100% Silvia




80 Mins.
DIRECTOR: The Mask (Jill Kelly)
Jill Kelly Productions
THEMES: Interracial Sex,
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Silvia Saint, Haven, Nakita Denise, Mr. Marcus, Randy Spears, Sean Michaels, Dale DeBone, Julian St. Jox.
In just a few short months, Jill Kelly Productions has managed to put together a pretty impressive roster of talent and a nice collection of movies. One of the big coups they scored was landing Silvia Saint for this wall to wall babe fest. For those of you who may have been in a cave for a couple of years, Silvia Saint is arguably the biggest porn star to come out of Europe in the history of smut. Her recent retirement from porn has left a lot of strokers crying in their bottles of lube, but it does make this collection of brand new Silvia fucks a last chance to see her in action.
Silvia starts out in braids and a super cute little outfit. Randy Spears is her English teacher and begins the lesson with �suck cock.� Silvia can probably say it, but it�s more fun to watch her do it. She looks stunning working his dick hard in her mouth while another hot Euro-babe, Nakita Denise watches from nearby. Pretty Nakita joins Silvia and Randy gets a two girl Euro-babe blowjob. After letting both of suck his cock, Randy chooses Silvia to take the first ride on his rod. If she looked great sucking, it�s nothing compared to the sight of her draped all over his lap, flexing those long legs, working her perfect pussy and providing just the right combination of eye candy and sexual energy. Leaving Silvia spread in the chair, Nakita licks at her labes while Randy drills the brunette from behind. Going back to the blonde, Randy gives her long slow strokes before exploding all over both faces. Great post pop cum play by the two sexy Euro-sluts as they lick up every drop.
Returning the linguistic favor, Silvia helps Julian St. Jox and Dale DeBone learn a few Czech phrases. A good teacher knows how to reward her students and Silvia gives her two pupils a kiss and a shot at her perfect tits when they get the first phrase right. After that, the lesson is over and it�s time for Ms. Saint to get busy. Once again, we get a very well shot, perfectly delivered blowjob with the gorgeous blonde bobbing back and forth between cocks. Not wanting to miss a single stroke, Dale moves around behind her a little pussy and mouth action. Nice close up shots of her lips as they slide up and down Julian�s rod. The camera stays tight when he spins her around to pump that snug little slit as well. So far, the only think we haven�t covered is Silvia�s hot ass. I will talk more about how it looks later, but now she has a cock in there and is driving her hips down. Both guys end up shooting all over her tits to close out another very strokeable scene.
All that dick action has Silvia in need of a shower. Naturally, she doesn�t get in alone, but brings Keri Windsor and Haven with her. The three blondes head into bed for some serious labe licking. Keri looks pretty good, but the treasure in this scene is little Haven. Damn she�s looking good these days. Not only that, but she�s got her pussy riding Silvia�s face and that has to feel pretty fucking good. When Haven gets on her hands and knees, both girls get behind her for some serious finger action. They don�t let up until she�s squirming and screaming in the center of the mattress. Even if you don�t like a lot of g/g action, this one has to catch your attention.
Silvia is relaxing while Mr. Marcus runs on the treadmill. He must be distracted by her beauty because he stumble and nearly breaks his next. Beautiful blonde nurse to the rescue. Silvia slips her shorts off and starts working his cock up to full attention. In no time at all, she has a big, hard, black dick to suck on. Taking the challenge, Silvia works it almost to the root, bobbing her pretty head double time to get him ready to fuck her. (As if anyone needs any additional stimulation to be ready for that.) They move to the bed and it looks like Marcus has recovered from his injury. He gets behind Silvia, admiring her perfect ass, then sliding his cock home, ramming her like a bitch in heat. Keeping up the high energy fuck, he flips he rover and just tears that little love pouch up. Her ass gets the same treatment in some very well shot mish anal that leads to a fantastic open mouthed facial. Always the perfect porn princess, she cleans his cock with her mouth after the shot, closing another nut busting fuck.
Silvia and Sean Michaels do a silly little Scream parody that ends with her ripping off his mask and fucking the shit out of him. He lifts her little dress and starts licking away at her pussy Already hooked on big cocks, she fishes Sean�s snake out of his pants and starts sucking it deep into he throat. With great hand action, she works it all the way up then leans back to get it deep. Sean is mostly working in his own movies these days, but you can see why he�d make an exception to fuck this perfect creature. They turn in a very spirited doggy, complete with a little hair pulling. This time, Sean pulls out and cums all over her feet, adding a little fetish appeal to an already hot scene.
Head to toe gorgeous, Silvia always gives a great sexual performance and isn�t afraid to try anything. That makes her a great porn slut in my book, perfect in fact, 100% perfect. Since Silvia appears in every scene, we�re starting the game three steps ahead. Add to that some energetic co-stars like Nakita and Haven, very well shot sex, high technical quality and you have a movie that is as perfect as Silvia herself.


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