World’s Luckiest Jock




132 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Malibu


THEMES: Cheerleaders




STARS: Erik Everhard and 101 chicks in cheerleader uniforms.


Since the XFL is starting up and Bring it On is new on DVD, I’ve found myself looking at some of the cheerleader vids I’ve got lying around the house. (As if anyone needs an excuse to watch chicks in short skirts shaking pom poms.) This is the second or third movie in this series of reverse gang bangs from Vivid. Jon Dough and Mr. Marcus were the world’s luckiest man and black man respectively. Now Erik Everhard gets to play the world’s luckiest jock. It’s a simple plan, one guy and a whole bunch o porn stars dressed in cheerleader uniforms. Pretty tough to go wrong there.

Erik comes into the locker room and is greeted by the press and the first dozen or so cheering babes. They quickly attack his cock, surrounding him with hot female flesh. Regan Starr kind of takes the lead, but there are so many girls it’s hard to keep track. Monique DeMoan is in this group and I’d kick the rest of the girls out for a little one on one time. Of course, if I did that, I’d miss out on top notch hose beasts like Regan and Vivian Valentine. He works his way through as many of them as possible, fucking their pussies, mostly mish. There’s Monique DeMoan again, looking cute and taking it deep. His first pop ends up on the face of (I think) Shelbee Myne.

With his first load out of the gun, the girls change and Erik goes back to having his dick sucked. Envy is first, followed by nasty little British blonde Kiss. That’s enough to get him hard and there happens to be a chick on her hands and knees so he can fuck her. I’m watching the sex here and I just have one question. Erik, did you sit in a pile of chocolate chips? What’s up with the carpet burns on his ass?

No pop here, but we cut to Erik walking in on a group of black cheerleaders. After a quick hello, they throw him on the bed and attack him. He’s fucking one girl from behind and for some reason, I’m hearing Chic Hearn talking about the Jell-O jiggling. (Actually, I’m hearing Bill Cosby talking about the chocolate pudding.) If Erik got a workout on the field, it’s nothing compared to what these girls do to get his heart racing. He rewards them by dropping a load on two waiting faces.

No more fanfare at the start of a new group. We just start right in with Erik fucking some chick. Maybe I’m being too picky, but it wouldn’t be so bad to actually see who he’s fucking. That’s the draw back with these huge things. It’s just a blur of asses, tits and mostly obscured sex. You would think that in a reverse gang bang, we would get the opposite of the HMA syndrome that happens in normal gang bang movies. (HMA Syndrome is the tendency for gang bang shots to be filled with Hairy Man Ass shots due to all the guys standing around.) Do we get a lot of eye candy? No, we end up with a whole lot of shot of the only MA (Man Ass, Erik has removed the H) in the flick. Tasha Hunter shows up about now and does some great doggy Anal in her skirt and tennis shoes. (Anal cheerleaders, yeah I can dig that.)

Justine Romee and Kiki D’Aire are two very inviting cheer-mouths as part of another group of five that passes the penis around. Erik lets them all suck his cock for a while, then flips Kiki onto her back. This pint sized bundle of energy is very flexible which is important for a cheerleader and even more important for a porn chick about to get the shit slammed out of her. After some skinny little blonde gets some, Justine gets fucked and as usual, is vocal as hell. This group of girls actually cheers him on as he shoots a load all over some chick’s ass.

My first thought upon seeing tattooed Jen-X in this movie is that she looks as much like a cheerleader as Dick Butkis does, but check out the way she pins her legs back with her feet behind her shoulders. Now, that’s skill baby. Speaking of skill, check out Monique delivering one of her ultra high energy blowjobs. After a long time with other girls, he comes back to her for a spirited fuck

By now you know what to expect and we get more of the same from here to the end of the movie. The scenes don’t really flow and they certainly aren’t well organized by the editor. Erik fucks his way through a number of small groups of chicks, providing us plenty of stray moments where the sex is quite hot. Mostly, it’s random shots of fucking and sucking. You would think that I would love any movie with this many cheerleaders getting fucked, but there is just too much going on to really enjoy of them. You have to give Everhard credit for making it through the sexual gauntlet and this would make a great movie to put on in the background at a bachelor party. However, unless you just love random partial scenes with one girl after another, then there are a lot better movies out there.

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