Color Blind 2


102 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, 70’s Look
STARS: Temptress, Chocolate, Mocca, Leanni Lei, Mia Smiles, Monique, Dayton Raines
Robbie D directs a lot of the Vivid Raw movies and I’ve had mixed feelings about a lot of his stuff. However, when I saw this cast, I knew I just had to take a look. Sweet dark babes like Chocolate and Monique, joined by Asian hotties Leanni Lei and Mia Smiles, not to mention Dayton and Temptress for the white meat lovers. The movie seems to have a 60’s theme, with bead curtains, scary clothes and lame afro wigs. Someone turn on a black light and we can all groove together.
Dave Hardman comes into a room wearing rejects from the Brady closet. There is a grainy, scratched up look to the scene letting us know this is old school. The problem is that the scratch shit stays with us even as Dave starts pumping away one some sweet dark meat. It does finally go away, but it’s really hard to sit through. I’m pretty sure this chick is Chocolate and her skinny ass gets rocked by Dave’s rod pretty damn good. The little sparkles on her body aren’t bad, but that wig is just silly. Still, the sex is well shot and this is a much more enthusiastic anal than we’re used to from a Vivid flick. Dave leaves a decent load on her face to close things out.
Another white into black scene follows, this time with Cocoa taking tasting the white chocolate bar. She isn’t as gorgeous as Chocolate, but knows how to get down with a dick in her mouth. Sadly, we get more of the annoying flicker while she gets her mouth fucked. We go into normal video mode as she starts riding his dick with her pussy. Very enthusiastic, she likes to hop off and suck his cock before letting him go up her back road. The sprinted butt fuck ends with a load on her smooth cheeks.
Monique makes it a dark chocolate trifecta, working on Bobby Vitale’s meat. (Need I mention that the beginning of the scene is still badly fucked up?) It’s really too bad we miss much of the blowjob, because Monique is seriously freaking on his unit. After nearly choking herself on that dick, she swings her legs over his body and starts power fucking him. This is one woman who really loves to fuck and it shows. Even with the stupid wig on, Monique is off the chart hot. Turning around, she shakes her ass for the camera as every inch of Bobby’s cock slides right up her butt. Proving that she can slut it up even in a condom movie, Monique does a little A2M without making him take the rubber off. She sticks her ass high in the air and rubs herself to a screaming, stomping orgasm that nearly freaks Bobby out. A great facial pop ends a totally hot, ass stretching scene.
Mia Smiles breaks the black babe stronghold on this movie, teaming with John Decker for a little mattress mischief. John easily lifts the thing cutie off her feet for some standing 69. Check out Mia swallowing that thing to the root, arching her back and making us all believe his cock is her favorite thing in the world. Excellent blowjob followed by some intense four finger in the pussy action leading into the actual fucking. Great low angle shots of her shaved pussy as they grind hard enough to nearly throw her off his lap. High energy fucking has not always been Mia’s strong suit, but she sure tears things up in this scene. John fucks her hard from behind, shoving a thumb up her ass to get it ready for bigger things. Alas, no anal for this leggy babe, but Mia gets literally slam fucked until she can’t take it any more. He’s got a lot of cum saved up and it all ends up on Mia’s wide open mouth. Hot scene, hot babe, hot facial and some hot talk to make it near perfect.
It’s been bad from the start, but using the scratchy shit over a Leanni Lei blowjob is beyond criminal. The editor should be shot for this crime against smut lovers. By the time the picture returns to normal, we have already missed some great blowjob footage, but I am willing to put that behind me now so I can enjoy little Leanni doing what she does so well. Nice close up shots as she gets her little pussy filled with Hardman’s hard man meat. (Dave is now wearing the fro-wig.) After a few seconds of anal toy action, she drops her ass down on his condom covered cock and shows that even tiny girls like it deep. I love the way he slams her flat against the bed, working that asshole over like she stole something from him. This blistering anal ends when he pulls out of her ass, strokes for a bit and drips cum into her open mouth. Leanni is still so fucking hot it hurts.
Dayton Rains and Temptress make quite an interesting pair as they make out on the bed. Bobby walks in and decides to be the meat in this white bread sandwich. Temptress keeps her knee high boots on as she deep sucks his cock. Dayton takes over and needs to give a little more eye contact while she bobs knob. After so many high energy scenes, it’s tough for these two to keep up. However, Temptress looks phenomenal and turns in a highlight reel, leg on shoulder fuck that makes the whole scene worth while. Dayton is sort of a throw in as Bobby piledrives the leggy brunette and finally loses his load all over both faces.
I don’t watch a lot of Vivid videos these days, but I couldn�t pass this one up. Liking the cast, I figured I would either enjoy it or be super pissed at any director who could fuck things up with this strong line up. As it turns out, I had both reactions. I was impressed with a lot of the sex in this movie. Monique, of course, is super hot. Leanni Lei and Mia Smiles also turn in scenes with a lot more energy that I was expecting. On the other hand, the grainy, 70’s home movie look gets really annoying. As a style it’s one thing, but when it covers the sex, it becomes almost criminal. More of the hot sex and less of the fro-wigs and Brady beads would have made my recommendation even stronger. As it stands, I’ll be checking out some more titles from this series to see if we get the energy without the unstrokeable noise.

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