California Cocksuckers 18


83 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Chuck Martino
Sin City
THEMES: Oral Sex
STARS: Monica, Caroline, Lita, Wendi Knight, Heather Lynn, Lucy, Jennifer Leigh, Brandy, Sophie Evans, Carmen.
I love reviewing this series lately because it has gotten so much better. There are few things in porn I like better than a well shot blowjob delivered by a pretty woman who likes what she’s doing. When you can add a few of my favorite chicks to a blowjob movie, it always helps and this one has at least two to talk about. Wendi Knight keeps popping up in porn movies, teasing us and making me think that she is finally going to be the superstar I said she would be a few years ago. Jennifer Leigh is one of those girls who just strikes my fancy. I can’t explain exactly why, but who needs an explanation anyway? Some of the other girls look cute so let’s see what they have to offer.
Brunette Monica is up first. This chick has a slight Euro-babe look though who knows where she’s from? (I’m sure someone will tell me.) She’s on a space age looking set, but it really has nothing to do with the scene. In comes a hard cock and Monica goes to work sucking it. Hmmmm, wordless oral sex from a girl named Monica�.(Allow me to cut Rog off right here. Lewinski resets are well out of bounds.) This girl as pretty eyes and a very hot look as she sucks cock, but the background music bugs me. I would much rather hear the sounds as she gives head. The only time the music cuts out in when she takes a load on her pretty face. Not a bad start, but nothing great.
Heather Lynn has similar background music to fight against. If the whole movie is going to be like this, I’m going to be really disappointing. The blowjob genre is simple, let the pretty girls suck the dick and don’t bother trying to cover it up. She gives an OK blowjob, with a lot of hand action leading to the pop.
Caroline is a nicely put together blonde who is locked up in a jail cell. She rubs her pussy and tits for a few minutes before being fed a hard cock. I’m not going to keep bitching about the music. Instead, I am going to turn the sound way down and just enjoy the sight of this fairly pretty woman doing her best to swallow every inch of dick. Caroline has a really inviting pussy. Of course, all that happen to that pretty pookie is some serious rubbing. Her face gets all the dick, and that’s not a bad thing by a long shot.
Brandy’s pretty in a Chasey Lain sort of way, but with small, natural tits. She sucks dick with a lot of hand motion and very shallow mouth strokes. In part because there is no sound, this scene just lacks any emotional attachment at all. (Like a Chasey Lain scene.) Brandy is nice to look at, but the heat has been drained out of this scene even more completely than the faceless dick is drained onto her face. (Stretch, 2, 3, 4.)
Carmen is an exotic chick (Spanish I believe) who has that pretty, natural Private look about her. I’ve also seen her tear it up in a few scenes so I know she loves cock. Her energetic sucking instantly moves this scene to the top of the heap for this movie. I love the way she flips her hair out of her face and looks into the camera. As the pop nears, we do get to hear some of the normal sound, but more importantly we see her little hand work triple time to jerk a load out of his cock and onto her tongue.
Wendi Knight is so hot, she needs two cocks to keep her happy. (And Wendi, why am I not one?) For some totally inexplicable reason, the second guy here just can’t seem to get his dick hard. Come on dude, that is a super pretty, hot babe on the other end of your fuck stick. If you can’t hit big league pitching, it’s off to the minors for you. Since the other guy is up and ready to go, the scene is more fun to watch when Wendi’s working on his cock. She looks fantastic in her heels, bra and panties. Her pretty face makes the perfect target for both loads. Wendi, it’s time for you to take your place at the top of the porn list.
Jennifer Leigh does a sexy little dance with a paint roller before getting down to business. This girl just attacks dick like she’s starving or something. With great eye contact, she flicks the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock. There are some girls who come into porn knowing how to perform oral sex on camera and Jennifer has always seemed to have this skill. (One she perfected at home and in the front seat of countless cars I would like to think.) I also love the way she has the guy lie on his back, stands over him bent at the waist and still manages to suck his dick. Very sexy. It works for this guy as well because he drops a huge load all over her face.
Lucy is a cute, tiny titted blond who looks hot in that Katie Gold way. Her pretty face looks mighty good with a hard cock in it and there is enough eye contact here to make it a nice on screen BJ. Lucy may also be a Euro-babe, she certainly has that look. There are some odd angles in this scene, but when the action is focused on her face, everything looks great. Nice facial as well. Lucy would be fun to see again.
Lita and Sophie Evans also turn in blowjobs in this video. Aside from the often mentioned problem with the background music, this video is all right. The women are mostly good looking, with a few really hot babes. It really picks up with Carmen, Wendi and Jennifer giving the best performances back to back to back. For some people, the lack of natural sound might actually make things better. If that�s the case, then you may want to check it out. For me, it wipes most of the intimacy and heat right out of the action. Wendi and Jennifer are worth watching, but overall, this is an easy one to pass on.

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