Pick Up Lines 58




88 Mins



THEMES: Latin Girls




STARS: Sky, Misty, Randy, Tabitha, Claudia, Monica, Lola, Randy West, Billy Glide, Lee Stone, Kid Jamaica, Alex, Ridick & Karl


I’ve recently started watching a lot more of the Pick Up Lines movies from OGV and have to say, I’m usually impressed with the cute casts. This one is anchored by cover girl Sky. In her short career, the energetic little blonde has bounced from company to company, smiling her way through a few hot performances before landing somewhere else. Her post-Vivid career apparently includes a little stop in for a little Pick Up action. Hopefully, this movie will let her show her natural sexuality in a way that Vivid never did.

Misty is up first, modeling her little red bikini in front of a sports car. Photographer Randy West talks her out of her clothes and is sucking a pair of lovely natural tits in no time at all. After a quick eat out session, Randy puts his cock in her mouth. More eye contact would have been nice, but with the music in the background and the low energy action going on, I’m not sure if even that would help much. Randy uses the car to prop her up as she fucks the fairly cute brunette. After a fairly sleepy fuck, he dribbles what is almost a partial load onto her tongue.

Claudia and Lisa are a pair of Latin honeys who put on a show for Kid Jamaica. (Seriously?) Moving inside, they battle spotty lighting to share his long cock. If you like Latin women, you’ll love watching these two pass the black dick back and forth, but their energy is average at best. They move again, this time into the bedroom where at least the lighting is better. He does one of them in the ass, the shoots a load on their faces. I don’t know if it’s the pacing, the talent or what, but this scene is as sexually stimulating as a used hemorrhoid pad.

Tabitha is another pretty nice looking young girl with tiny tits and a sexy ass. Her boyfriend spends a lot of time licking her slit and getting that butthole all wet with his tongue. When she returns the favor, Tabitha keeps her mouth closed a little. Maybe I’m reaching for something good in this video, but there seems to be a little bit of Kirsten Dunst in the eyes and nose of this babe. After a short, lackluster fuck, she holds her pretty face still for a nice load of protein. At least the facial is hot with some good post pop licking and play.

Lola is a blonde with strong legs who isn’t exactly the world’s hottest lap dancer. Give her credit for trying to get her man up with her dancing, but it’s her body that makes him take notice. Listening to the music, I am starting to wonder if the Pick Up Lines movies are actually trying to be a soft, couples-oriented smut. If that’s the case, maybe the lethargic pace of the sex is good for the target audience. If not, then something is terrible wrong because this is another scene that has me nodding off by the time the second position starts. Another pretty girl in a dreary scene.

Now Monica is more than just pretty, she’s downright beautiful and I almost cringe at the thought of another dull fuck. She starts out rubbing her tits, getting those nipples nice and firm before turning around and showing us her ass. Once we’ve seen all the goodies, a pair of guys come in and feed her their cocks. Monica does a very nice job bobbing her head from dick to dick, giving pretty energetic head. In fact, she is so good on her knees, that both guys leave their loads on her tongue. Best scene of the movie so far and it’s just a blowjob.

That leaves only Sky and she looks lovely bouncing down the stairs to show her stuff to a couple of ready and waiting studs. They bend her over the railing and each pick a whole to lick. In return, Sky gets on her knees and literally attacks their cocks with her mouth. This is one sexy, freaky chick who is at her best when directors just turn her loose. Check out her great two fisted handjob action on these two big slabs of beef. Keeping one dick in her mouth the whole time, Sky lies back on the couch and let’s the other guy slam her pretty little shaved slit. Sky doesn’t look like the kind of girl who would go ape shit for big cocks, but when Lee Stone slams her with his monster, she just loves every inch. Great double facial to close out the very best scene in the movie. (Why bury this one at the end?)

This movie gets off to a seriously slow start only to finish with the two best scenes. Personally, I would have led off with these two so that the serious strokers wouldn’t care that most of the rest of the movie is low energy stuff. The picture quality on this tape is high and things are technically well shot. I’m just not sure if Stone is going for a softer edge, in which case he succeeded somewhat, or if the performers are just sleep walking through the scene. Either way, the whole movie is saved by Sky with Monica as an oral only appetizer. If you pick this one up, don’t turn it off before you at least get to those scenes.

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