Dream Quest



OVERALL RATING: 8+ (Very high for couples, NOT a raincoat movie at all.)
130 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Costumes, Magic.
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Alexa, Sydnee Steele, Amber Michaels, Johnni Black, Felecia, Temptress, Inari Vachs, Jessica Drake, Teri Starr, Bridgett Kerkove, Devin Wolf, Herschel Savage, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Dale Dabone, Anthony Crane.
This is probably the most publicized, talked about and in some circles, anticipated adult release of the year. Dream Quest is both blessed and cursed with all the hype the porn world can muster. Wicked has a history of going all out to promote certain big movies. (Conquest and Flashpoint come to mind.) It also has Jenna Jameson and while this isn’t a Ginger Lynn-esque comeback, there are plenty of people who have been waiting to see Ms. J getting busy in front of the camera again. It looks like nearly every Wicked contract girl is on hand for this movie. (With the exception of my favorite of course.) There are also a couple of women who are used in virtually every Wicked flick. Since both Felecia and Sydnee Steele make me want to turn off my TV, I am hoping to see a lot of Temptress, Amber Michaels and Stephanie Swift mixed in. It looks like Armstrong has also followed the unwritten rule that both Bridgett Kerkove and Inari Vachs must be hired for ever freaking porn movie released in the last eighteen months. With a cast this big, you have to expect at least one huge orgy scene mixed in with the other pairings. As long as Sydnee, Bridgett and Felecia get buried in a single, wasted veggie scene, I might like this cast. Beyond the cast, we know what to expect from Armstrong. This will be a very pretty movie with enough story to make the movie a big hit on cable. What we don’t know is how well he will utilize the sexual skills of his cast. Love her or hate her, Jenna is not only a huge star, but a well above average on screen fuck.
Jenna plays a quiet, conservative girl (We can tell because her hair is up and she has glasses on.) who doesn’t want to make out with boyfriend Devin Wolf at the drive in. She insists he take her home and wonders out loud if romance is dead. Summoned by her frustration, a pair of fairies, Felecia and Stephanie Swift, come seeking Jenna’s help. Through the mirror she goes, to save their world from losing “Fantasy” forever. Confused? Don’t worry, it will all make sense in the end. The first being Jenna meets on the other side is a spider woman (Asia Carrera) who is apparently irresistible. Surrounded by webs and even a captive Evan Stone, Asia strips Jenna slowly and works a finger into her new friend. Eventually, she turns her attention to Evan, letting Jenna play with herself. I know it’s popular to bash Asia, but I still say she looks great on her knees with a dick in her face. Great hand action here as she strokes him hard. Jenna moves in from behind to get a taste of Asia. This gets her tight pussy ready to squat fuck Evan’s long pole. For a girl who wanted romance, Jenna seems pretty happy to add a tongue to the mix as Evan fucks Asia from behind. Naturally, there are some long, artsy shots, but thankfully there are still plenty of tight shots of Asia’s pretty slit stuffed. She gets right in there close so that Evan can stroke onto her face. Not a bad facial, though shooting up isn’t the best way to cover a pretty face. Give Asia credit for licking him clean.
Randy Spears takes over guiding Jenna through this strange world as she searches for the castle. She has to make her way through some challenging puzzles first, reminding me the Jennifer Connelly/David Bowie film “Labyrinth.” As Jenna makes her way through the forest, Spears has been trapped with a pair of passage guardians, Johnni Black and Amber Michaels. Both blondes get down and suck his cock. Any time you can watch either of these women on their knees, it’s an oral lover’s delight, but both of them makes for a fantastic double blowjob. Somehow there are condoms in the magic realm and Randy slips one on to start fucking Johnni’s shaved slit. It would be difficult to choose which woman to bang, but Randy gets to bend them both over and move from pussy to pussy. Very nice low angle shots of both women as they prove to be quite tight and ultimately do-able. Amber does a great little anal scene before Johnni jerks him off onto Amber’s boobs. Nice post pop clean up from these two lovely creatures.
The evil King, played quite nicely by a heavily made up Herschel Savage, is enjoying his little love slave, Bridgett Kerkove. This leads us to a scene between the two. Rather than bore everyone with an in depth notation of my feelings about Ms. K, I will simply quote myself for a while back. “Once you’ve seen Bridgett take Lexington Steel�s cock in her ass, you have the full extent of her talents and her charm.” Harsh maybe, but it’s true. We’ve seen this woman way too many times before. The fairies help Jenna along on her journey, but do more than guide her when they stop along the trail. This naturally leads us to a veggie scene. Since this is the first real action Jenna sees, I kind of have to watch it, but Felecia makes me reach for the remote so fast not even the incredible Stephanie Swift can save things. Steph looks great, Jenna loves pussy, but Felecia just has to go. Please, no more Felecia. She isn�t that great to look at and is just boring enough to douse a potentially hot Jenna/Swift pairing.
