Perverted Point Of View




140 Mins.



THEMES: POV Sex, A2M, Anal Sex, Swallowing




STARS: Diamond, Justine Romee, Scotti Andrews, Suzanne Storm, Kristina Black, Fawna, Aurora Snow, Mei-Yu.


Mike John has been one of the best cameramen in porn for a while now. He’s also become quite a popular director, first with his south of the border, Panochitas series and then with his sperm gulping line, Down the Hatch. Now he brings his style to another new series and this one seems right up my alley. I love first person sex scenes, especially blowjobs. There is just something great about a pretty woman looking into the camera while she sucks a hard dick. Going beyond oral with the first person thing can be tricky, but in the hands of a talented cameraman, these can be wonderful changes of pace from the normal fuck and suck scenes. This could finally be a Mike John original series that I can enjoy for its technical brilliance and sexual heat. (Though I really hope some of these pretty faces get some good shots. Swallowing is just not good enough.) Mike crawls out of the dumpster and goes in search of nasty girls to service him.

Justine Romee is first and from the start, she has this first person sex thing down perfectly. Staring up into the camera she puts his dick in her mouth and starts sucking like her life depends on it. This lady loves cock and is more than happy to demonstrate with her mouth. After a fantastic first person blowjob, Mike mount her chest to shoot a load right into her mouth. Justine swallows most of it, but is happy to be hand fed the rest. After a short break, he’s ready for round two and this time, Justine’s pussy is in the inviting hole that gets plugged. To help transition from mish to riding, Justine enthusiastically sucks his cock again. If you think she’s happy to use her mouth to taste her own pussy, what do you think she’ll do when he slips that shaft up his ass. Very nice first person anal here with excellent close ups of her facial reactions as well as the action. Does she want to taste her ass? I don’t know for sure, but she does and seems to like it. After a second pop in her mouth, she’s back on top with him up her ass again. Damn Mike, you’re going wear that thing out. By the time she gulps down a third load, Justine should be plenty full.

Kristina Black is a fresh faced cutie with a pussy that looks ready for a party. She gives great eye contact and those blue eyes make great POV blowjob visuals. I like the way she smiles and has a good time during her scene. Kristina also has a pussy that looks sweet and wet as he fucks her and plays with her clit. This scene is much shorter, ending when he shoots a load into her pretty mouth.

Diamond Forever is a Canadian girl who has a certain appeal. I like her attitude and I know a lot of you are going to love her meaty pussy lips and her real rack. In fact, as much as I love the way she stares into the camera while sucking cock and swallowing balls, I’d have to say the her tits are what makes her really stand out. After some nice tit fucking, he mounts her, filling that young slit with cock and still managing to get some good tit shots into frame. Of course, what he really wants is her butt, so Diamond rubs her pussy while he slips between her Canadian cheeks. Like the others, she sucks her own butt broth off of his cock repeatedly. (Tell me they don’t kiss after this kind of scene.) In the end, she also swallows a big load.

Suzanne Storm is the only woman in this movie who I find to be pretty unattractive. She does have nice eyes and a cute set of little tits, but she just doesn’t do anything for me. So rather than go through the whole scene with you, I’ll just tell you that she does the same things the others do, POV blowjob, fuck, suck, assfuck, more suck and finally, yes you guessed, it a shot right in the mouth.

Mei-Yu is more my speed and has a great smile as she talks to the camera in her brief, pre-suck chatter. She leans off the bed to get a taste of cock and looks like her mouth won’t come off his prick until she’s got a load. You have to love this kind of enthusiasm from a young porn babe. He moves from her mouth to her pussy and Mei still stares into the camera, breathlessly asking for a load in her mouth. He’s not about to give it up that easily. She has to ride him first, then take it in the ass so we can get the A2M shots. After getting a good taste of her own ass, she swallows a solid load of liquid love.

I really like Fawna, but up close, you can really see that she’s done the shaved eyebrow trick which I really don’t dig. Still, she has tits to die for, a huge smile and a ‘hi there, want to fuck me’ attitude that we all love. Another thing I love is the way she has fun while sucking dick. I know porn chicks do it for the money, but there is something appealing about girls who have a good time fucking. Great eye contact as she licks his dick like an ice cream cone. Speaking of cones, her tits look great when she’s lying on her back getting fucked. After fucking her pussy, Mike gets between those big tits and let’s Fawna show off her tit fucking skills. Will she do A2M? Well course she will, that’s a silly question. In fact, she does it over and over again, taking it deep up her ass then sucking him hard. Finally, he feeds her his seed and Fawna happily gulps it all down.

Aurora Snow looks like she’s late for freshman orientation at cornstalk university. After impressing Mike with how nice and professional she is, Aurora nearly makes him shoot early with her eager, hard stroking blowjob style. Like the others, she gives great eye contact and that pretty face is just too sexy. When he asks her if she’s going to eat cum, Aurora just causally smiles and says “Sure” like she does that every day. She spreads her legs and rides him, giving us great close ups and even hotter shots of her face and tits. This girl loves sex and gives one of the best scenes in the movie. For the pop, she lies flat, stroking him into her pretty mouth, finally getting a big load on her tongue and swallowing as she licks the last few drops and giggles.

Scotti Andrews is a busty brunette with a great accent and inviting eyes. After playing with her tits for a few minutes, Scotti gets busy sucking dick. This girl has obviously had a whole lot of practice. Less eye contact than some of the others, but Scotti has a very hot look on her face. He wants to fuck her great tits, but can’t make it that long, shooting a big load into her mouth instead. When he slips it into her pussy, he uses his free hand to play with those tits. Though her garden could use a little trimming, Scotti is a full bodied babe who knows how to keep a man hard and happy. When she’s riding him, her tits are swinging dangerously close to his camera. I’d hate to see him get knocked out by those puppies. Her ass gets pounded as well, After a good assfuck, he shoots another load right into her mouth.

OK, I’ll grant you this, the movie does become a little redundant after more than two hours. Still, too much of a good thing is still better than not enough. The two keys to a good first person sex scene are a talented cameraman and enthusiastic female talent. In this case, we have both. Mike John does an excellent job capturing the action, especially since he was busy fucking while shooting. For the most part, the female talent is outstanding, understanding the special connection they have to make in order to pull off scenes like this. Justine Romee’s opening scene may be the best of the movie and will certainly win her tons of new fans. Aurora Snow is the second best reason to love this movie. She’s a fresh faced little cutie who looks good from every angle. Scotti Andrews is a tit man’s wet dream come true. Add Mei-Yu, Kristina Black and Fawna and we’ve got a great collection of high eye contact, A2M loving, cum swallowing sluts. This may indeed be a perverted point of view, but it’s bound to make perverts out of the lot of us.

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