Nasty Nymphos 30


140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander
THEMES: Anal Sex, DP, Euro-babes
STARS: Kami, Justine Romee, Andrea Lovejoy, Mina, Molly Rome, Monika Sweetheart, Vince Vouyer, Mark Davis, Mr. Marcus, Mike Foster, Chris Evans, Jake Steed, Jon Dough and Lexington Steele
I was trying to think of an all sex line that has been going on for as long as the Nasty Nymphos line from Anabolic. It may not be the first such line, but it was certainly one of the early entries into the wall to wall category. With a parade of new and semi-new girls, each volume has been filled with sphincter stretching, colon cramming action, all with the signature Anabolic camera work and propensity for copious facial creamings. This time around, we’ve got a nice mixture of women. Kami is a cutie that just got banged in Gang Bang Girl 27. Justine Romee was also part of the movie and has really impressed me lately. Molly Rome has been making the rounds as a favorite little teen chick. I’m sure the other girls are worth a look as well.
Andrea Lovejoy is a pretty blonde with great tits. She isn’t much of an interview subject, choosing not to say much. When the camera moves in close, we see that this babe is in serious need of some dental work. Thankfully, those choppers don’t matter much when she’s got two dicks in her mouth. Down on her knees, the blonde stripper moves her head back and forth between Mark Davis and Jake Steed. When they have had enough head, they roll her onto her side so that Jake can slip it up her snug slit. She seems to open up more easily with Mark banging away from behind. Andrea works a pretty good rhythm on Jake’s big cock, giving us the best footage of the scene while sandwiched between the two guys. Now it’s time to bust this babe’s anal cherry. Though this is clearly not getting her off, they continue to the DP. Andrea still looks great, but don’t expect to see her doing a lot of anal and DP in the future. Give her credit for effort and for a couple of nice facials.
Molly Rome is a super petite girl who has a fairly cute face, but also needs a bit of work done on the choppers. I like this interview with her, though it’s interesting. She says she had sex first in 1995 and that she was 16. That would make her 21 and she’s been married. She sure looks younger than that. Chris Evans comes in and Molly looks like might break if he squeezes too hard. Thankfully, she doesn’t break, even when her lips are stretched tightly around is hard cock. As cute as she is, Molly isn’t very energetic when she’s riding dick. The energy level rises a bit when he doggies her, but then Jon Dough comes in, stuffs his cock into Molly’s mouth and Chris vanishes. After Jon fucks that little face, he slams Molly hard enough to get her going a bit. Nice shots of the youngster bent in half with that dick going between her pussy and her mouth several times. In the end, she takes a shot in her mouth and swallows most of it. A trip to the dentist and a little more enthusiasm and Molly will be one to watch.
Mina is a fairly cute blonde, stripping for a guy I’ve never seen before. Where did they get this scene? Her wordless seduction seems to work because he’s up and ready to go when she takes his prick out of his pants. This is a good looking girl, but the scene doesn’t fit with the others. They move from position to position, fucking on a couch with some good energy, but it just feels out of place. He’s got a pretty big dick, so the anal goes a little slowly at first. Eventually, things pick up and she takes the whole thing up her tight back door. Nice facial finish to a scene that just doesn’t feel like it belongs.
One woman who belongs anywhere she wants is Justine Romee. This hot Latina has quickly made a name for herself as one of the hottest babes in all of porn. She has just done a gang bang recently and wants a little one on one time with Vince Vouyer and Mr. Marcus. Before you can say hot tamale, she’s got Vince up her ass and is riding his dick, legs up in the air, flailing about. Nothing like starting out in the fast lane to get things moving. Marcus tries to put his dick in her mouth, but it appears that things have progressed to the point where Justine really has to get down and dirty with Vince for a bit. Not about to be ignored, Marcus pushes his way in, bends Justine’s legs way back and slam fucks her. She loves it so much that sweet Spanish hot talk comes out of that pretty mouth. He moves to her ass in the same position and just wrecks her. Justine is so hot for cock she pulls it right of her ass and sucks it. Vince puts her back into his lap and starts the hard ride again. This time Marcus pushes his way in and starts fucking that exposed pussy. After this spectacular anal and DP scene, both guys fire loads into her mouth and Justine swallows what she can.
Kami is tall blonde who knows how to tease on camera. She comes across as a fairly dim bulb in her interview, but who’s watching this to hear her talk? Kami nearly came in the gang bang while riding Vince, so she is back to do him one on one. Her mouth is put to better use sucking his cock. When Kami did the Gang Bang Girl, I was a little too busy drooling over Aurora Snow to fully appreciate her thin, tight body and lovely slit. After a long, well shot doggy, Vince starts pushing his fingers into her ass and Kami holds her cheeks open to help him. Of course, that leads us right into the anal which she takes quite easily. This girl is a cutie, no doubt, but she’s got a way to go to catch up with Justine for total heat.
Monika Sweetheart is a very cute babe who is only nineteen years old, speaking pretty damn good English and has tits to fucking die for. After a short, but rather charming interview, she gets to work on Jon Dough and Lexington Steele. This young Czech girl bobs her pretty head on Jon while Lex gets deep into her pussy from behind. Great reverse cowgirl footage as the guys take turns. Look at those tits and tell me a doctor could build a pair half that good. If you dig watching girls take big cocks, you’re going to love the close up shots as Monika takes Lex right up her tight ass. After that, Jon slips right up in there, but does a nice job of bending her legs way back. I love legs and this tall babe has a major set on her. Moving this girl up in the lineup would have been a good thing, but she’s very worth sticking around for. Her cute little ass gets slam fucked by both guys until it gapes nice and wide. Lex fires the first load, blasting onto her pretty face while Monika does her best to suck up every last drop. Dough adds his load to her mouth and again the pretty babe swallows much of it, wearing the rest proudly.
Do yourselves a big favor and stick around the final scene in this movie. Monika is a great looking, all natural girl who is the prettiest of the bunch. The best scene though goes to Justine Romee. Her energy level can’t be matched and she manages to take on two big cocks perfectly. This little Latina is welcome in mi casa any time. There are some other cute women and good scenes here, but these two make the tape worth watching. The camerawork, as always, is excellent and the sex is hard, to the point and high energy, exactly what we’ve come to expect from this series.

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