Girls Home Alone 2


88 Mins
DIRECTOR: Bobby Rinaldi
Tight Ends
THEMES: Solo Sex, Toys
STARS: Dru Berrymore, Tangerine, Fiero, Alyssa Allure, Tracy, Shay Sweet, Christina Springs, Candy Apples, Mia Mikels, Heaven Leigh
As a lover of good solo vids, this is a tape that I�ve had on my shelf for quite some time. I never managed to review it, but this time nothing will stop me. Part of the reason I grabbed this one is my recent interview with Lizzy Borden. Way back when, Lizzy went by the name Mia Mikels and guess who is in this video? If you guessed Heaven Leigh, Candy Apples or Shay Sweet, you are correct, but if you did that you missed the rhetorical point of the question.
Hot blonde Euro-slut Dru Berrymore starts things out, crawling onto the bed in her red lingerie and teasing up a storm. She talks to the camera, positioning herself with her long legs spread and that pretty pussy just dying for attention. After a little finger action she breaks out a toy and starts fucking herself with it. When that one isn�t big enough, Dru uses a bigger rubber cock on herself. Nice interaction with the camera as she sticks her butt high in the air for some anal self love. Dru takes it super deep, getting herself off with a screaming climax.
Tangerine is an eighteen year old girl who could use a little bit of weight on her frame, but has a cute smile. Each girl seems to be talking to a different guy, so I�m wondering if the director had fans write in so they could hear their names during the movie. Skinny Tangerine works a toy into her pussy from behind. Her butt is high in the air and both hands grip the long rubber dong. Rolling over, she pulls her legs to her chest, calls out the guy�s name and seriously abuses her young opening.
Alyssa Allure has always been a great talker, so she is right at home speaking to her invisible admirer. Naked except for her heels, she takes a black dildo and starts ramming it into her pussy. If you like dirty talk, then this is going to leave you quite drained. Alyssa uses a couple of different toys on her pussy (Or cunt as she repeatedly screams) then shoves some beads up her tight ass. Her talk gets to be a little much, but this is blistering hot solo action.
Shay Sweet always looks fresh faced and beautiful, but this is early in her career and she looks absolutely straight out of a sorority orientation photo. Take away those ankle tats and she�s just about perfect. Dressed in a little white nightie, she slips out of it and gets her fingers wet between her delicious thighs. That little pussy looks warm, wet and inviting, but all we get to do is watch as some very lucky, though thoroughly undeserving piece of rubber goes deep into her folds. Great shot of Shay on her knees, face in the pillow as she fucks herself. For pure eye candy, she is top notch.
Always the perfect slut, Candy Apples is no stranger to shoving things into her orifices. She starts out playing with her tits, but we all know that her pussy is always on fire Candy puts it out the only way she knows how, by plugging it with something shaped like a hard cock. Naturally, this is a bigger than average toy, but with some extra work, Candy is able to make it all disappear. Of course, while she�s pleasuring herself, the filthy blonde can�t skip her butt, ramming another toy straight up her ass for the big finish.
Billed as Mia, Lizzy Borden looks a lot different than she does now. She�s got a few extra pounds on her here, but look at those still natural tits. Damn. After playing her rack for a bit, she spreads her legs and works that pussy with a small metal vibe. Compared to some of the other girl, Mia isn�t nearly as energetic, but manages to work that little toy into her tight ass. Not a bad scene, but Lizzy has gotten a lot better.
Heaven Leigh closes things out by letting her fingers do the walking through her lovely red bush. (OK, there isn�t much of a bush there, but give a guy a break.) She starts right out on her knees, that pretty ass in the air and a big dildo fucking her pussy. For some reason, this is the shortest scene in the movie, but with Heaven holding her leg up high and power fucking herself, it�s still got a lot of heat.
Also fucking themselves silly with toys are Fiero, Christina Springs and Tracy. Obviously, this movie is for guys who like solo action. Every girl uses fingers and toys to get off, and they also talk to the camera a lot. There is some spotty lighting at times and not all of the girls are as appealing as the cream of the crop, however if you�re looking for single girl action, Heaven, Lizzy, Candy, Shay and a few of the others will do you just fine.

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