Pornological 5




100 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal


THEMES: New Girls, Natural Girls


2000 (4/00)

STARS: Jesse, Nacho, Monika, Sheila, TT Boy, Sophie, April.


I really like this series of gonzo vignette porn from Shane’s World. There are always a lot of really good looking people having, hot, happy sex. I don’t know about anyone else, but I really consider this type of movie couples porn for Gen X couples. Smut for people who don’t really care about plot, costumes or acting, yet don’t want to sit through some dick head choking a girl for his own misogynistic pleasure. Beyond the fact that I dig the Pornological movies, I have a second reason for checking this one out. It has one my new favorite cuties, Jesse, in the cast. She was so naturally hot in the last SW movie that I just had to grab everything she’s been in and throw it right into the VCR.

Nacho starts off by telling us why he wants to direct movies. (Duh, to fuck the pretty girls, everyone knows that.) He gets Jesse right off the bat and this girl is just so girl-next-door wholesome it hurts. After kissing her toes for a bit, Nacho moves up to her pretty titties and finally has the young hottie straddle his face. The blowjob is way too short, but Jesse wants that big cock in her pussy. Nacho gives it to her hard, fucking her for a while before letting the little fuck bunny get on top for a while. Jesse is petite enough for him to hold in his arms while he fucks her, letting her weight drive his prick deeper into her hot young body. He finally pulls out and shoots on her belly. Her leg partially obscures the pop, but it’s just her tummy, no big loss. Very hot scene though, Jesse is on fire.

Nacho makes a call to his friend TT Boy to set him up with a chick who just really wants to fuck TT. He hurries right over to fuck Sheila, a tall, nice looking brunette with a great ass. TT takes great care to pull her tight jeans off slowly so we can see the lovely curve of Sheila’s hot ass. She certainly sucks his cock like she’s an adoring fan. Wrapping both hands around his shaft, she starts milking him into her tight, sucking mouth until he’s hard and ready to finally fuck her. Very nice standing doggy here with Sheila’s long legs taking center shot and her great butt just begging to be boned. I know she is no average fan, but Sheila really plays this like a cock crazed groupie, making herself totally available for TT’s pleasure. He picks her up for some standing 69 that looks great even if the pop is somewhat obscured.

Nacho keeps another fresh faced babe, April for his own personal pleasure. This thin blonde looks good on camera and isn’t afraid to open her mouth wide to take in his long pole. Great eye contact as she looking into the camera, practically begging for more cock in her mouth. After eating her pretty cookie for a while, Nacho slips his condom on and starts driving deep into April’s snug slit. Her hips are little on the thin side for me, but April has long legs, small, firm tits and a really puffy looking puss. Her best work comes when she’s riding his cock, sticking that ass out and working her hips. However, as a lover of long legs, the modified doggy in front of the fireplace gives a very strokeable view of her fine thighs. Nacho pulls out of her in this position and leaves his load between her cheeks.

Next we get a tattooed blonde who stands washing dishes when Nacho approaches her. She turns around, feels the bulge in his shorts and whips his cock out. Another guy comes along and the pretty Euro-babe gets to play in front of the camera. Even with the tats and fake boobs, this chick looks great with a cock in her mouth. There are some really nice shots from behind as he ass fucks her in doggy position. Why isn’t more anal shot this well? From there, he pulls out and lets her jerk a load right onto her tongue. Check out the dangler that his her right on the tip. Not a bad little scene, especially the anal.

Sophie makes her way into a hotel room, strips out of her clothes and starts enjoying herself. She isn’t alone for very long though. Nacho brings in a blindfolded guy and lets Sophie start sucking his fingers. This gets him in the mood for more, but before her sexy mouth gets to work, he gets to taste her pussy for a few seconds. I love the thigh high stockings she has on, especially when they go for the spoon action. The look on her face is pure sexual joy and that’s always a huge plus. They move over in front of a mirror and Sophie seems to get a charge from watching herself fuck. I know I like watching her wax a cock with her sweet hole. Sophie shows just as much energy when it comes time for her ass to be filled. Really nice looking anal sex here with a big load blown on her cute little ass.

When a cute Euro-babe runs out of gas in front of Nacho’s house, she comes in and asks him for help. He agrees of course, but is much quicker when it comes to getting her naked than he is with helping fix her car. On her knees, the cute girl takes his cock in both hands and licks at the fat head. I love short hair on pretty girls and this babe is way easy on the eyes. A bit timid in her sucking perhaps, but that’s just her style. I could sit all day just looking at that face as she licks. As he gives her pussy a little pre-fuck rub, it looks too tight for a big cock, but like magic it vanishes into her tight folds. Once we’ve established that it all fits, the cute brunette takes her turn on top, bucking he hips to get some good action going on his shaft. After a solid fuck, she takes her pop right on the face and holds that big cock in her mouth, letting us get a final glimpse of her great looking smile before the camera fades.

Those of you who really like watching cute girls enjoying sex will really like this movie. You aren’t going to see anyone getting slapped, spit on, choked or treated like shit. Instead, we actually get good sex. Most of the girls are still natural and they all seem to like what they’re doing. I really enjoyed Sophie and April, but Jesse is still my favorite reason for watching this movie. I have to give Nacho some credit for doing a credible job behind the camera. As long as condoms don’t ruin scenes for you (And if they do, you probably wouldn’t consider this movie to begin with) there is nothing to keep you from enjoying it start to finish. Just make sure you have enough tissue. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a sticky puddle after a hot opening scene makes you lose a load in your lap.

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