thirsty. I don’t see a whole lot in this movie to differentiate it from the countless other blowjob tapes on the market. There are some great suckjobs by Kalynn and Paige in particular, but it’s pretty much run of the mill. On the other hand, with the few technical problems already addressed, it’s a solid effort. Good, but not great and probably missing the mark with the title. Maybe a little more dialog, or even some sexy thematic set ups might help make this line stand out.

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