Skin Dance


85 Mins.
Sin City
THEMES: Strippers
2000 (8/00)
STARS: Zoe, Shawna Sexton, Candy Cotton, Eve, Daisy Chain, Shay Sights, Chennin Blanc, Jay Ashley, Cheyne Collins, Rick Masters, Gina Greco, Tony Michaels, Kyle Phillips, Mark Wood and Herschel Savage.
Everyone loves strippers right? And everyone loves porn movies. So, doesn’t it seem natural to make a porn movie about strippers? OK, maybe it’s not that simple, but that’s exactly what Alex Ladd has done with his latest Sin City flick. SC Contract girl Zoe leads the cast of strip teasers as they let us behind the sequins, strobe lights and sleaze. If you’ve ever had a lap dance and wanted it to go further, this movie will probably only fuel those fantasies. If you’ve never thought about slipping something more than a ten spot into that G string, then this could be a good how to video.
We start out with Zoe. She’s a stripper, but her boyfriend clearly doesn’t like her choice of careers. She showers and heads for the club, having to walk past a half naked and fornicating Herschel Savage along the way. He’s got a young dancer keeping him happy with her tight pussy. Enjoying his position of power, Hersch leans back while she gets on the ground to suck him for a while, then bends her over to slam her from behind. Just about the time you think he’s going to pop, we but into the club for a little dialog. By the time we come back, he’s popping her asshole. I guess it’s good to be the boss. The sex is pretty hot here, including a facial in the dark back room.
Zoe does a kick ass show on the stage, but is still catching shit from her man. Backstage, Shay Sights and Daisy Chain are working off some stress. The spectacle of these two labe hungry dancers has Zoe getting pretty hot herself. Shay looks great and Daisy is a totally devoted rug muncher who is cute in spite too many big tattoos. Nice toy play as the women work slowly from smaller to bigger fake cocks to keep Shay’s pussy happy. Not bad if you dig the veggie action.
Jay Ashley plays the crazy stalker boyfriend who comes down to the club to see if Zoe is doing any work on the side. To help calm him down, Zoe decides to show her love in the back of his van. For some reason, we get slow motion for most of the blowjob. I guess this is supposed to be a soft, gentle and romantic scene. (In the back of an open van in an alley behind a sleazy strip club? That’s romance baby.) After he eats her pussy for a while, Jay lies on his back and starts pumping up into Zoe’s smooth little slit. She’s putting those strong legs to good use, pumping him. After another trip inside the club, we rejoin the action in the van. Jay is really giving it to Zoe hard, bending her over and fucking that ass. She takes a tight lipped dribble of cum on her chin, obviously proving her love and fidelity.
Jay isn’t wrong about the extra activities going on in the club. A busty blonde takes on a small room full of horny guys, working her mouth around a circle of cock in the back room. The short scene ends with about five loads shot onto her willing face. In another room, a young guy buys a lap dance for his wife, Chennin Blanc. She takes them into a private room and does a little bi-sexual lap dance. Both members of this happy couple take their turns on this cute girls super tight little pussy. Chennin is quite the horny little wife, taking cock while using a plastic prick on the willing dancer. See what extra tipping and a pretty woman on your side can get you in a strip club? The young stripper even does anal, shoving her shaved pookie forward during the RCA before straddling Chennin for some DP. The wife gets most of the pop on her face, ending a hot little three way.
Zoe is having trouble with Herschel, but they put aside their differences long enough for a little desktop boff. He lays her out on his desk and starts eating her. I dig that big V bikini tan line Zoe has. She gets on her hands and knees to suck his cock, showing that she knows how to keep her job. There are a few too many shadows for my taste, but they fit the feel of the movie, so I can’t really complain. Some more eye contact would be nice, but Zoe does a good job with a dick in her mouth. Herschel grabs her long legs by the ankles and starts working that juicy slit. They move to the couch where she turns that pussy to the camera and again works her hips. When he takes her from behind, Herschel holds still and watches as she pumps her ass back nicely. Finally having some fun with her big tits, he fucks them for a few strokes and drops his load on her neck.
This is a very solid movie that suffers from a sub-par cast. Leading lady Zoe provides the biggest sexual highlights. Though I haven’t liked her very much in the past, I was quite impressed with both of her scenes in this movie. A side note on Zoe is the fact that her dance show appears to be pretty damn hot as well. Some of the other girls are fairly cute, but they don’t live up to the rest of the movie. The scenes are dark, but they are supposed to be that way. It takes place in a strip club and an alley, so bright lights just wouldn’t have fit. There is enough of a story to move the scenes forward and the dialog is handled well. However, the sex is the key and with the exception of the cut aways during the sex. (I just hate that.) Put an A quality cast along with the lead in this movie and it would really have been something.

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