Lifestyles Of The Rich And Kid Vegas


90 Mins.
THEMES: Hotel Sex
2000 (1/00)
STARS: Kid Vegas, Celeste Michaels, Layla Jade, Zarina
No one is ever going to accuse Kid Vegas of lacking self confidence. He plasters himself all over his boxes, fills his movies with gratuitous self congratulatory banter and seems to believe that he is single handedly revolutionizing the world of porn. Kid doesn?t do any of this quietly either. Come to think of it, he doesn?t do anything quietly. For those of you who are new to KV?s movies, you don?t have to worry about a plot of any kind because there aren?t any. What we do get is plenty of over the top, Gen X activities, drug use, excessive alcohol consumption and more close ups of a preening, sneering bleach blonde than at the MTV Video Awards. Just a note, Rog is now making the inevitable Kid Vegas/Eminem reference. Those who don?t know who Eminem is, what the MTV Video awards are or who think Gen X is a British pseudo-punk band (Or worse yet, have no clue what punk sounds like) probably shouldn?t be watching this movie anyway.
Before the credits are over, the Kid flips off the camera, proclaims himself God?s gift to humanity and finishes his credits with ?Fuck you.? Anyone need any more proof that this is not your father?s porno? Layla Jade makes her way to his room, intent on tracking down Kid Vegas. Things are about to happen, but we cut back to the floor of the CES show for some wild happenings. (It?s amazing what drunk people will do when you put a camera in their faces.) The Kid makes Layla so horny she has to play with her pussy and tell us all about it. Lighting isn?t real strong here, but Layla does a great job fingering her pussy and getting everything ready to go. The little blonde Brit hops up onto the bed and starts sucking his cock. In spite some more lighting problems, this is some damn fine smut thanks to this dick hungry little babe. Again we cut away from the sex to the CES floor. That?s just a quick cut away though because Lay has a lot more sucking to do. This girl is a party waiting to happen and she is happy to take that dick into her pussy. If you take away the silly editing board tricks, you have a pretty hot fuck scene. Great energy, hot talk from a totally smoking babe and a nice load of cum fired onto her pretty face and tits.
Kid hits the CES floors again, getting some fun action as he flutters about from booth to booth. Later, he shows up at Johnny Toxic?s place with Julianna Sterling. For some reason, these two guys think we would rather watch them fight over the Kid?s AVAN awards than see her naked. Finally, JT gets her naked, but the fucking camera is moving so much, it?s impossible to enjoy her. Finally they take her clothes off and in spite being too thin, Julianna shows such great energy that you can?t help but love her. Toxic has a pretty good sized prick, but the wide mouthed Sterling takes it nearly to the root with every stroke. The blowjob is pretty well filmed with maybe a bit too much camera movement. I like a variety of shots, but slow down a bit. That big dick comes in handy when it?s time to slam into Julianna?s pussy. She likes it deep and rubs her clit frantically as he fucks her. When he pulls out for the pop, we are in full digital strobe mode. That kind of kills a pretty decent scene.
After some Vegas/Toxic rambling about being on drugs and another trip to the CES floor, we switch to Zarina masturbating on the couch. As hot as the first two girls in this movie are, this is a huge step backwards in terms of looks. When room service shows up, she starts sucking his dick. Where is this chick from anyway? Even with her cock hungry energy, this guy can?t seem to get hard and I can?t blame him. Eventually he gets hard, but the scene never does manage to look good because this chick just isn?t appealing. This is one time when the stupid little text across the screen doesn?t distract from the scene. Well, actually it does distract from the scene, but its OK that it does. In fact, the stupid little graphics help carry the scene through to the end.
Another girl comes up to KV?s room and they start to fuck. She?s an OK looking babe with real tits and an active little mouth. Like the other scenes in this movie, this one suffers a bit from the poor lighting in the hotel room. This little slut really likes to fuck and screams as she gets banged. She?s got a nasty tat on her belly , but adds some life to the end of this movie.
The first two girls in this movie, Layla and Julianna, make it at least tolerable for a while. Kid Vegas throws in a lot of stuff during the scene that I think takes away from these first two scenes, but I guess it fits his style. Basically, it looks like the people who edited this movie were speeding every bit as much as the male talent. Better lighting and less text comments during the sex would have been nice, but the first half is still worth a look. The rest is pretty forgettable. Kid Vegas does some things well, but if he?s going to keep talking this much trash, he better at least be smart enough to turn on a freaking light.

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