Asian Street Hookers 7


97 Mins.
Devil�s Films
DIRECTOR: Not Credited
THEMES: Asian Girls
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Miko Lee, Tera Patrick, Yumi, Marie
I�ve seen a few of the ethnic lines that Devil�s Films puts out. They certainly aren�t very politically correct. (The title of one such movie came up in an interview I did with Xtacee.) however, the sex is usually good. Fans of Asian women are probably already familiar with this line, but there is an additional reason to put this title on your viewing list. The lovely and talented and totally off the chart fucking hot Tera Patrick is on board to light things up. I�ve seen a couple of the other girls in this one as well. Miko Lee has already done a gang bang video, but this one is from her fresh off the bus, pre-implant days. The woman credited at Yumi has appeared as Precious Jewel in �Initiations #1.� Did I mention that Tera Patrick is in this movie?
TT Boy starts out by interviewing Miko, finding out that she�s a Cali girl with Chinese and Vietnamese blood. Other than some skin problems on her face, this girl is nice and smooth. The implants (Which she got after this movie) have sort of evened her body out, but her chest isn�t the focus. This girl has some nice, shapely legs and great hair. (On her head, the pookie is shaved totally bare.) TT tires of the interview and moves in to give those little boobies a quick kiss before feeding Miko her daily meat. Her big eyes look up at him as she takes about half of his shaft into her mouth. Miko�s lips look like Heaven for a hard cock and for a first timer, she really has good hand action. Not wanting a pussy this clean and fresh to go to waste, TT actually licks it for about ten seconds before sticking his dick in. Great shots of the pookie when she rides reverse in his lap. Nice to see her eagerly dismount and lick her own juices off his cock. That�s the sign of a girl with a future. Only a big tattoo across her lower back mars the view from behind as TT slams into her. The camera moves in tight as TT fires a blast of cum right on to her upper lip. Being this close really shows Miko�s acne, but we see every drop of jizz as she licks it from the head of his cock.
TT and a buddy hit the streets looking for some action. They find Yumi hanging out on the corner and pick her up. After making sure she�s not a cop, it�s off to the hotel for a little date. She has a pretty nice body and knows how to work it for cash. As the clothes come off, we see that she is sadly, all tatted up, ruining all but the back view. His cock fills her mouth, but Yumi manages to get enough of it in get the shaft nice and slick. From behind, we can see that this chick has a pretty hot little ass and a very tight looking pussy. That big dick doesn�t fit as well in her pussy and her face shows it. It�s just a little too much work for her to seem excited about this scene, so if you�re short on time, feel free to move ahead of Tera�s scene. If you do stick around, we get a great view of her round little ass while she rides his cock. Not bad for a cheap street pick up. Decent facial closes things out.
No such pick up scene for Tera as TT just takes her right on a pool table. It looks like she just got out of the shower or pool. From the start, he shoves his cock into her pussy. Not my idea of great pacing, but any time we get to see Tera work a cock, it�s a beautiful thing. He puts her in a chair and starts fucking her as hard as she can. For someone this off the chart gorgeous, Tera sure likes it hard. They take a break for some oral and Tera looks into the camera, working her mouth around that hard cock and causing a few thousand volcanoes in the laps of porn fans the world over. TT bends her over the pool table, taking full advantage of her inviting slit and fucking that beautiful pussy from behind. I don�t think there is an angle know to man that makes Tera look bad, so just sit back and enjoy watching her get slam fucked until it�s time to spin around and take a load in the face. Count the votes now, this is easily the hottest scene in the movie.
Marie is a twenty year old girl with a big round face and long, straight hair. She won�t sing on camera, but she�ll part her thighs to let TT check her out. This girl is very soft around the middle and rather shy in her interview. Perhaps her energy level will pick up a bit when the sex gets started. From the looks of things, this girl doesn�t say no to meat very often and she certainly doesn�t turn away from TT�s lap steak. After getting it good and wet, Marie takes a ride on that throbbing Don�t get me wrong, this girl isn�t fat at all, just a little round in a lot of the right places. Her butt jiggles about as he holds onto her cheeks and fucks her deep. Marie certainly isn�t a dead fuck, making the scene plenty vocal and with some good energy. TT rolls her over and fucks away until he explodes a big load all over her face. This one is just for guys who really like soft Asian chicks.
As expected the single best reason to watch this movie is Tera Patrick. Her scene is good, though I have seen her talents and beauty displayed much better in other flicks. Still, anyone watching this movie will surely want to save a load or two for her scenes, especially the way she gets bent over and fucked then wears a great load on cum on her face. Miko Lee is quite a hot fuck and looks like a lot of fun as well. The other two girls are pretty average in the sack and nothing great to look at. I don�t really know how well this volume stacks up to the others in this line, but there are two good scenes here and two forgettable ones. Watch it for Tera, or for the rest of the girls if you really dig Asian chicks. Otherwise, do what I�m going to do and grab the next ASH vid which also happens to star Ms. Patrick.
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