Ass Clowns 2


126 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Rape, Interracial Sex
STARS: Michele Raven, Friday, Luciano, Kiki D�Aire, Krista Leigh, Vanessa Blue, Kitten, Brian Surewood, Mickey G, Hitman, Mr Pete, Tyce Bune, Claudio with special guest appearances by Kerri Starr, Jake Lawless and Asshole Andy Armageddon
In the world of Thomas Zupko, nothing is sacred. In fact, the more off the wall the sexual image, the more likely it is to be skewered, turned upside down and deep fried in a vat of some bodily fluid or another. I checked out Ass Clowns a while back, but didn�t get around to reviewing it. Now that I�m doing number two, I will sure and go back and give it the full treatment. This one doesn�t have as attractive a cast as part one, but it does have Andy Armageddon dressed up as a demented clown. If watching him rant, rave, scream, spit and puke all over Kerri Starr isn�t enough to at least make you interested, then perhaps you are too sane to view this picture.
He starts choking Kerri, screaming at her about the sexual orientation of Santa and Rudolph. Michele Raven plays the reindeer, while Mickey G is the drunken Kringle. OK, watching him douse her with a mop is not my idea of hot and heavy foreplay. Eventually, she shoves his cock into her mouth and lets the curvy brunette slobber all over her prick. She has a pretty annoying way of blowing spit bubble around his shaft and the under the sack shot doesn�t help much either. Santa finds his reindeer�s chubby butt perfect for a little angry anal sex. Michele takes it deep in her ass and takes it just fine. The best footage comes when she takes it from behind while standing up. After Mickey shoots his load on her face, he dumps chicken soup on her. OK, whatever.
The next story gets a little personal for the guys at Extreme. Kiki D�Aire plays a fresh off the bus, would be starlet dragging her suitcase up the street. When she comes to the Extreme office, she is ushered right in to see the bosses. Brian Surewood and Tyce Bune are doing a pretty insulting impression of Rob Black and Tom Byron. Tyce bends her over and starts slamming her from behind while Kiki works hard sucking Brian�s cock. The joke wears a little thin during the sex. Can�t we just watch Kiki fuck without all the screaming? They oil up her round ass and start fucking the hell out of her. Kiki is quite the anal princess and takes it like a champ. Eventually they DP her horny holes. Kiki is a very hot performer, I just wish the scene had been shot more for sex appeal than inside joke. Very nice double facial, welcoming this busty blonde into the Extreme family with a sphincter stretching initiation. Sadly, Claudio comes in and does a psycho incest oral rape scene. He�s babbling while she sucks his dick. Hey Zupko, crack kills man.
Those of you thinking that Zupko is overdue in terms of a racially offensive scene can relax now. The next scene has a couple of black women, Kitten and Vanessa are transported into a room with a couple of guys in black and white face. Don�t try to make sense of this one, just watch the girls as they force feed them some sweet chocolate love taco. Be careful misogynist porn fans, the girls actually do a little verbal berating of these two clowns, even slapping and spitting when they don�t do a good job. Of course, they can�t talk shit with dick in their mouths so that pretty much ends when the blowing begins. These girls make short work of their cocks, power sucking them for a long time. Moving quickly to the anal, the guys go down the dark chocolate Hershey highway, fucking the energetic babes with everything they have If the scene started out as a tit lovers dream, it ends up as a butt fucking feast. Great facial pops at the end, rounding out a little trash talking interracial four way.
Krista happens upon the wrong house while out cruising the hood somewhere in East Appalachia. The two Deliverance rejects pull her inside, brandish a gun and decide to have a little fun with the fancy city woman. She�s a bit thick with big, soft tits and the personality of a sponge. (In her defense, maybe she is supposed to be just sitting there letting Brian drone on.) She wraps her tits around a cock for the best footage of the scene. Once they start fucking her, Krista bounces all over the place. I guess if you�ve always fantasized about watching a banker looking chick fucked silly by two inbreds, then this is exactly the sort of scene you�ve been waiting for.
Bit titted Friday likes to do the dishes topless. Her man comes in with Luciano and they have their way with her. They get rough with her, choking Friday to teach her a lesson. This girl can take dick deep in her throat and seems to respond well to their rough treatment. She leaves her dress on covering her hips and hiding more than a little extra weight. If you like pretty faces, big tits and bigger asses, then Friday is your kind of slut. Luciano sure enjoys abuse her ass, fucking it hard while her pretty mouth gets stretched. Check out that big butt bouncing up and down on the bone. When just fucking her ass isn�t enough, the guys double team her ample ass, fucking her hard. Best of all, that pretty face gets a double dose of face cream, closing things out perfectly.
The trick to watching this movie is to either focus on the in between stuff or totally ignore it. If you like the wild, off the wall clown shit then you will probably laugh your fucking ass off. If you don�t tune in to a porn flick to watch some dude in make up slapping and spitting on Kerri Starr, then skip forward and enjoy the sex. I found a couple of the scenes to be pretty damn hot. Kiki and Friday are energetic fucks and the interracial four way had plenty to stroke over. I�m also a big fan of porn that can make me laugh and the Kiki scene had me laughing my ass off. Some of the other scenes didn�t turn my dial, but I know a lot of you like the rougher stuff, so enjoy.

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