Stuffed 2


86 Mins.
THEMES: Toys, Stretching, Foot Fucking
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Taylor St. Claire, Dominca, Amber Michaels, Misty, Topanga,
With every young director in porn searching for something to set aside his work from the dozens of others, Matt Zane has tapped into something not quite original, but very marketable. He takes hot chicks and has them filled to capacity with huge toys and hard cocks. Sometimes, sticking with the tried and true works better than trying to come up with something new. (The addition of puking to blowjob videos for example.) With Amber Michaels and Taylor St. Claire anchoring the cast, we’re assured of some good eye candy as well as some enthusiastic toy fucking.
Amber Michaels is up first and shows off her hard body during the opening photo scene. Zane interviews her about stretching her limits and her pussy. (Please Matt, if you’re going to talk, at least use a mic that can pick you up.) We immediately cut to Amber on her belly, sucking a big cock. There is just something about Amber that I’ve always found sexy and the way she sucks cock is a big part of it. After getting sucked, Kyle Stone starts the stretching by fucking her slit with eight fingers. (4 from each hand.) Her pussy looks super tight, but he is able to slip a vibrator into her at the same time his cock is fucking that slit. The first of the monster toys gets introduced when Kyle breaks out ‘The Hammer.’ Amber is in a piledriver position on the bed while Kyle uses this baseball bat of a dildo on her. ‘The Devastator’ is an even longer, black toy and Amber bounces up and down on for a while. Kyle jerks off near her face while Amber plunges that thing into her self. Great shots of Amber taking it doggy style. The scene ends with her taking a great shot right on her pretty face.
Dominica is a thin redhead with nice, small tits and a tattoo on her arm. This Euro-babe struggles with English, but is fine with a dick in her mouth. Nice blowjob footage, but this movie isn’t about normal sex scenes, so we hurry to her riding cock. She takes a hard ride before turning her ass to the air for some deep doggy in the backdoor. This movie may be about stretching pussies, but Dominica can handle some action in her ass as well. Once her butt is drilled, we go back to the pussy stretching. Lots of eight finger action and some twelve digit play as Dominica adds her own hand to the mix. ‘The Bushwhacker’ comes in and stuffs that slit quite thoroughly. He goes back into her pussy for a few strokes before pulling out and cumming all over her pretty face.
Speaking of pretty faces, here comes Taylor St. Claire. This busty brunette has one of the best combinations of a great looking face and smoking body in all of porn. It’s always fun to see the pretty girls taking on the harder edged smut roles like this, and Taylor always seems up for it. She starts out with a little oral sex, though we cut away way too quickly from this nice looking blowjob. Four fingers fill her pussy, warming it up for a hard little fuck. Once he’s got her nice and wet, she brings ‘Mr. Pink’ a smallish dildo into the mix as well. That two dick action is replaced by the larger Bushwhacker toy that Taylor takes from behind. This is great footage, but check out ‘The Scud.’ This fat, black toy is bigger than Taylor’s arm, but with some work, it makes its way up into her shaved slit. You have to hand it to Taylor for being able to handle this kind of action and still look so good. She takes a facial pop to close out her scene.
Misty and Topanga team up for the final scene. What’s the deal with Topanga and the bandana? I’ve seen her in two movies and she has yet to take it off in either one. The twist in this scene is that we’ve got two girls trying to test each other’s limits. We start with a little eight finger action for blonde Topanga and she and Misty both use four digits on her pookie. To make things more interesting, she also shoves a foot up there, toe fucking her with all five and half of the foot. After that, the toys seem a little anti-climactic, but we get them anyway.
This really is a different kind of sex video. The focus is not on sex between the performers, but on the enormous toys they can shove into tiny wet pussies. I was disappointed at how short some of the blowjobs were, but again, that’s not the point of the movie. If big toys and stretched pussies really turn you on, then this is probably the best line of movies for you. I wonder though, does the little bit of fucking and sucking take away from the appeal for that audience? Amber and Taylor give the best scenes, but Dominica is a cutie who knows what to do with both real and fake cocks. Stuffed 2 is an interesting movie, but I think it needs to either dump the fucking and sucking altogether or give it the attention necessary to not let us feel cheated by all too short blowjobs.

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