142 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Veronica Hart






STARS: Ginger Lynn, Herschel Savage, Evan Stone, Rebecca Lord, Alexandra Silk, Adajja, Tyler Wood, Kelsey, Randy Spears, Lexington Steele and George Kaplan


The Ginger Lynn comeback is now four films old. The hype and excitement that surrounded the first couple of releases has faded a bit and now the movies have to stand on their own. After two Veronica Hart movies, Ginger scored with Antonio Passolini’s New Wave Hookers 6. Back with Hart, Ginger plays a very frustrated wife in this tale of kidnapping, longing and who knows what other romance novel stereotypes. With her kids away for the week, Ginger seems intent on re-igniting the spark missing from her marriage. As the movie opens, she’s getting all dolled up for a romantic romp with Herschel Savage.

Hot lingerie or not, Herschel isn’t too happy to have her crawling all over him. It takes him a while, but eventually he lets her lick her way down his body. After seeing Herschel screw so many chicks who could be his granddaughter, it’s interesting to see him with a woman old enough to only be his daughter. Watching Ginger suck, you have to wonder how anyone married to a hosebeast like this could ever let things get boring. Sliding a condom onto his rod, Ginger lowers her pussy and starts rocking in his lap. (They even have a little condom dialog, explaining why a married couple would be going rubber.) Rough and pawing, Herschel rolls his wife over and pumps her with all the emotion of a Steven Segal monologue. His reaction to his wife should thrill the people who are usually intimidated by Hart’s flicks. Herschel shows his masculine control of the situation by freaking out over her use of a vibrator. To complete his very manly lovemaking, he leaves his wife unsatisfied after dropping his load on her.

Herschel is as cold and dickish out of bed as in, setting Ginger up for a possible trip down infidelity lane. When he goes off to work, she gets on the phone with her gal pal Adajja. (I think every Veronica Hard movie has a phone conversation between girlfriends.) Eventually, their conversation turns to sex and we get to see Adajja molesting some guy she just met. They are outside for a little fun in the sun. I don’t remember seeing this blonde before, so I don’t know if she’s always this energetic when sucking cock, but she sure puts a lot of energy into this blowjob. After a spirited two position fuck, she gives her young friend a shot at her tight ass. High energy anal and a facial for this horny blonde.

While Ginger is hearing about her friend’s wild sex life, Herschel is in therapy. Of course, it’s a special kind of counseling so when he slips Alexandra Silk a little cash, he gets his knob polished. It takes a pretty talented cocksucker to keep swallowing while stripping, but that’s exactly what Alex manages to do. This is one nasty talking lady who knows how to please a hard dick with her mouth. With her bra and stocking still on, she slips into his lap and drops her pussy down on his cock. This is easily the best scene to this point in the movie. Great shots of her riding his lap, feet on thighs and his dick buried in her asshole. Herschel tears up her ass, fucking his leggy therapist until he shoots all over her stocking clad feet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ginger is loading some boxes into her mini-van. Evan Stone pulls into her driveway looking for directions. She gets in and helps him find his way, but before she can get out, he knocks her out with chloroform and the plot thickens. Ginger wakes up in Evan’s home, bound and gagged. His little maid, Rebecca Lord has drawn a bath for Ginger, but she’s crying and very afraid at this point. After a long, droning dialog scene, they get her into the tub. That leads us to more banter between the two. I like well done dialog porn, but this is just painful. It’s like someone took a whole chapter from a cheesy romance novel and plopped it in between sex scenes. Come on, five minutes is one thing, but we’re well over ten minutes without sex when Evan makes his pitch as her dream man, her savior. When Ginger is finally tied to the bed for some sleep, she has a nice orgy dream. More inane dialog and chicks in mask sucking dicks. Is anyone still awake at this point? Ginger gets in the middle of things and even gives Lexington Steele a little head while Randy Spears is fucking her from behind. The sex actually heats up here, with Lex slamming Ginger from behind, but the quick cuts to other action make it nearly impossible to enjoy. Lex and Randy shoot cum all over her face, but someone should literally shoot the editor for this beyond stupid Marty McFly loopjob.

When she wakes up, our nightmare begin as Evan starts up again. He gets sick of Ginger’s lip and begins whipping her with a crop. (I know the feeling, I’d like to find the script writer for the same treatment.) It’s another fifteen minutes of plodding, pointless dialog that finally leads us to Evan and Ginger getting it on. They undress each other slowly, setting the stage for the perfect romance novel sex scene. (Right down to Fabio’s do on Stone.) Inch by inch, Evan licks Ginger’s body, giving us a beautifully shot scene that is about as arousing as a Volvo commercial. Couples porn is one thing, but if I wanted Cinemax, I would watch freaking cable. (I actually think this is a softcore scene in the middle of a hardcore movie.)

By now Ginger is totally in love with the man who kidnapped her. That takes us through some long painful walks by the lake and a whole lot of soul searching. It also means another ten minutes before we get to see Ginger sucking his cock. No one can make a Ginger oral scene look bad, so we get some nice heat as she works him up. I do like the waterside location for this scene and it’s a lot more interesting than the last one. This time Ginger really gets to let loose, power fucking Evan to a loud climax before taking a load on her flat tummy.

Naturally, there are reasons for everything in this movie and justifications for the basic rape fantasy scenario, but that just leads us to a happy ending and a scene between Ginger and Rebecca. (Because in porn, true love means that swinging is a must, even in romantic slop smut.) All the soap and bubble bath in the tub can’t wash away the foul taste this movie is leaving in my mouth. I’ve heard some people criticize Hart’s movies as anti-male (whatever that means), but this one is a pure slap in the face to men and women alike. Apparently, the only way to escape from a bad marriage is to fall in love with someone who kidnaps you. Soap operas and romance novels thrive on this sort of crap and it’s as insulting as it is stupid. That said, there are a few good things to point out in this video. Ginger does a very good job with her dialog, carrying it well even when it becomes totally pointless. Evan does a pretty good job as well, really shining in a few scenes. The plot is dull and someone needed to cut about an hour out of this movie to make it watchable. Sexually, there are a few highlights. Ginger’s final scene with Evan isn’t bad and her orgy three way would have been quite hot if someone hadn’t fucked it up in the edit bay. Alexandra Silk actually has the best full scene of the movie, giving her ass to Herschel in the best footage of the movie. I have enjoyed Ginger’s first three movies back, but this one fails on so many levels it should be immediately erased from memory.

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