Mr Marcus’ Neighborhood



87 Mins.

Vivid- 1997

DIR: Mr. Marcus

STARS: Obsession, Shay, Megan Reed, Xtacee, Mr. Marcus, Dee, Julian St. Jox, Kaire, Carl Michaels, Vanessa Blue, Rob.

THEMES: Black women.



After a couple of rather successful videos for Caballero, Mr. Marcus has moved over to Vivid, bringing some attitude, a bit of a color and a healthy dose of anal sex to the biggest company in all of X-dom. I imagine this news really throws a wrench into a lot of people’s attacks on Vivid, but hey I’m sure they’ll find something else to bitch about. Meanwhile, the rest of us can be glad Marcus has a decent budget, better distribution and access to some of the hottest new women in porn.

Anyone else laughing pretty hard at the whole opening as Marcus changes from his street gear into nice sweater ala Fred Rogers? He uses this familiar format to take us to the first scene, providing some big chuckles.

Obsession is the first girl to bring her skills to the table. Her interview takes place outside, where she reveals that she likes both smoking weed and bowling. She takes us back to the Crenshaw district where she gets plenty of attention sitting on the bus bench. Later, she takes us to her place to chill by the pool for a bit until Mr. Marcus drops by. Once he does, Obsession goes to work seducing him with some sexy finger sucking. When that proves insufficient filler for her oral cavity, Obsession gives his fat prick a go. Got to love that studded tongue, but even more impressive is the lusty way this sexy lady sucks dick. She gets it nice and sloppy so that he can slide it into her equally slick slit with no problem. I love the shots of her little ass as Obsession lowers herself down onto that monster pole and does a serious grind. The tape advertises all anal, and believe it or not, she takes that whole slab right up her dirt road. Not for very long mind you, as Marcus quickly pulls out for an A2M shot all over her sweet face.

Dee seems to be having a fight with her man, but he just won’t take no for an answer. The oral sex in this pairing is woefully brief, with barely any action before this guy just shoves his dick into her. Actually, the whole thing is rather poorly shot and terribly paced. In less than four minutes, the oral and vaginal sex are behind us, and we get to the anal. Sorry, but microwave porn has all the subtlety of a Pauley Shore film. On the positive side, the anal sex is quite hot with Dee very happy to have a dick in her butt. The reverse cowgirl gives us a good, long look at her toned abs and spectacular, real tits. Sadly, the guy delivers a dribbled facial that makes Randy West look like Peter North. What a waste.

Dee takes the camera from Marcus and she starts to interview newcomer Xtacee. She is inexperienced and the interview is rather slow moving until they switch and Dee gets in the spotlight. This girl is great on film, natural, sexy, funny, the whole package. Xtacee ends up paying Marcus back for taking his camera by displaying her charms and showing off her many talents. If one of those talents is sucking dick, we sure don’t get to see it. Xtacee has about ten seconds worth of cock in her mouth before hopping on to ride his big shaft. Xtacee is a curvy, soft girl with a big, round ass and great tits, and while her fucking is a bit lackluster, her body sure is fine to look at. Since she just got through telling Obsession how she has never had a cock in her ass, the impending Mr. Marcus anal penetration, has painful failure written all over it. Actually, after a very slow start, they fall into a decent rhythm and her ass takes a surprising amount of cock. Once again, Marcus doesn’t last long in that tight booty, dropping a load onto her tits and leaving Xtacee smiling.

Xtacee takes the helm and comes across her friend Meagan who is up for some fun and games. They try a game of truth or dare, that somehow just doesn’t work. Meagan just answers all the questions until it’s time to get naked. Even then, it is Xtacee who does a very sexy striptease for the camera, showing off her body big time. The two girls hook up for a little lesbian chocolate action. Chances are, if you aren’t into girl/girl sex, this isn’t going to do much for you. It’s an average pairing at best, but I do like watching Xtacee take a hard dildo pumping from her little friend. For me, this is a bit of a waste for Meagan who has done much better stuff.

A birthday party for Julian St. Jox quickly progresses to something more when his girl, Vanessa Blue decides to hook up with both Julian and his buddy Carl. Two cocks are just what the doctor ordered for this very hot lady and she takes dick from both ends with plenty of vigor. When even that isn’t enough, Julian goes for some backdoor sex. What is it about this tape and short anal? Another one minute wonder and the guys unload a double load all over her face. Best facial of the tape, but can any of these guys last more than a minute in an ass?

Well, something happened in this tape that I can’t quite figure out. Mr. Marcus never did come back in his Mr. Rogers get up, the anal sex was almost non existent, and worst of all, the heat his Caballero stuff showed, never did really surface. There are some decent moments, but this is just not up to the quality that I am used to from Marcus or from the Vivid Raw series. We can only hope that this was a first time mishap and that he will bring us something better next time out.

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