American Cocksucking Championship 9




75 Mins

DIRECTOR: David Christopher


THEMES: Oral Sex




STARS: Candy Cotton, Tiffany Mason, Cheryl Jay, Aurora Snow & A bunch of guys


David Christopher took a look around porn, found a plethora of blowjob movies and decided he needed to do something different. Instead of having girls puke into a bowl and rub it all over their toes, he went another way. Putting girls into an oral sex competition isn’t a new idea, (It was done well in an 80’s flick called “Stiff Competition”) but what idea in porn is totally original any way. The way the ACC movies are shot, we get two oral sex bouts where a pair of chicks square off against a whole gym full of guys. I don’t remember anyone actually winning any of these bouts. In fact, there aren’t really any rules spelled out. I guess the real winners are the guys who come in, get sucked off then go out for beer. This volume of ACC was a bit special because it was broadcast live on the net. Beyond that, it’s business as usual.

Christopher starts out back stage, doing his best to sell every girl as the cream of the crop. Sorry Pussyman, all of your smooth talking can’t turn terminal C girl Candy Cotton into a headliner. She may suck a lot of cock, but Tiffany Mason has her beaten in every way. Better legs, a better ass, tighter pussy, better (real) tits a prettier face and more personality to boot. When Kyle Stone is done announcing the contestants, the action starts. Masters and Hardman come out first, giving the girls their first taste of cock. Pretty soon there is a whole circle of dick for our battling ball blowers to handle. While Candy does stringers, the more discriminating guys are waiting for Tiffany to swallow them. With Kyle and Christopher doing play by play, the action often boils down to quick cutting from one chick to another while trying to avoid all the HMA in the room. A lot of the action is shot from a low angle, which causes two problems. First it creates lighting issues, but worse than that, it means we end up looking at the bottom of the girls’ chins far too often. I don’t know what it is, but this scene just has zero sexual heat. Tiffany looks great and does a good job trying to jump start things with her skilled mouth. Things pick a bit near the end with both girls work their way down a line of cock, deep throating as they go. As the cum flows, both girls get creamed, with Tiffany’s pretty face wearing lots of sticky cum. The winner in this one is Tiffany by a long shot.

Bout number two has newcomer Cheryl going up against a girl who could blow the other three away, Aurora Snow. Pussyman doesn’t have to do much selling this time. Aurora is super fine from head to toe and she’s ready to suck some cock. Cheryl is a nicely put together woman who could be Aurora’s mother, but supposedly she can deep throat. The guys enter the ring and rush over to Aurora who looks cute in her shorts and little tank top. Cheryl is really outmatched here and probably should have taken on Candy to make things fair. The older woman does have good throat skills I’ll give her that. In the other corner, Aurora is really concentrating on the cocks in front of her, using fantastic hand action to jerk the guys off into her horny young mouth. Since this scene is much shorter, the overall heat level is higher. When the cum starts flying, both mouths are wide open, but check out how cum hungry Aurora is. This girl is the easily the big winner in this ACC movie.

I’m not sure how I feel about this all oral gang bang movie. Obviously, Aurora is worth watching and so is Tiffany. Maybe I was looking for more from something that is set up as a competition, but as I mentioned before, how do you really judge this? One of the biggest problems here is that both bouts are mis-matched. There are few things in porn that piss me off as much as watching a hot chick go at it, then cutting away to a girl that makes my dick want to crawl up inside me and die. This problem is going to exist in this series unless two hot chicks are paired in the same bout. One thing I would like to see is a bit more on the competition angle. Maybe picking a winner in each bout then having them square off in a championship round every few vids. Just an idea.

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