Just 18 3


JUST 18 #3


82 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Devon Saphire


THEMES: Young Girls, Interracial Sex.

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Kurious, April, Jodi Roxx, Porsche, Chocolate (Sunshine on the box, not in the movie.)


This is the Sin City entry into the teen lucrative teen line market. It’s a line that Alex Ladd has taken over and one that I generally like when he is at the helm. The girls are cute and the set ups are generally sexy and not nearly as geared for pedophiles as some of the other lines. What I really like about this one is that the tag line on the box says “Bald, Ripe and Ready For Pipe.” Well, April. Kurious, Chocolate, Porsche and Jodi, here I am.

Porsche is a girl who really wants to see Korn. Brandon Irons has a set of VIP passes, but won’t sell them. She doesn’t like his trade-off plan, but really wants to see her favorite band. Brandon wants it rough and enjoys shoving his big cock into her pretty face. Porsche is an attractive girl with too many tats for my taste, but the girl really knows how to use that mouth. When she gets up in his lap, there is a big ass tattoo in the middle of the shot, but if you can get around that, we get to watch a tight little pussy gripping his dick as her hips work up and down to fuck him good. He really gets rough, smacking her in the face a few times while fucking her. This just doesn’t work for me personally, but if you like some rough play with your sex, this could be just what the doctor ordered. After taking all he’s got in her mouth and pussy, Porsche takes a super brief ass fuck followed by a very good facial pop. It’s a bit rough for me, but a sexually solid scene.

Jodi is a cute little blonde who says she can’t stop thinking about fucking. Her sexy confession is that her first time with a black man was with her mom’s boyfriend. Mr. Marcus comes in while she’s taking a bath and puts the moves on Jodi. She doesn’t put up even the slightest fight. He whips out the monster and Jodi likes what she sees. Either that, or she has an itch at the back of her tongue and is using his dick to scratch it. Apparently, mom has raised quite a slut, because Jodi appears to already be an expert meat nibbler. All that soapy water must have really lubed her up because his big cock fits easily into her snug young slit. Nice shots of her on her back with legs up as he pumps away. I really like Jodi’s firm tits and pert nipples. After some impressive lap grinding by the pretty little blonde, Marcus drops a decent load on her pretty smile.

Chocolate is one super hot looking babe who tells us about how she celebrated her eighteenth birthday by fucking her brains out. She wanted to try two things, first fucking a white guy, then doing something so nasty, her friends would never be able to compete. After her boyfriend wins a basketball game against Dave Hardman and his friends, Chocolate decides to console the losers. The pretty black girl gets down on her knees and is surrounded by four hard white dicks. For a bunch of guys who just got their asses whipped on the court, they sure have a lot of energy left to fuck this pretty little prize. Since Chocolate is out to do something super nasty, you know her back-court is in play as well. The guys manage to fit the petite little hottie between them, DP’ing her right there on the playground. Maybe if they put as much effort into their game as they do into fucking Chocolate, they wouldn’t lose all the time. The pretty girls ends up wearing all of their cum on her face. Very hot, facial here.

April likes to be spanked until she cries, then fuck to make it all bet. Not my thing, but I’m not about to turn away from a chance to watch this pretty blonde in action. After her boyfriend slaps that pretty ass, April rolls over and takes his dick into her mouth. I guess if this is the reaction you get for smacking the ass a bit, it’s worth doing. April has a really cute face and knows how to use her tongue on his head. She swings that pink ass over onto her face for some 69 that gets them both ready for the hard pounding doggy. April not only looks good and fucks with energy, but she also adds some hot talk to the mix. Watch the hip action she has going. Not many girls can effectively jerk a dude off with their pussy that way. He pulls out and shoots all over her tiny titties.

Kurious hits the streets looking for some cock. Tony Eveready is a little suspicious of the pigtailed brunette at first, but isn’t about to turn down a fresh little piece of tail like this. He takes her to a nearby garage, spreads a blanket on the floor and puts Kurious on her knees. Her eyes go wide as she works his staff with her mouth. More head from this cute little cocksucker would have been nice, but Tony wants a taste of the Italian pussy. He has her stick that butt high in the air to slide his dick right up into her young twat. Great shots in this angle as he holds still and lets her back right up on his dick. If that doesn’t do the trick for you, maybe her reverse cowgirl will make things better. After all, Kurious bounces in his lap hard enough to make even her firm young tits bounce wildly with each horny hop. Capping off her sexy adventure, Kurious happily takes a load of cum on her mouth, lets it drip down her tits and plays with the last few drops on the head of his cock.

What I really like about this movie is that all five women are attractive. Porsche is nice looking and takes a really hard fuck. Jodi is even cuter and handles big cock well. Chocolate blows the doors off the other girls while becoming a cream covered mocha treat. April looks great being spanked and even better being filled with cock. Finally, Kurious just does those little things she does that make me like her. Mostly well shot with a good mix of action, this is a pretty solid entry in the line. The set ups are decent and it’s technically solid if not brilliant. Nice bit of stroke material for those who don’t need girls dressed up as little kids to get them off.


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