Different Strokes 6




126 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Rodney Moore


THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials, Interracial Sex.

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Brooklyn Rhodes, Daejha Mila, Eva Moore, Lena Ramon, Kristen Kane, Nicole Longen, Mia Domore, Monique, Rubee Tuesday, Sierra, Zarina, Rodney Moore and ‘a few dudes.’



It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Rodney Moore movie. (It’s been a while since they’ve sent me a screener.) This is the first of the Different Strokes videos I have checked out. To be honest, I was drawn in by the idea of a birthday bash for Rodney. There are a couple of girls in the cast I like, but this isn’t one of those movies that I know I’m going to like just on the strength of the girls getting boned. Instead, I expect Rodney to do some fun stuff and shoot some great POV oral along the way. So long as we get those two things, I think the lack of stunners can be overcome and we may get a pretty strokeable little porn flick.

We start out with an interesting birthday greeting. The girls pair off, wish him happy birthday then kiss and strip. When all the girls are done, two guys start out the same way, but stop short of kissing. It’s good for a chuckle. To kick off the real celebration, the girls bring Rodney in, throw him down on the bed and start groping him. This kicks off a huge one guy in the middle, girl party. I guess having a dozen women at your service is a pretty great thing, even if most of the girls are pretty below average to look at. While most of the women sit around masturbating, a few of them step up to the birthday boy and give him something to touch or lick. Rather than question his choice of cast, I think we should just realize that Rodney has tapped into the whole harem fantasy thing here and enjoy what is done well in this scene. He just lies back and lets the women rub his chest while waiting for a turn at his cock. When we break these women down one at a time, most of them really aren’t much to look at. Most of them are very enthusiastic and they do have a good time, so you can enjoy that if you want. If you have always wanted to be in the center of a reverse gang bang, then you can overlook the charisma deficiency that drags it down for me.

Next on the list of birthday events is a blowjob contest. All of the girls get to take a shot at Mandingo’s monster meat. They are judged on volume of spit, slurping noises, deep throat ability and enthusiasm. One by one, the women step, do their best to make it messy, then move on. A few of these women look pretty damn fine, but again, the majority of the babes at this party are strictly closing time fodder. This lack of quality may be what keeps Mandingo from getting much of a chubby during the first several contestants’ turns. Monique comes in right in the middle and looks like she wants to eat him alive. She easily wins for enthusiasm and swallows every inch even when he’s getting hard. They should just end the competition and give her the trophy. Overall, this collection of women are better cocksuckers than they are lookers, so you can enjoy the format and the energy even if the eye candy factor is low.

The finalists are chosen, Lena Ramon, Zarina, Mia Domore and the woman who is in first place at this point, Monique. These four square off and Monique is the first to get a dick in her mouth. Not only is she the best cocksucker in the bunch, but she’s the only one of the finalists who is at all hot. Once she is done, feel free to go get a beer, because it only goes downhill from here. Actually, Lena Ramon isn’t too bad except for the massive amounts of drool that poor down her chin. Zarina actually looks better with brown hair than she did as a blonde, but I’ll still take Monique any day of the week.

Keeping things fun and light, Rodney has the girls put their names in a hat. Then the guys get to draw names to see whose mouth they get to fill. It takes a while, but the guys eventually all get their girls and everyone lines up for a massive group suck. Somehow Monique ended up with Mandingo, so we get the pleasure of watching her handle that massive tool some more. We move around the room watching the women slobbering all over the half dozen knobs. While I like the idea behind this action, the only thing I really interesting stuff going on here is the way Monique sucks like a woman possessed. The facial she takes at the end her blowjob is awesome. She single handedly makes this segment of the video worth watching.

As a birthday finale, Rodney brings us what he calls the first Black Bukkake. I’m not sure if it’s the first, but sexy Sierra is the girl so who cares. Unlike the lame bukkake vids on the market, Sierra actually gets involved in getting these guys off. She works her mouth around the circle of dick like a women determined to wear their DNA home. This heavy hootered babe has some serious oral skills and really deserves to be featured, even if it is late, in this movie. She also has a great attitude and talks her way through the loads shot onto her face. No cum dodging here, she works every drop onto her face and right down her throat. Great way to finish out the action.

This movie is for lovers of oral sex only. Each scene revolves primarily around girls stretching their lips around big hard cocks. If you like this type of action there are some strengths and weaknesses to break down. First, I like the fun way this movie was presented. It really plays like a birthday bash at Rodney’s place. That kind of personal connection is what makes gonzo great. On the other hand, I can’t understand why Rodney picked such a weak cast. There are a few notable babes, Sierra and Monique being the best of the lot. To be honest, I wonder if Rodney has a thing for plain or ugly girls, because he certainly could have done better than this. If you don’t mind sub C level girls, then there is some great footage of the blowjob contest. In this area, the women in the cast are quite impressive. Again, Monique blows everyone away, sucking cock in a way that may scare some viewers. Overall, I liked the format, I liked the fun, I loved the facials, but the cast just wasn’t hot enough for me to stroke to. Sierra’s final group suck is the one scene that I could enjoy from start to finish, but for the rest, I kept waiting for Monique to come back into the picture. Nice work if you like fun gonzo and don’t mind less than stellar looking women.


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