The next test comes when a bridge is blocked by the Gatekeeper. (Monty Python anyone?) Jenna’s new fairy friends Teri Starr and Inari Vachs agree to stick around and pay the toll while she continues. Teri does a nice job of stroking Brad into Inari’s mouth. This is one of those scenes that will work perfectly for anyone with Knights and Wenches fantasies. Inari looks great, but Teri steals the sexual show with some great squat fucking. Not to be outdone, Inari goes to her knees to take Brad right up that tight little ass. The girls share the facial. This is feature porn for sure, but not without sexual heat.
After a long day riding her horse, Jenna strips down for a dip in a lovely pool on the edge of the woods. This makes for some nice nude footage, but alas, no one joins her in the pool. She does manage to get the key from an odd ogre who trades her what she needs for a peek at her rack. Further up the road, Jessica Drake is on her knees servicing Anthony Crane. Very nice footage of her on her stomach atop a stump as she lovingly sucks that rod. This coaxes a big load out of him, right onto her face. Nice little scene thrown in the middle of the movie.
To get where she needs to be, Jenna has to be lowered into a well. Once down, Jenna has to crawl around for a while. This is certainly a healthy dose of eye candy, but it puts her right back where she started. Jenna ends up in an ice palace, face to face with Alexa in her Nordic Xena outfit. Exhausted and about to give up, Jenna gets a boost from the Ice Queen. Yes, it’s another lesbian scene, but Jenna is spread wide to take a hard finger fuck. Both women actually do some very nice work with their fingers until Jenna finds a clear dildo to up the ante. Alexa uses the clear toys to fuck Jenna’s tight asshole. It’s not a flesh prick, but her butt high in the air does have a whole lot of strokeable appeal.
Though some plot twists, Jenna ends up in jail, rescued by Devin. Having seen the error of her ways, she insists on a quick fuck before being saved. At least we finally get to see her with a guy. After Devin tongue fucks her pussy for a minute or so, Jenna moves in on his cock. One thing Jenna has always been able to do is deliver a very hot on screen blowjob. Why this one is only ninety seconds long befuddles me. Moving quickly to the sex, Jenna mounts her man and pumps her hips up and down on his shaft, showing him all that she has learned. There are a lot of nicely framed shots from outside her cell bars and some nice ones as Devin slides in from behind. He pulls out and drops a big load on her face. Trickery nearly costs Jenna her freedom, but you have to figure things are going to work out in the end. Rather than give away the final twists, I’ll let you see for yourselves what happens.
Before we even do the wrap up, everyone has to realize what this movie is and is not. It�s not for raincoaters, at all. Those of you who don�t like cable friendly, plot/costume/couples porn shouldn�t even bother with this movie. Generally, my tastes lie with the raincoater flicks, but I can appreciate a well made movie even if it�s not perfect jerk off material. So, what do we have? A huge Wicked movie that is bound to find great success on cable. Plenty of costumes, make up and lavish locations. There is a plot here, but it�s mostly a life support system for the costumes. If you�ve seen �Labyrinth� then you have seen where most of this script comes from. On the other hand, Brad Armstrong knows how to make pretty movies. This one is nice to look at. The costumes are great, the lighting is perfect and for the most part, the cast is great eye candy. One thing that a lot of people will like is the tease footage. Jenna rides horses, bathes in lake and crawls around a lot. This will fill a lot of time on cable, but it ads something for guys who like to watch stuff in between fucking. Now, what about the sex? Jenna is back and in a three and a half scenes. Most of the JJ action is veggie, which is a big disappointment. She does a little bit with Asia in the opening scene, turns in a nice pairing with Alexa. Her scene with Devin is pretty good, but there isn�t nearly enough oral footage. Forget about the three way scene because Felecia is such a total bone kill. Throwing away the Kerkove scene as well, we are left with a very nice scene from Asia, nice anal from the Inari/Teri three way and Johnni Black and Amber Michaels showing that they are quite under used in this business. I give Armstrong credit for moving beyond his nice looking music video movies and for giving us a pretty decent stroke movie in spite some restrictions. If this is to be Jenna�s final movie, then it will be remembered for the costumes and her dialog and not for her sexual heat.

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