Freak Show



111 Mins.
THEMES: Leather, Chains, Sex Clubs,
STARS: Taylor St. Claire, Allysin Chaynes, Michele Raven, Cheyanne, Maxi Everson, Regan Star, Lucy, Herschel Savage, Napoleon, Mickey G, Karl Kinkade, Cheyne Collins and Dave Courtney
Now that I�ve written a half dozen scripts, it�s fun to see just how the words translate to the screen. Some of them have a clear structure, so it�s just a matter of what the sex scenes look like. With this movie, I was to write just a basic story, with some dialog that was vague and dream like. So, watching this is going to be a very different experience. It�s clear from the box cover that this is going to be packed with leather, chains, midgets, lactating chicks, pony girls and who knows what other sorts of colorful characters. Allysin Chaynes and Taylor St. Claire play the leads and they make a striking physical contrast. As different as they look, their characters are even father apart.
Allysin starts out on her knees, sucking the cock of her overbearing boss Mickey G. He may enjoy her young mouth on his dick, but he treats her like total shit. After a short, emotionless blowjob, he shoots all her, tosses her out of the office and insults her as she leaves. Allysin is frustrated and turns to co-worker Taylor St. Claire for help. Taylor invites her to a club that is supposed to help her see things differently.
At the club, Allysin is clearly out of her element. Taylor steps out to change and the poor girl is surrounded by all sorts of debauchery, including a woman lactating into a glass for others to drink. Four of the patrons pair off for a little fun in the booths. These aren�t the prettiest women in the movie, but they serve as great shock background for our stunned young heroine. The interracial pairing has some nice deep throat action, but it�s clear this is just a warm up for the sort of wild fun to come later.
When Taylor comes back, she�s in full mistress gear, ready to lead young Allysin on her journey. The first room they come to has Herschel Savage and Cheyanne as willing sex slaves. Taylor steps in to light up their lives. Both of these women look fantastic. Taylor plays her part well and Cheyanne�s perfect tits are accentuated by her little leather harness. Taylor makes Herschel watch while she goes down on the prone Cheyanne. I like the way this scene is shot, but also the way both women get into their roles, playing up the master/servant thing. (Plus they both look totally scrumptious.) After watching the girls do each other, Herschel finally gets some relief when Cheyanne puts her pretty lips around his cock. Taylor pushes her out of the way and gives a much more energetic blowjob. Once he�s all juiced up, Taylor drops Cheyanne onto his hard cock. Great looking reverse cowgirl here as this head to toe hottie bounces in all the right places. Right in the middle of a very hard fuck between Herschel and Cheyanne, Taylor takes a moment to pee in a cat box. We return to the action just in time to see Herschel pull out and paint Cheyanne�s pretty face with goo.
Allysin is still resisting the feelings inside of her, but Taylor takes her deeper into the club. In the next room, Napoleon plays whip maters to a couple of pony girls, Regan Starr and another girl. I�m not sure which to comment on first, the irony of having Napoleon in that outfit looking like a lawn jockey or the fact that Regan�s obviously been downing a few Twinkies lately. (And they all seem to have gone to her ass because the rest of her looks pretty much the same.) Broad butt or not, Regan still has fantastic tits and a very edible little pookie. She�s also one enthusiastic cocksucker who looks hot working her master�s stiff prick. When she gets her legs spread, she is wonderfully vocal, encouraging him to fuck her harder. The other girl can�t touch Regan on the energy scale, but takes dick just the same. They share the cumshot, but this would have been better as a one on one scene.
They finally reach a room where Allysin�s deepest fantasies come true. She�s still a little shy, but it doesn�t matter. Whatever she thinks, Taylor acts out. What little Allysin really wants is two men, so Taylor hooks up with Erik Everhard and Cheyne Collins. They get together in a room lined with tin foil, but if you�re looking at the background, you�re missing the beautiful, busty star of this three ring circus. She goes to town on both dicks, riding Erik while slurping away on Cheyne�s cock. I just can�t help thinking that this is what Jiffy-Pop kernels are doing as you heat them up. Bad, out of date pop culture references aside, watching Taylor take on two guys is a treat for the eyes and ears. Proving she�s ready for anything, she opens up her ass for some serious sphincter stretching action. Nicely shot anal action here, leading to a spirited DP and twin blasts of hot cum, coating her face and glazing those perfect tits.
Now that Allysin has seen what lies deep within her, she is ready to take on Mickey again. After planting a hard kiss on Taylor�s face, she marches into her boss� office and orders him to get to work. He does a little shoe licking and is much more responsive to her needs, but from our living room chairs, we get to see this sweet little piece of fuck meat spread open and ready for some pleasure. She bends him over and starts spanking him with a ruler. Sorry guys, but looking at Mickey�s HMA (Hairy Man Ass) just isn�t my idea of good stroke material. After an all too short blowjob, Allysin mounts him and starts riding. (Yeah, that�s punishment, oh no, don�t make me lie back while you slide your pussy up and down on my cock.) Even though he�s been banging this petite blonde for a year, Mickey still enjoys fucking the shit out of her. He drops a big load all over her face, gluing one eye shut, but she has a new surprise in store for her boss. (The horror! I didn�t write that, hey�)
Alex Ladd has made a career out of shooting straight forward sex vids, so this is a bit of a departure for him. There is a little something for just about everyone in this movie, including lactating, bondage, pony girls and even a little female dominance. Taylor St. Claire steals the sexual spotlight with her great final scene. Cheyanne looks fabulous in the three way with Taylor and Herschel. Regan Starr does some nice work as well. Allysin is pretty much wasted sexually in her intentionally dead opening suck off and her over the top fucking of Mickey at the end. I didn�t really get much from the first scene in the bar, so this gets off to a slow start. Thankfully, Taylor�s scenes bring it up near the end. Very nice for people who are looking for something a little different.

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