Extreme Teen 6



125 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Chuck Palumbo
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Young Women.
2000 (5/00)
STARS: Vivienne, Alexxis Tyler, Layla Jade, Diamond, Melody Love, Luciano, Claudio,
This is fast becoming one of my favorite youth oriented lines on the shelves. Part of the appeal is the top notch casts that Extreme has been getting, but some of the credit needs to go to the director as well. Of course, there have been a few, so I don’t need to spend time on them right now. One thing I have liked in the past volumes are the little stories at the start of each scene. Anyone can take a porn chick, put her in a plaid skirt and sell it as a “teen” vid. What makes it fun from my point of view, is the silly porn set up that comes before the chick gets her ass busted.
Diamond rushes into a room, hides in the closet and then hides when Luciano comes in. Since she’s skipping school, he lets her stay and watch him work out. He naturally starts hitting on her and of course, she is very anxious to show him her tits. With a dick stretching her lips, this chick looks a little like Julianna Sterling. Don’t you love it when these young class ditchers are not only total sluts, but expert knob gobblers as well? Only in porn baby. Diamond is also hot to have cock in her young pussy, so Luciano reluctantly agrees to part her heavy pelt and stick his cock into the brush. She could really use a trim and the close up shots don’t help things much. In fact, a pretty decent scene is kind of fucked up by her lack of clipper skills. Even a big wad of cum on her eager face can’t make me forget that forest.
Vivienne is an angry young woman, pissed at JJ Michaels for fucking over her friend. He’s a total pig, but the more she tells him so, the more her heart melts. As he sweet talks the sexy redhead, you just know she is going to love being the next trophy fuck in his collection. Viv stays shy for a few seconds, but opens her pretty mouth to suck cock and never looks back. A face this pretty always looks good filled with man meat, but I have a real thing for her pale, smooth skin. No need to eat that pussy since she’s just a plaything anyway, so JJ shoves his rod right into her shaved little cookie, bringing a look of delight to Viv’s eyes. This sexy little Aussie has great breasts and long legs that drape nicely over his shoulders as he pounds that pretty puss. Facing the camera while riding his rod, the really works those hips. Thought ought to teach her not to be such a ‘playa hater.’ (And the non RAME readers have no clue what everyone is giggling about.) After he pulls out and shoots on her face, you know he’s just going to toss her aside and doesn’t that just light up your ‘inner Max.’
Luciano and Melody Love don’t really act out a story. She is nineteen and horny and he wants to fuck her. Enough story, time to suck on the pretty titties. It looks like Mel has a nasty little wig on, but she is such a nasty little cocksucker, who cares? Great eye contact as Melody sucks gently on his hard dick. He can only slip about half of his rod into her pussy at first, so he shallow fucks her, juicing up his prick and making little Ms. Love squirm. Once he starts going deep, her toes curl and she is more than ready to give it all up. I really wish they would do something different with her hair because everything else on this little slutlet is perfect for party fun. Luci pulls out and drops a load on her face, but we cut away really fast this time.
Layla Jade looks fantastic in her little dress and pigtails. She sneaks boyfriend Luciano in through the window so they can enjoy some private time. In walks a friend of her father’s who is supposed to be looking after the naughty young girl. With that sexy little accent, Layla is the perfect sex brat, teasing Dick with her brazen acts on Luciano’s lucky log. Watching the hot tart suck cock is a great sight for us, but it drives Dick mad. Now she has two cocks to suck on and be ready to be wowed by Layla’s willing, skilled mouth. (For the record, this is the woman who should have won Starlet of the Year, NOT Bridgett Kerkove.) Her pretty face goes back and forth between cock, sucking them both deep and showing why she doesn’t need to go to school any more. Off comes that little white dress and we get to watch a naked slutlet do her stuff. On her hands and knees, Layla is able to keep sucking Dick while Luciano fucks her young, tight pussy. If either end feels half as good as it looks, it’s a wonder these guys don’t blast her right out of the gate. Always a great talker, Layla really lets us know she loves it when she rides Dick, begging him to bugger her bum. Great close up shot of the anal with that pretty puss right in our faces. Very nice work by the camera guy here in addition to the white hot action. You have to love A2M dismount and she sucks her butt juice off Dick while Luci slams her stretched sphincter. Dick fucks her until he pulls out to shoot on her face. While he’s draining his dork, Luciano is pounding away, quickly adding his load to her pretty face. Great scene, one of the best this series has to offer.
Alexis Tyler doesn’t look very teen, but she is quite pretty and a hell of a lot younger than Claudio. Her after school meeting is interrupted by a schoolmate who wants to come in and join them. After some painfully repetitive dialog, Tyler bursts in and is ready to punch Claudio in the face. I think Alexis is a dancer and Claudio is her driver. To settle the trouble between the two guys, she agrees to fuck them both. When we finally get to the action, she lays across the couch, sucking Tyler and using her feet to keep Claudio happy. Talented girl, to be sure. They move her to the floor where she can keep sucking and be fucked from behind at the same time. There is a big tat in the small of her back, but otherwise, this long legged girl is very nice to look at. Both guys seem to enjoy both of Alexis’ available inputs, with Claudio dropping the hammer on that pussy pretty well. Her fucking could be a little more energetic, but the copious double pop on her smiling face and pretty little titties rounds out a very nice piece of strokeable eye candy.
Ice shows up to answer and add for a job. Though she wants to be a receptionist, this fresh out of high school blonde seems to have skills in other areas. She isn’t bothered by the fact that she’s now working for an adult video company. Ice is another girl who looks about as teen as I do, but she’s willing to open up all her holes. For starters, she opens her thick lips and lets him fuck her face. This girl has a pretty silly set of fake hooters that Luci uses like handles while he fucks her. Proving that she really is willing to do anything, she lets him poke her in the ass. Compared to some of the other girls, Ice isn’t as cute, but her puckered butthole is very tight and this chick knows how to take it in the shitter. Nice facial to close out a scene that gets high marks for filth even if the jury is still out on little Ice. There is a bonus scene with Ice taking on three guys in a long, oral orgy. Her tits look really bad here, but she suck her way up and down the row of hard cocks like she was born to be a knob polishing slut. Great pop shots to close things out.
This is another solid video from a very good series. Layla and Vivienne are the two best reasons to like this movie, but they aren’t the only things worth watching. The anal sex is all very well shot and most of the girls are quite willing butt sluts. Alexis is just leggy an pretty enough to have a future in smut. Back to the Viv and Lay though, they are the real stars here. Viv looks great as always and is the perfect little grudge fuck. Layla just lights it up with two guys, showing you all what I’ve been saying for a year, that she is a first class porn star who knows how to fuck and suck.


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