Initiations 5


140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer
THEMES: Anal Sex, Cum Swallowing, Real Tits
STARS: Lacey Duvale, Kiri, Fawna, Claudia Adkins, Britany Baer, Heather Lyn, Kati Crown, Kristina Black, Sebastian, Mark Davis, Chris Cannon, Jules Jordan and Erik Everhard.
Among the many lines Vince Vouyer has taken on in the past few years, Initiations is one of the most fun. There is a pretty basic premise behind these movies. If a new porn chick wants to work for Anabolic, they don’t have to try out. They have to be initiated into the club by doing a scene. Once they have proven their ability to be the sort of do anything hotties that Anabolic loves, then they can go on to do other movies. (Most companies would probably just use the old casting couch method.) To add a little fun to the formula, the women are generally blindfolded at the start so they have no idea whose dick they are sucking. (Hmmm, so Vince could slip a porn reviewer into the mix if he wanted to.) I’ve seen a few of these girls in other movies, so obviously some of them make it through the process.
One of the girls I have seen before is our lead of fucker, Lacey Duvale. This eighteen year old, light skinned black girl is so fresh faced and beautiful it’s a wonder she wandered into the world of porn. Lacey puts on her blindfold, is led to a couch, bent over and Erik Everhard sticks his cock right into her pussy. Hello, dating the Anabolic way. After a few minutes of high impact fucking, they turn he rover and let her get a taste of herself on his hard rod. Since I like eye contact so much, the blowjob footage in this and other Initiations scenes isn’t quite as hot as it could be. Finally, they let her take off the blindfold and unwrap those spectacular tits. Now the fun really begins because Lacey is a pretty fine cocksucker who happens to look great on her knees. When Erik takes his turn between her thighs, the camera moves up to Lacey’s face to catch her reaction as he laps away on her slit. Though his oral skills don’t seem to knock her socks off, Lacey lights up when she’s riding dick. She slams her body down to meet his thrusts making those perfect tits shake invitingly. Lacey closes out a very hot salt and pepper scene by taking a big load on her face. She holds his cum in her mouth for a bit, then swallows it. What a cutie.
Fawna is a fairly average looking twenty year old from the neck up. Not ugly at all, just not as stunning and Lacey. However, just seconds after telling us how much she loves big hard cocks in her ass and swallowing hot loads of cum, Fawna unleashes a wonderful set of real tits. For some reason, we stop with Fawna and move on to the next girl.
Britany Baer is a really pretty blonde who looks like she might b running late for her sorority meeting. Vince talks this twenty year old right out of her 36d bra and into some super cute posing. Once the blindfold is in place, she gets her mouth right to work, sucking cock like she really means it. Thankfully, the no eyes cock sucking doesn’t last long and Britany gets to work her mouth magic on two cocks. Her shy college girl act works really well as the takes a load on her pretty face.
We come back to Fawna who puts on her blindfold, gets on her hands and needs while Erik shoves his dick right up her ass. No problem with rear entry for this busty chick and Erik hits his rhythm right out of the gate. This may be a little impersonal, but she has a nice ass and takes it deep. After having her take his dick into her mouth, (Uncut A2M) Erik rolls over so she can lap ride his rod. After another A2M, the blindfold comes off. For me, that really raises the heat because Fawna has nice eyes and interacts well with the camera. Another smiling face gets creamed and another girl has passed her initiation.
One of the things I don’t like about some of the newer Anabolic/Diabolic titles is the tendency to jump around too much. We get a little interview with a girl who we see fuck later. That part I could live with, but they forget to ID the girls too often. If you’re going to use this many new girls, then throw us a bone and let us know who they are. Especially when they start out with a blindfold over their faces. I don’t know who this girl is and she is too busy sucking dick to tell us. I’d like to know who she is because she’s sucking cock like she literally starved for cum. Maybe we’ll see more of this cum swallowing babe later. (I did hear Vince call her Kiri.)
Kristina Black is an eighteen year old chick who starts her scene with her face on the floor and her ass in the air. Without knowing who is behind her, she takes a dick into her pretty little pussy. I don’t know, the whole blindfolded sex thing is sort of losing its novelty. I much prefer the action once the second guy comes in, she does her double blowjob and they toss the blindfold aside. Kristina was an enthusiastic fuck, but she is even better working two dicks in her mouth. She may never be a huge star or a beauty queen, but Kristina is going to be a very little porn star if she keeps this sort of thing up. Erik and Chris Cannon double up on her and leave a pair of loads in her mouth.
Claudia Adkins is a twenty eight year old Euro-chick with pretty brown eyes and a thick accent. She’s got a tight little body and sexy tan lines. Right in the middle of the interview, we cut to another girl. Since we only see her ass, one might assume that it’s still Claudia. However, after watching an ass get banged by two fingers for several minutes, we get a quick glimpse of her hair. It’s not Claudia, but a girl we saw for a few seconds earlier named Kati Crown. See, this is why I hate the cutting back and forth with no ID. Not a good idea, and I hope they stop it really soon. Kati is a German brunette with a prominent nose, (We saw this earlier) but now all we see is her ass filled with cock. Her mouth gets stuffed as well, more A2M action for the coaters in the audience. She actually has a big smile on her face when they finally pull the blindfold off. I guess it’s a relief for her to find out she hasn’t just been sodomized by some butt ugly troll. (Or Rod Fontana.) Now that she can see, Kati has a good time fucking and opening up her mouth for a big shot of cum on the tongue.
Diamond is a blonde Canadian chick who looks cute in her glasses, and even cuter with a big cock in her mouth. Putting all she has into the blowjob, this young thing lovingly works on his balls, licking and sucking them gently, giving us an up close view of a girl who really knows how to please with her mouth. She gets a big load in her mouth and swallows it all down.
Claudia is back, and with blindfold in place, gets fucked from behind. From the start, the action here is hard and fast. Claudia may not know who is fucking her, but she clearly loves the cock and what id can do for her horny pussy. Nice shots of her on her back getting slammed in the shaved slit and moaning like mad as she works her hips. Just about the time one dick is making her cream, it pulls out and the next one slides right in. When her blindfold comes off, Claudia is genuinely surprised by the fact that there are three guys in the room. Her make up is all fucked up, making her look more like a Max victim than an Anabolic star. Still, she keeps right on sucking, deep throating each cock and jerking the others off. Hell, since she’s all warmed up, why not DP those holes as well. This is one of the best sex scenes in the movie, balls to wall action with a girl who seems to love nothing more than a hard cock shoved into one of her available openings. Once they have all had their fun, the guys drop loads onto her face and Claudia looks as happy as can be.
I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed in this movie, but that may be due to the fact that I have such high expectations for Anabolic movies. As I mentioned, I have really learned to loathe the jumping from one interview to a scene and back. If they want to change the pace, fun, but at least do a better job of identifying the women. Lacey shows again that she is a very attractive girl who is going to quite well in porn. Fawna is equally marketable with those great tits and fuck hungry attitude. I liked Claudia a lot, though her tear streaked look was a bit a of a turn off. Much of the action involves A2M and there is a lot of blindfolded oral action, but otherwise, things are quite good sexually. For most other companies, this line up of young women would be well above average, but compared to other Anabolic movies of late, it’s not quite as remarkable. (Penalized for setting the bar too high? Not really fair.) Well shot action and the added kind of new girls sucking strange cocks push this up into the recommended category.

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