Team Spirit




86 Mins.



THEMES: Cheerleaders

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Gwen Summers, Kitty Marie, Alexis Lewis, Kamiko, Kristina Black,


There are number of various porn themes that viewers find appealing, something for everyone. A few of them cross over and seem to hit just about everyone, but there is one that is universally appealing. (By now, you should all be nodding and mouthing the word with me.) Cheerleaders. You can take just about any woman, put her in short, pleated skirt, some tennis shoes and she’s instantly the embodiment of every male fantasy. For this movie, director Alex Ladd went out and got a cast of very cute, naturally endowed young women to play members of rival cheer squads. When he approached me about writing the script for this one, I didn’t have to do much thinking about a story. We’ve got hot young women in cheer uniforms, what more do we need? On the other hand, I got to control two teams of hot cheerleaders, and what could be better than that? Since ‘Bring it On’ just came out on DVD, this movie should make a nice, X rated companion piece for some weekend viewing.

Kamiko is practicing her moves in front of her boyfriend. He is offering her some tips, but is missing the fact that she really wants his big dick up under her little skirt. She looks fantastic, fresh faced and perfect. Slow on the uptake, the guy isn’t totally blind and gladly puts his tongue on her pussy to get her warmed up. Kamiko looks fantastic with a dick in her mouth and shakes her ass invitingly as we watch from behind. After a too short blowjob, she gets on her hands and knees to take cock. Naked now, except for her tennis shoes, the super cute little babe gets pounded hard. The best footage of this scene comes with Kamiko riding reverse cowgirl. Her body is awesome and nicely in display here as she moves her hips, fucking his cock with her tight slit. After a rousing boff, he pulls out and shoots a load all over her perfect breasts.

Kitty Marie is a cheerleader for the rival squad. After practicing her moves for a while, the young strawberry blonde does her post practice stretching. Her boyfriend, Chris Cannon stops by with video tapes of the other team’s routines. Since he’s been such a good spy, he feels entitled to a little horizontal bonus. Kitty’s busy practicing, but takes a short break to make Chris feel special. Her little pussy has been cooking in her panties, so he gives her a little oral relief. After working her pierced slit into a frenzy, Chris shows her the secret weapon in his sweats. Kitty looks very cute on her knees, taking a big dick in her mouth. (Cheerleaders giving head, what was it I said earlier about universally appealing.) He moves behind her, letting the cheerleader bend at the waist so he can flip her skirt up over her ass and start plugging that pussy. In this scene, the girl leaves her uniform on, letting her guy fuck her After some nice mish, he moves up to her face and jerks a load right into her mouth. This shot could have been captured from a better angle, but it’s still a solid scene.

Kitty and Gwen Summers are trying to figure out a way to help their football team. After all, it’s the cheerleaders’ job to inspire the team. Gwen sneaks into the locker room and finds quarterback Pat Myne just coming out of the shower. (What is this geriatric community college?) Gwen looks cute in her braids and is able to talk Pay into a blowjob in less than five seconds. She leaves her uniform on as she drops to the floor and sucks his cock deep between her sweet little lips. As she sucks, the clothes start coming off, so we get a little topless cheerleader oral sex footage. He reaches around fingering her slit while she sucks, keeping her hot and ready for more. After licking her pussy for a while, Pat mounts the thin young cheerleader and starts driving down her field to paydirt. Nice close ups here, but the high angle shots from over her body are the best in this scene. Gwen gets busy, bouncing up and down on his dick, showing great energy and enthusiasm. This rah-rah princess takes a great doggy fuck then turns around to make her face available as a sperm target. Great facial to close out another well shot scene.

Across town, the other team is concerned about their chances in the upcoming competition. A plan it hatched that miraculously involves sex. Kamiko pays a visit to one of the judges and presents him with a question. You see, she’s concerned about the panty rules for the competition. Her team doesn’t plan to wear any. While he stands, stunned into silence, Kamiko drops to her knees, turns her beautiful face upwards and fishes his cock from his jeans. Great eye contact as she works her lips over his head. Sucking makes her little pussy hot, so she rubs it a bit while giving him the blowjob of a lifetime. When she mounts him for the reverse cowgirl, we get a view of her pussy that the no-panty uniform will give the judges. (Though I doubt she’ll have a cock in there during the competition.) You have to love the way this girl moves her hips when she’s fucking. Even better is the way her leg hooks up onto his shoulder while he pounds away. Best of all, Kamiko arches her little ass while he uses her pigtails for handles. I don’t know how the judge is going to vote against Kamiko’s team after drilling her pretty pussy this hard. Kamiko pulls a difficult dismount so she can stroke his load right into her pretty mouth.

When the competition is over, the girls all come together for a little reconciliation. Kitty and Gwen hook up with Alexis Lewis and Kristina Black to show them some off the field moves. These four girls are all natural with barely a tattoo in sight, so if ever there was a porn scene that looked like a cheerleader practice gone Penthouse Forum, this is it. In the early going, the girls keep their uniforms partially on, so it plays well with the theme. Gwen is the most seasoned labe lapper in the bunch, but her fellow cheerleaders learn quickly. Lots of finger action as the girls work each other’s sweet, shaved slits. From their bags, the girls magically present strap on dicks. (Ever cheer squad carries them in porn land.) Showing the same energy she had when fucking the quarterback, Gwen shakes her ass while being done from behind with a strap on. Ever industrious, the girls even use their pom poms and a baton to please each other.

Obviously, this is a movie for guys who like cheerleaders. (Which is the whole bloody lot of us.) Kamiko is the perfect little spirit leader, looking delicious and showing great pep in her two scenes. Gwen Summers is another girl who looks like she belongs in uniform, at least when she’s not on her knees taking cock. Kitty Marie does the best scene I’ve seen from her during her boy/girl. The final all girl orgy isn’t my speed, but if you ever wanted to see a team of young cheerleaders going nuts on each other, then this will light you up. As always, director Alex Ladd shoots his sex scenes well, giving us much better than average feature sex. The only question now is how long before the sequel. After all, when you have a winning team, the first thing you do is make sure everyone is around to come back for another season.

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