Charlie’s Little Devils


84 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner
THEMES: Porn Stars.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Briana Banks, Gwen Summers, Stevie, Kiki D?Aire, Mia Smiles, Dillon Day, Evan Stone, Chris Cannon, Joel Lawrence, Joey Ray, Frank Bukkwyd.
Well it?s about time someone in porn cashed in on the whole Charlie?s Angels thing. It?s a few months too late for the theatrical release and a tad early for the video release, but watching porn chicks fuck criminals is bound to be more fun that watch Hollywood hotties do kung fu. Briana Banks (The performer formerly known as Mirage) makes for a perfect box cover beauty, but she?s joined by some very hot performers so we should get some great action start to finish.
We open in a cheap hotel room where a Senator, Joey Ray is spending time with Kiki D?Aire. He is worried about someone bugging the room and he has every reason to worry. His opponent, Dillon Day is running a campaign to destroy him. Getting caught banging a congressional intern in a motel room probably isn?t the best political move he could make, but Kiki is a bit too tempting to say no to. She slips her dress down over her ass, leaving her thigh high boots on. Obviously, Kiki got her job as an intern by giving great lap dances and head. (Sound ridiculous? Not in post Monica days.) Nice blowjob from Kiki here, with great eye contact and a lot of very deep strokes. If the Senator is going to spend all of his time with his face buried between young babes? thighs, he?s not going to get much done. (Which would probably be a good thing.) Skipping the pussy, he goes right for the ass. Kiki looks great spread wide and talking dirty the lucky politician. Hey, if you?re going to ruin a career, at least do it for anal with a hottie, not a hummer from a chunky average babe. When Kiki gets on top, her pussy finally gets into the mix. After some instance doggy, she gets on her knees to take a great open mouthed facial. Very hot opening scene, I just hope we see this hot chick again.
Caught with his pants down, the Senator is quickly at the mercy of his opponent. He turns to private investigator. Chris Cannon is the assistant and the unseen voice, Charlie, advises a little fire to fight fire. Cannon heads out to find some girls to bring the false moralist down. First, he hits a porno set where a beautiful brunette, Stevie is doing a scene. This naturally busty chick has long legs and really seems to enjoy a hard dick in her mouth. Some of the action here is shot through a bamboo fence which robs us of an unencumbered view of Stevie taking dork in her pussy. Nice shots of her riding reverse cowgirl, really showing off that great rack and her tight abs. The guy pulls out and drops a serious load on that rack. Someone pencil this babe in for more work because she?s a stunner.
Chris recruits Stevie and asks her to invite two friends to help with the mission. Briana is the first girl added to the team and while Stevie goes to get girl three, the horny blonde is ready to blow her new employer. No question, this girl has a gorgeous face and puts a lot of effort into deep sucking his cock. Sadly, we get the under the chin view instead of the down into the eyes look. At least we get the good angle as he drops a load right into her mouth. This pretty girl deserves a scene that is better shot.
With Gwen Summers along for the ride, the team is complete. Gwen takes the lead on their first effort to nail the Senator. She manages to get into his limo, but is foiled by Evan Stone. Stone does his job and cleans up the mess by slipping her a fifty to go away. Since she?s all paid for, Gwen decides to earn her cash with Evan. Doing the cute airhead voice she does so well, Gwen is quite difficult to refuse. Evan slips her panties off, gets up under skirt and starts exploring those folds with his fingers. She returns the favor with a blowjob that is more than worth the fifty he tossed her way. As the limo rolls down the highway, Evan mounts the petite little plaything, fucking her hard and deep with his long rod. Nice shots of her riding dick, but doesn?t that ass just seem to be begging for a hard bone? The facial pop is shot from a less than optimal angle, but Gwen is fun to watch anyway.
One of the obstacles keeping our heroines from their target is his chauffeur slash bodyguard, Joel Lawrence. It really doesn?t take much to distract him though. Briana comes up, on ridiculously high platforms and wearing a very revealing little dress. A few flirty words and some cleavage has Joel following Briana into a barn. He has her bent over and is exploring her with two fingers before you can say ?bimbo in a haystack.? Working it up to a full four finger fuck, Joel gets her pussy all juicy before double fingering her tight ass. The only hole that doesn?t get the finger action is her mouth and Joel has better things planned for that opening. We already saw Briana sucking dick earlier, but this time she gets naked to treat Joel to a full service BJ. Just looking down at that pretty face should be enough, but she makes it better by taking it deep. After an all too short knob shining, Briana takes dick from behind. I still say that from the neck up, she is one of the hottest babes in porn, but she still needs to down a few gallons of Ben & Jerry?s. She shows off her new tits in the reverse cowgirl before mounting her for some ass fucking. Briana takes his whole cock up her butt with total delight. After her pretty backside gets rocked, she lets him mount her chest and fuck those big tits. With that pretty face as a target, he?s shooting sperm streamers in no time. For as pretty as she is, Briana is the perfect porn slut.
Pulling a last minute fast one, the girls substitute fresh faced Mia Smiles as the girl assigned to catch the Senator. She waits for him in the bathroom and you can just imagine what he?s going to do. He peeks up under that plaid skirt and finds her naked and ready to play. Getting down on the cold floor, Mia works her head at breakneck speed, sucking his cock and trying to shove it through the back of her head. She stands at one point, bending over to suck and leaving her pussy and ass wonderfully exposed for the camera. Mia is a tasty treat who responds wonderfully to a few fingers in her tight twat. They use the stall for a little reverse cowgirl and it looks like Mia is trying to break that cock off inside of her. Nice doggy shots showing her lips gripping his cock. Mia looks up with a huge smile on her face as she takes a big load of cum.
This really is a fun little porno flick, the kind with a plot just thin enough to be kind of funny. Gwen and Briana make perfect secret agent sluts and Stevie makes a nice third. (Though wouldn?t Kiki have been the perfect third not so angelic Angel? In spite the hot looking leads, Kiki and Mia actually have the two best scenes in the movie, cementing them as prime pieces of porn gold. Briana looks great even if she needs a few double cheesburgers mixed into her diet. With a little effort, the core could be kept together and we could end up with a few more Charlie flicks and perhaps they will have even more strokeable scenes.

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