Shane’s World 24




110 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Camera Guy


THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Natural Tits.


2000 (3/00)

STARS: Samantha, Jesse, Felecia, Blair, Dillon, Voodoo.


Even though it’s a few months late, I think I’m going to review some of these Spring Break themed videos this month. Ever since I spent a week in Mexico during my next to last year in college, I have tried to pick up every X rated video shot at Spring Break, hoping that one would capture the ridiculous sexuality of that many drunken college kids. Most of the movies have been pretty lame, lacking any style or fun. Since those are two things Shane’s World videos have plenty of, I am hoping that this little adventure with the SW crew will finally give me a SB video to remember.

As soon as the crew rolls into town, the sexual energy is too high for anyone to hold back. A new guy named Dillon is on hand to lick away at a new girl named Jesse. Both of these people are pretty good looking so women may want to tune in to see how this guy enjoys a little mid day tuna taco. Either she gets really worked up, or this is just one eager little cocksucker, because she puts a little extra effort into the blowjob. Nearly taking it all the way to the root, Jesse also has good hand action going. Pulling her knees back against her tits, she takes his cock deep, rubbing her clit hard. I love the way she talks while being fucked. (And that little smile as she holds the F on “fuck me” is killer shit.) I just love a tight little thing who can put her legs up and take it deep. Dillon pulls out, whips off his condom and shoots all over her wonderfully natural rack.

After some extended fun in the sun at poolside and on the beach, we head back to the house. All that sexy fun in the sun has a couple of the girls horny and ready for action. Jesse is in the middle of the action, playing with Blair before Voodoo’s cock finds its way into her mouth. Again, she shows off some great throat skills, taking him to the root. This girl is really into having a good time and getting off. She leans back for some pussy lapping while Blair uses a vibe on her own hungry hole. With that cute grin on her face, Jesse takes cock from behind, loving every inch of it as Voodoo uses her ass cheeks as handles to fuck her harder. I just love women who have this much fun while fucking and what a set of tits on this doll. (Her dirty talk only works to accentuate her girl next door charm.) He hops off and manages to squeeze his fat dick between her tits and fucks them while she talks a load right out of his prick. The cum streams out right between those beautiful breasts. So far so good for sexy Jesse.

After a long night on the town, the gang is up for some nude sunbathing. That gets Voodoo in the mood to have his dick sucked. Samantha is more than happy to take his uncut rod into her mouth and suck it to full attention. Dillon likes the look of this young blonde with her mouth full, so he moves behind to give her puss a taste. The guys take turns screwing her from behind, giving us a nice view of her ass and a rather large tattoo on her left shoulder. Samantha also has inviting real boobs and an energetic, natural quality in her fucking. That’s what I like about good gonzo sex, it doesn’t look as staged so the viewer feels more like he (or she) is watching people really fucking for fun. With Voodoo’s fat cock in her pussy, Samantha grinds back and we get a really nice shot of that huge thing in her tight hole. Dillon mounts her pussy and really pounds away between Sam’s parted thighs. They really get down and dirty until she cums all over his pulsing rod. Dillon blasts her belly with a thick load then moves away so that Voodoo can slam into her again from behind. At last, he unloads all over her face. The shadow kind of messes up the facial, but when we move in closer we see Samantha bathed in baby batter.

This time, the night on the town footage gets pretty interesting. This is what happens when you take drunk, hot porn folk out on the town and mix them with young, horny college kids. I love this kind of fun, soft X/R footage of porn chicks just having fun. This is the sort of stuff that, when shot correctly, can be a nice addition to a gonzo flick. We haven’t seen Felecia get busy yet, but she fixes that the next morning. She gets down on her knees and takes on Voodoo’s big cock. It looks gigantic in her hands and mouth, but she gets bonus points for being so eager to suck it and slap it against her face. He bends the leggy brunette over the back of a couch and goes balls deep into her pussy until she can hardly stand it. The action stays on the same shot for a long time, but Felecia is getting fucked the way she wants to and this scene seems paced for her pleasure. After rolling her over and slam fucking that inviting little slit, he jerks off onto her boobs. Very vocal girl and not a bad scene.

Blair finally gets her shot with Dillon, leading him up stairs by the hand and parting her thighs for some oral activity. Blair is a hot little cocksucker, so he slides her on top of him for some hot 69. (Her pussy just grinds down on his face as she slaps her tongue with his hard dick.) When she’s had enough, Blair dismounts and focuses all her energy on sucking his prick. She curls up on the bed and has a ball between his legs. Turning her cute little ass to the air, Blair takes dick from behind like she’s down to the last fuck of her life. Always an enthusiastic little slutlet, Blair uses a pocket rocket to help send her into orbit as Dillon drills her. After a very solid fuck, he pulls out and drops a wad between her boobs and another on her belly.

Thanks to Jesse, the sex in this video is as good, if not better than in any Shane’s World video in a long time. This girl is cute, with a nice all natural body and a great sex drive. I am going to pick up anything and everything that this chick is in to see how she progresses. All of the women in this movie are natural, cute things that do a great job of fucking on camera. Since this is a gonzo vid, some of the sex scenes are not shot with that seamless precision that the typical wall to wall vid might have. The trade off is a more genuine feel to the sex and for the most part, it’s a nice trade off. For the first half of the movie, some of the after hours footage gets a little silly. However, it picks up mid movie and we get some fantastic gonzo footage of Mexico. With hot sex, fun times for all and a great cast headed by little Jesse, Shane’s World 24 is a good movie for couples and raincoaters alike.

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