Adventures Of Asshole Andy Armageddon 2




140 Mins

DIRECTOR: Andy Armageddon






STARS: Stevie, Kate Frost, Misty, Angel, Kristi Myst,


When last we saw Asshole Andy, he had just begun his career as a budding pornographer. He found a video camera on the beach, picked it up and started putting young SoCal chicks to good use. He’s finding new chicks, convincing them that porn is their best career option, then putting them through the paces until they are full fledged Extreme porn sluts. He’s also having a good time along the way, which is always a whole lot of fun to watch. The collection of young hotties on the box look pretty damn good and Andy has Extreme anal whore Kristi Myst along for the ride.

Andy shows up at the Extreme offices and finds Kristi waiting for her paycheck. Thinking quickly, Andy convinces Kristi that he was told by the boss to shoot a scene with her then give her the check. He even gets her to give him some cash to pay for the location. Andy calls another guy to help up, then follows Kristi upstairs to get the scene in the can. (Actually, I think he wants to do Kristi in her can.) Ever the professional hosebeast, Kristi gets down on her knees and starts sucking Andy’s boner. Used to amateur mouths, Andy is quite pleased with the way this dirty blonde worships his cock with her mouth. Not happy with just a blowjob, Andy leans back and shoots a POV fuck with Kristi riding his lap with her shaved pussy. After shooting a big load all over her pretty face, Andy prepares her big surprise. Julian St. Jox is on hand to finish Kristi’s scene. Right back to work she goes, swallowing his cock and making us all believe that there is nothing she would rather do all day than suck dick. Since Andy isn’t trying to hold the camera and fuck this time, we get some better angles as Kristi enthusiastically fucks Julian. He seems pretty happy to be banging her sweet lips, but is even more excited about busting her ass. Doggy gives us a great view and lets him fill her with every inch. After a fine anal scene, Kristi takes a second load on the face and keeps on sucking until he is totally dry and she’s licked up every drop. Completing the scam, Andy takes off, leaving Kristi well fucked, but unpaid.

The next day in the office, Andy kills time by calling a phone sex line. After helping the conversation degenerate into a name calling contest, Andy gets a crazy visitor. Rod Fontana shows up asking to be in Andy’s movie. (He’s a friend of a guy who banged Molly in the first video.) Seeing that no on in their right mind would want to watch this walking lizard fuck, Andy tells him that if he can bring back a woman, he can be in a movie. While Rod is out scraping together aluminum can money, Andy is sent out to pick up Luciano. Looch has had some car trouble, but uses the time to recruit cute blonde Kate. They end up back at her mom’s house under the Hollywood sign. Never one to turn a nineteen year old down, the guys are happy to have her on her knees sucking Luciano’s prick. Great eye contact as she sucks and rubs her pussy. They go to the couch so that Kate can mount and ride his throbbing prick. When she turns to face the camera, we get some very nice shots of her long legs and beautiful bare pussy. Luciano wants to make sure she can really take it, so he moves behind Kate and slams those teenage lips until she’s good and ready to eat a little cum. Great facial and a lot of energy make this scene worth watching. (Not to mention Kate’s awesome looking legs and pussy.) Still working it, Andy tells Kate that in order to pay her, he needs a second pop. (Because she just wasn’t loud enough.) Without a guy to give that pop, Andy volunteers to do it himself. Kat deep throats his cock, quickly working a big load of cream into her mouth.

Rod shows up at Andy’s house with a girl in tow. He’s beyond hyped and nearly having a freaking stroke. Andy, please don’t ever do this again. It’s bad enough that you’re using Rod, but an extended close of up of that mug is likely to have fewer people watching than the XFL. Always working, Andy convinces Rod that he still needs to bring a grand into the deal to get the scene. While he’s off emptying his bank at the ATM, Andy gets to know the blonde chick. Naturally he fucks her as well. Not as cute as the other girls in this movie, Angel does have a pretty good looking slit and takes a load on her face. That leaves Rod’s rod still unsucked, so Angel gets to work. Already warmed up, Angel gets busy on the lizard’s dick, fucking him like he doesn’t deserve to be fucked. In the middle of the scene, Andy starts talking to Angel who responds well for a beginner. Rod drops a pretty big load on her face then holds his dick to her lips as she cleans him off.

Upset that Mark led Rod to him, Andy goes to vent his frustration. Do deflect the heat, Mark takes Andy to his favorite chick watching spot to find some new trim. They don’t have to wait long before finding Misty, a rather cute young thing with a great smile. Sweet talking her into the car, the guys have big plans for this honey. We cut to the house, where Misty is already on her knees trying to take all of Mark’s wood between her lips. Thin with really nice tits, Misty is also a pretty good little knob polisher. Nicely shot blowjob here, but come on, we don’t need the under the sack shot. Nice longer shots when the sex starts, showing off some nice legs to go along with those pert tits. Her sparsely covered slit is quite tight, but Misty can take it deep and even lets Mark choke her a bit as he fucks her right out of a career in politics and into the world of the well creamed porn whore. If only sluts like this were so easy to find on every college campus. Once Mark is done splattering her face with a big load, Andy gets his a blowjob of his own. Going a step farther, he gives her a quick fuck, shooting a second load all over her smiling face. Misty is a very willing slut with a nice face, a great body and the perfect porn attitude.

For the final scene, Andy goes to visit his pal Luciano. When he meets the new girl, Stevie, Andy is pretty impressed. She’s very pretty, with a cute smile, great eyes, lovely hair and oh yeah, a body that fucking kicks ass. After a short interview, Andy gives her an on the knees try out and Stevie shines. In addition to sucking great dick, she gives a really good tit fuck that brings a load out of Andy’s shaft. Not wanting to waste the chance to get this girl in another scene, Andy turns her lose on Luciano. Give Stevie high marks for oral here. She takes most every inch into her mouth and manages to look like she’s having a great time. Stevie kind of looks like a cross between Seleena Steele and Kristi Myst. Nice leg shots as they spoon and Looch lifts her thigh to spread that pussy. This pretty brunette looks good from any angle and even better wearing a big load of cum on her pretty face.

Anyone who knows their gonzo history knows that Andy Armageddon is doing a pretty straight forward Seymore Butts impersonation with a bit of a mean spirited twist. Andy even has a sidekick, Mark Wood (Seymore had Chuck Martino and later TT Boy) and an unappealing lump in Rod Fontana. (Seymore had Ron Jeremy.) Making sure chicks don’t get paid, leaving them at the side of the road and all that good stuff just fits better with the Extreme mindset than being nice to them. Since I happen to love old Seymore stuff, I’m glad to see this kind of real gonzo return. What makes this movie work is the cast and the well shot POV sex mixed with more traditional scenes. Kristi Myst starts thing off in fine fashion, showing us all why she went from cute contract girl to volcanic contract slut in two short years. Kate and Misty are worth while new comers who get well fucked. Stevie is the hidden jewel in this movie. Her scene is a great way to end this nice piece of gonzo smut.

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