Just 18 5


JUST 18 #5


67 Mins.

Sin City

DIRECTOR: Michael Raven

THEMES: Young Women.

CONDOMS: None Noted

STARS: April, Lita Chase, Heather Lyn, Brandy, Skylar Knight, Evan Stone, Chris Cannon, Jake Ryder, Vince Vouyer, Dillon Day.


Michael Raven takes his turn behind the camera for this Sin City, barely legal line. Generally, the girls in these videos look a lot closer to twenty one than they do to eighteen, but if that’s too old for you then you need some serious help. I don’t recognize most of the girls in this movie, but I do know that Skylar Knight is a nineteen year old girl who is nothing short of dangerously cute. With Raven, we usually get some very moody videography and that’s one thing this line really doesn’t need. All we really need is for the five chicks in this movie to look good and fuck better. If there are little set ups that add to the theme, great. OK, what the fuck? Raven gets box credit for directing, but Alex Ladd is on the tape. I guess we’ll have to see if we can guess the director based on the style.

No set up for the first scene as bubble titted blonde Lita Chase starts off nearly naked. I suppose they could be in some sort of underground lab, but mostly this looks like a cheesy art-porn set. Besides her cantaloupe hooters, Lita has a big ass tattoo. I’m not using that expression to be hip, she actually has a big ASS tattoo on her right cheek. She starts out sucking this guy’s cock before offering him a taste of her pussy. There isn’t a lot of sexual heat going on here, but the picture quality is really good. Moving back to a blowjob, Lita bends at the waist and gives a passable knobjob. When she mounts this guy, that big tat sort of takes away from her ass as she rides. The energy picks up quite a bit here. Nice use of a sexy swing to let us see the action from a few different angles. It really helps for the RCA as she dangles above his dick, letting her ass stroke his cock. He manages a little bit of cum for her open mouth. Nicely shot opening scene and hot if you like Lita more than I do.

Heather Lyn has dark hair but is about as average looking as Lita. She has that sharp, overly made up look like Shawna Edwards. Again, no set up as Chris Cannon comes in, opens her jacket and starts sucking on her smallish tits. At least the tat on Heather’s ass is smaller so the sight of her squat and suck isn’t too marred. In fact, this girl is up for some face fucking and adds some energy to this movie right off the bat. Chris gives her some attention, fingering her pussy, but is in a big hurry to bend her over and fuck Heather from behind. She leaves her shoes on as she fucks her over the back of a couch. When the roll over, he keeps his hand on her throat while slam fucking that little pookie. Give Heather points for an enthusiastic fuck and for having real tits, but she has a few too many tattoos for my taste. I love the way she squat fucks, like she’s jerking him off with her pussy. Very nice. Nice looking facial to close out a pretty hot scene. Heather has some promise as a hot to trot fuck bunny.

April is quite a cutie and apparently a bad girl as well. Vince Vouyer joins her in jail and starts working her over. He spanks her cut off covered ass before pulling the tight shorts down. She really does have a nice looking ass, well worth the long taste Vince gives it. April moves in on Vince’s cock like she’s found a treasure and wants to smuggle it out of jail by swallowing it. Her energetic blowjob is rewarded by swift slaps to her rapidly reddening asscheeks. Nice, fairly deep strokes by April get his shaft ready to go even deeper. Vince pushes her legs back against her body for some hard core pussy pounding. Don’t you just love a cute young thing who loves to be slam fucked? I like the close up shots as she rides, simply because April knows how to grind her hips and really show off her tight lips as the squish against his rod. She straddles the cot to take a standing doggy and her legs looks simply stunning. Long before this scene ends, it’s already the bet by far to this point. To make matters even better, she takes a load right in her mouth. Very nice.

Evan Stone gets pretty brunette Brandi and he doesn’t waste any time getting her ready for the high hard one. He gets between her parted thighs and flicks her clit with his tongue. As she grips his shaft and starts stroking it I have to wonder how old Evan is. He doesn’t look that old, but those low hanging nads are a distraction. Dude has a serious case of senior citizen sack. This does not seem to be an issue for Brandy, who sucks his dick like it’s a candy stick. Brandy has really nice real tits, small with tiny little rock hard nips that just beg to be sucked. (Stephanie Swift tits) I guess if she’s into anal Evan would be perfect since he can fuck her and have his balls ram her asshole at the same time. Nice standing doggy as Brandi shows off legs that are nearly as impressive as her tits. To go along with her good looks, this chick is an excitable fuck as well, bouncing up and down on Evan’s rod like she’s enjoying a hard workout. No facial for Brandi, as she jerks him off right between her pretty titties. Another promising chick.

Last but not least, Skylar Knight brings her super cute face and leggy, perfect body to the mix. Her guy falls right on top of her on the bed, kissing his way down that perfect body to the true treasure waiting between those awesome thighs. I think I could spend about a week just licking on her sweet pussy. Of course if my tongue ever got tired, just the sight of this gorgeous creature working on the business end of my fuck stick would be enough to keep me up all fucking night. (Is it me or does Skylar look like she could be related to Tera Patrick?) She gives a nice looking blowjob that is just a little too short for my taste. Her pussy is tight as her thighs get pushed back to her tits for some hard fucking. On each stroke, her lips grip the shaft. Skylar is a bit more vocal in this scene than she is in some of her others, adding to the lovely sight of her getting the shit fucked out of that young, hot hole. Nice shot as she turns over and takes it doggy style. This woman has it all, great face, long legs, nice ass, beautiful tits and that aforementioned mouth watering pussy. When her face goes down, that ass sticks up high in the air, just begging to be fucked. (OK, that’s just my spin on things, but you can’t blame me for wishful thinking. Too bad this guy can’t manage a decent load because Skylar looks right into the camera as she jerks him off onto her pretty face. Great scene to finish the movie.

You may want to skip over the first two scenes. They star the least appealing women of the video and aren’t all that special. Once April’s jail cell romp kicks off though, things really pick up. She, Brandi and Skylar make this movie worth watching. What is missing from this volume are the set ups that kick off each scene. I missed them quite a bit here. Without them, this movie could be just about any other Michael Raven flick. There is some really nicely shot sex here, especially in April’s scene as she gets fucked over the cot. I like some of the earlier volumes better, but if you tune in just for the final three scenes, I think you’ll find a lot to like here.


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