Extreme Teen 9



120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Luis Cypher
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Young Girls, Incest,
STARS: Dusty, Jade Marcela, Kayla Swallows, Suzanne Storm, Kristina Black, Jamie Lynn, Claudia Adkins.
Since I just posted my Luis Cypher interview, I’ve been watching a lot of his movies lately. This latest Extreme Teen vid seemed like a good one to review. After all, everyone loves the teen lines and it’s always interesting to contrast these role playing teen vids to the ones that just take eighteen year old chicks and let them fuck. I like both styles, thought some lines really push the little girl theme (You know which lines I’m talking about) and my fantasies don’t involve fucking children. Since Cypher likes to push the edge with his features, expect some slightly uncomfortable settings in this vignette movie as well. Above that, expect some hot, hard sex from some rather cute young women.
Jamie Lynn is a pigtailed cutie who is doing a video diary from her little playhouse bed. Her parents have wild orgies and one of their guests has been making a move on her. Luciano comes into the room in full predator mode. She’s acting like a little kid, but looks more than old enough to be sucking dick. In fact, once she gets out of victim mode, Jamie does some nice head teasing with her darting tongue. Jamie has a cute little ass that gets the close up treatment when she’s riding her new friend’s hard cock. Maybe she doesn’t understand the parties her parents have, but Jamie looks ready to join in the fun. Luciano gives that pretty little slit a serious workout, pumping her hard in a spoon position, then using the ladder of her bunk bed to put her perfect position for a standing doggy. Spinning around quickly, she catches his load on her lips, cheek and tits. I could do without the post pop humiliation/kid play, but the sex is plenty hot.
Kristina Black is playing hookie from school. Since her parents are away, there is no one to stop her from laying out by the pool naked. That is, until her super creepy, crazy (or perhaps retarded) step/half brother comes looking for her. He chases her around, but Kristina seems to outsmart him when she hops into a rubber boat in the pool. When he jumps in naked with her, she knows she’s caught. I guess they’ve played this game before because Kristina starts sucking his cock to calm him down. I love the natural light in this scene and using the raft makes for a very interesting setting. The move to the spa where she can stand, bent over the edge, and get fucked. He fucks her on the edge of the pool, pulling out just in time to drop a load on her face.
Dusty and Kayla are trying to get a little bit of privacy for some lesbian kissing. Along comes a dude with a camera, he snaps a few pictures and has the girls begging not to show the photos to anyone. The two girls get down and start double teaming his cock. Neither of these girls is all that good looking, but they have young, firm bodies and appear to do a better than average job at bobbing knob. He has the two girls kneel side by side so he can fuck them from behind. This is actually a good angle since their bodies are the best thing these girls have going for them. Dusty does some nice squat fucking here and they all three turn in a high energy performance. They wear his load home and next time, maybe they will keep their veggie love behind closed doors.
Suzanne Storm is a hooker who Claudio dressed up in a plaid dress with pigtails. He ends up tying her hands and gagging her in the bathtub. To be honest, she really isn’t that good looking and I don’t think the pigtails help in this case. Suzanne also seems about as thrilled to be fucking Claudio as I would be eating broken glass. Lifeless fucking may have some appeal when you’re looking at a major piece of eye candy, but you combine mediocre looks with a dead fuck and you have a real waste of tape. The kicker at the end of the scene only makes things worse.
Jade Marcela has been adopted by some guy who thinks that since she doesn’t speak English, he just fuck the cute young teen. She is way too much woman for him and nearly sucks his cock right off. There is a bit too much drool going on here for my taste, but I know a lot of people like it this messy. Jade does a great job squatting on his cock, though the shadows are a bit heavy, making things really tough to see. Jade may not speak English, but she sure knows how to moan and scream when being filled with stiff man meat. After a hard ass fuck, Jade takes a load on the face. She’s loud in this scene, but does seem to be going through the motions much of the time.
Claudia Adkins is outside enjoying some time in the sun when Luciano and a pal come sneaking up. When they find her napping in he bikini, they take out their cocks and slap her in the face with them. On instinct, the nasty Euro-babe just takes it in her mouth. Luciano holds her face still and fucks her face, pumping her hard enough to nearly bring tears to those pretty eyes. Claudia has a set of medium, all real tits that look great with her hint of tan line. Of course, Luciano is more interested in slam fucking her pussy than checking out her tits, but at least we get some great close up shots of her snug slit as it gets stuffed. That same angle serves us well for the anal and I love the way her legs sort of dangle in the air while her ass is grinding down on his lap. She’s a great ass slut who wears cum on her smiling face quite nicely.
There are a couple of problems with this mostly solid video. A few of the girls aren’t that great looking and even worse, a couple of them turn in pretty dead fucks. The set ups are fairly interesting, with some dark twists at the end. Some of them work, some don’t do much for me. No one scene stands out for me, making this video less appealing that some others in the line, but I know it’s still going to work with the core audience.


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