Co-ed Cocksuckers 22


110 Mins
THEMES: Blowjobs, Facials
STARS: Bethany Starr, Brandi Lyons, Britney Blue, Candy, Charlie, Kelli, Kitria, Kitty Marie, Krista Lee, Kylie Brooks, Misty, Peaches, Sharon, Sienna, Tabitha Stevens, Taylor St. Claire, Vivian Valentine,
One of the tag lines on the box for this movie claims that this is the “best blowjob video series.” I don’t know if that’s an official award or just something cool to write on a box, but I’d sure make a case for a few other lines. Nevertheless, it is a blowjob series and with a nice blend of experienced hose monsters and fresh faces, it should be an enjoyable two hours of dick slurping action.
Tabitha Stevens (Still blonde here) starts things off. She tells she’s about to suck cock, then does it. How’s that for simple porn that works? One thing the Co-Ed CS movies do bring to the table is a whole lot of drool. Tabitha fits that style, drooling all over a cock and getting her hands very wet as she takes it nearly to the base. Great two fisted action brings a load right out into her mouth.
Charlie is best known for licking pussy, but her pretty face was just made for dick sucking. She’s with the same guy she always fucks, but at least we know that she really does love his dick as much as she says she does. Charlie uses a lot of eye contact and isn’t burdened by the excess of spit some chicks use these days. She wears cum on her pretty face very nicely.
Taylor St. Claire could teach classes on sexy eye contact and soft voice during blowjobs. They team her up with a fairly small cock, but Taylor has it as big and hard as it can get in no time. She uses her hands well and gets those big, perfect tits into the mix as well. Hell, I’d fuck those tits all night long even if she wasn’t such a hot little cocksucker. Her mouth works a nice load onto that gorgeous face.
Britney Blue is a Valley girl who has a black dick in her mouth and lets her oral skills do the talking for her. She is way too busy trying to make every inch of cock vanish to say much, but her breathless moans are pretty fucking hot. It would be nice if she would open her eyes a bit more, but as it stands, she’s a hot little sucker and this is a scene that makes me want to see her do more. Nice open mouthed facial and post pop swallowing as well.
Sharon is a blonde who has an accent or is deaf, I can’t tell which. She’s pretty good looking and seems to like dick OK. The lighting on this scene needs some work since she looks quite washed out. Pale blondes don’t need such harsh lighting. Decent eye contact as she power sucks the half of his dick she can manage to fit into her mouth. Nice to see her sucking the last few drops out after he shoots his load.
Peaches is the only black girl in this movie and she’s paired with a black dick so we get no black chick on white dick action in the movie. This little cutie makes a lot of slurping noises as she sucks dick, but we get zero eye contact. Maybe she’s just concentrating so hard on the cock, she doesn’t have time to look into the camera. It looks like she’s got a nice little body on her and I wouldn’t mind checking out Peaches in a scene where she gets to do more. The guy dribbles a load across her pretty lips, but she doesn’t exactly seem starved for cum.
Krista Lee, Brandi Lyons, Kelli, Vivian Valentine, Kylie Brooks, Bethany, Sienna, Candy, Misty, Kritia (What the fuck is with all these K names?) Kitty Marie (Another one) are the other mouths to get fucked in this volume. Most of the girls are good looking this time around and the action is pretty well shot. There aren’t too many scenes with excess drool syndrome (EDS) or inexplicable sack intrusion (ISI) this time around, so I’m happy. If there really were a class in co-ed cocksucking, this one would get a passing grade to be sure.

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  1. Blowbangfan says:

    Great review especially since you give credit out to Taylor St. Claire who deserves every bit of praise she’s ever received. I love reading your reviews, especially of TSC movies but it’s a shame she is now retired. Anyway, this sounds good and I hope to catch this scene because I love watching the Goddess known as Taylor St. Claire suck cock!

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