Hardcore Schoolgirls 14


70 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Pedo Fantasy, Crying, Eating Disorder Chicks.
STARS: Mirage, Cloey Adams, Dillon and Max Hardcore.
Over the years, Max had worked with hundreds of women, some pretty scary looking and others top shelf to be sure. Recently, he hooked up with Cloey Adams and has taken her under his wing. Following in the footsteps of Tammi Ann, Barbie Angel and some of the other tiny tarts who seem to fit the mold Max loves, Cloey is sure to be seen by raincoaters the world over. Even more importantly, Max has Mirage in this movie. This thin blonde needs to mix in a Ding Dong or twenty for her bod, but her face is pure cover girl perfection. Can she take the full Max treatment? Can he make it through a whole movie without shoving some foreign object up a girl?s pussy or ass? Any of you who think the answer to that second question could possibly be yes need to leave the room now. You clearly aren?t ready for this. Maybe Max movies need one of those chicken exits like they have on the rides at Disneyland, so people can bail out when things get too rough.
Mirage follows Max home so that he can make her a model. I knew this chick was thin, but in her little mini skirt, she looks positively breakable. What happened to all that We are the World money? Obviously it didn?t filter on down to Mirage?s family. On her ridiculous heels, she towers over Max. He is going totally nuts over this walking stick of a woman. She is dressed in the usual retarded twelve year old outfit and talks like a six year old. It?s funny that they bleep out the word mommy, then let her talk about how she has no public hair because she hasn?t ?grown any yet.? Be careful pedophiles, Mirage says that she?s eighteen while talking about how her teacher molests her. (That just fucks up the fantasy doesn?t it? After all, if she?s over ten, then the pedo?s dick isn?t as big as he wishes it was.) It?s kind of sad that she?s doing this lame dialog, because other than being painfully thin, Mirage is quite pretty. Her face is gorgeous, her pussy is puffy and sweet and those tits look wonderfully too big for her anoreic frame. He seems pleased with the sight of her small ass high in the air, but once he starts fucking, all we get is her long thighs that looks like forearms. I?m serious, this is not a natural thin. Someone call Sally Strouthers. Max likes fucking Mirage in the ass, but she is either having the worst time of her life or she is playing the role quite well. (OK, so this is porn for pedophiles AND for guys who want women not enjoying themselves.) When he dangles her head over the edge of the couch, she easily swallows his cock to the root. This apparently frustrates and angers Max so he has to ram it in far enough to make her gag. When we go back to the anal, the camera moves in tight enough for her bored and pained facial expressions not to get in the way. If you turn the sound down here, it?s not half bad. From here Mad Max goes completely nuts, smearing lipstick all over her face, slapping her around until she looks like she?s crying, then breaking into a non stop tidal wave of verbal diarrhea. So much for a pretty girl being fucked hard in the ass. This is all about pain and that?s about as sexy as Ed Power?s hairy ass. To prove my point, Max has her say to the camera, with tears, spit and cum dripping down her face ?Look at me mommy, aren?t I special?? This is a scene for pedophiles, guys who hate women, their own cocks, every woman who has ever rejected them and is the kind of shit that should consider the phrase ?waste of fucking tape? the kindest thing that can be said about it.
In between scenes, there are some promos. One is for Max?s site and I have to say that no matter what I say about some of his antics, he has one Hell of a site. The other promo is for girls who want to be stars. I have to wonder, what chick watches one of these movies and thinks ?Yeah, I want to be dressed up like a ten year old fashion victim and have some angry little guy gag me, fuck me in the ass and treat me like shit.?
Cloey is the being touted as the new Max girl so I imagine she can handle his treatment. He?s playing a social worker who is on hand to check out her living conditions. Never mind the fact that the whole social worker angle tells us that she?s supposed to be a kid, Max has coloring books on her nightstand. Any doubts that this is Porno for Pedos (P4P from now on.) are washed away as she explains taking porn from her father?s collection to look at. Since this movie is clearly made for pedos and guys who hate women, I really don?t need to watch any more. I will do as I have always done for readers and tell you what you can expect to see if you stick around. Max face fucks Cloey, spits on her face, slaps her then fucks her while giving her a host of kiddie fucking lines to recite. There is nothing remotely sexual about watching him toss her around, shove his cock into a hole and choke her. By the way, no offense if you happen to get off on this kind of scene, I?m just being straight up about the way I feel. I?ll go to the wall defending Max?s right to make this kind of scene and anyone?s right to watch it. Just don?t expect me to like what clearly isn?t sexy. There is a pretty big gape by the way, so enjoy that if you like.
Dillon is another tall, skinny chick who is dressed like a two dollar whore trying to look like a fashionable pre-teen. Holy fucking shit someone feed this chick before she fucking dies on the spot. For some reason, she goes into the men?s room (Because if Max got caught in the women?s room, his ass would be in jail) to put on make up. Maybe she goes in there because she really is as retarded as she looks. Finding out she is a runaway, Max starts rubbing her pussy. God, girl put your clothes back on. Anyone that skinny should wear as much clothing as possible. He bends her over against the wall and fucks her hard. Fucking a chick on the dirty floor of a public bathroom sure fits with the whole hating of women theme that permeates this video. To finish Dillon off, Max takes her to his place. There he is free to explore her family history, making it painfully clear that incest is now making its way into the list of things that are important in Max?s world. He choke fucks her on a table and I am convinced that this is the only meat this chick has tasted in at least a month. To make matters worse (Or better depending on who you are) Dillon looks like she?s in a lot of pain during the anal. In the end, he leaves her teary and shivering. At least it?s fucking over.
Let?s see, where to start? How bout the women. Mirage is a great looking girl from the ribs up. Her face is amazing and her tits are great. Below that, she?s purely Triple B material (Body by Bulimia). Of course, all her beauty is clouded since Max wants to make her cry and leave her a mess before the scene is over. Cloey is pretty decent looking and is able to handle the Max treatment. So, if you like the idea of a social worker coming in and molesting a child, enjoy. Dillon actually makes Mirage look healthy with her emaciated frame and may have some appeal to guys with Holocaust victim fetishes. Beyond the cast, the action has some definite appeal. It appeals to pedophiles (Or guys with pedophile fantasies), guys who hate women, want to see them in pain and abused and apparently guys who think that every father secret diddles his young daughter. (Issues much perhaps?) The usually good things that Max does really get overshadowed in this movie. His stuff has gone beyond good hard anal sex and into hateful, freak show porn crap. I still stand behind Max?s right to make this movie, anyone?s right to watch and enjoy it, but I just don?t get it. Before you guys ask why I keep reviewing his stuff, I do it because readers want me to. I also keep hoping that Max will remember back to when he made the best movies on the market and realize that some of us aren?t into kids or hurting anyone. Of course, my biggest problem is that I still like Max?s stuff when he?s focusing on something other than P4P. I just hope he gets back to making the kind of movies I so loudly praised for so very long.

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