Fire In The Hole


89 Mins.
Armageddon Entertainment
THEMES: Comebacks, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Chubby Girls.
STARS: Amber Lynn, Brittany Stryker, Shawna Edwards, Regan Starr, Donita, Kitianna, Lance and Luciano.
Following a number of her contemporaries, Amber Lynn has made a come back to adult films. When Amber was at the top of her game, she had a body and face that made her one of porn�s top bad girls. Now she�s back, joining Brittany Stryker on the comeback train in this Armageddon video adventure. I�m not sure what we should take from the fact that they put the Amber comeback scene in an Armageddon titles. Perhaps they are just trying to help launch the new company. (Then again, take a look at Amber and decide for yourself.)
Amber starts the video off and they even pair her with Shawna Edwards. So much for featuring the 80�s star in her comeback movie. Shawna has never been a woman who turns me on and Amber looks like she�s had way too much sun over the years. There is some nostalgia seeing her ram a cock down her throat, but Amber has not held up as well as Ginger or even Ashlyn. Since she was never rail thin, her body looks better than her face, though the implants look painful. Hey look, Shawna finally got that wife beater�s name covered up. Now she has an even nastier looking tat on her lower belly, but at least Joseph isn�t in every shot. Luciano puts Amber on top of him and starts drilling that well worn pussy while she licks Shawna. I have to give her credit for putting forth a lot of energy. Of course, what we�re all waiting for is Amber Lynn to take it up the ass. (So sue me, every once in a while my inner Max rears it�s ugly head.) Luciano does the honors, bending her over and pumping her cheeks pretty hard. Shawna, as always is an all purpose slut, sucking his cock straight from Amber�s hall of fame asshole. They share a facial and there is no dodging by Amber as she licks cum of Shawna�s face. Not a bad scene, but someone should have done a better make up job on Amber.
Kitianna isn�t old at twenty five, but she is carrying quite a bit of extra weight. Again, it Luciano who is called upon to give this darkly exotic girl her fifth on screen fuck. Fans of non-thin chicks will love this girl�s full thighs and she does have a rather inviting pussy. She also has real tits, which is a plus, but missionary position only makes her stomach look sadly out of shape. (When the belly moves as much as the tits, then maybe it�s time to shoot from another angle.) Kit has a decent face, but she just doesn�t appeal to me. It doesn�t help that she�s only an adequate on screen fuck. While not quite a fat girl, Kitianna really belongs in an amateur vid where the standards are a little lower.
Donita has been in a lot of movies and I know she is hugely appealing to guys who love huge fucking tits. She and Lance are stuck in a bomb shelter and do the only thing they can to pass the time. This is another woman I�m not wild about, though there is something so dirty about her, that she�s not a total waste to watch. When Lance fucks her tits, you just have to laugh because they so fucking huge. It�s like she�s holding two basketballs in her hands. Lance puts her on her hands and knees and starts fucking that pierced slit. How bad would it hurt to have one of those fucking things slice you unit? The high energy Donita brings to her scenes makes her perfect or this sort of wall to wall bone fest. Those of you who have always wanted to take that big titted stripper at the club home, throw her down, fuck the shit out of her and pop on her face can live vicariously thorough this scene.
Regan Starr is another chick who always brings her A game to her scenes. This cock hungry little slut is now a brunette and still natural. Luciano leans back on the couch and lets her get between his legs to work her magic. She is such a little bad girl and has that �I could nail her� quality that so many porn fans dig. Regan isn�t a Vivid Girl type, but she looks like a few beers at a party would put her next to you in the backseat of your car. Once you get there, you just know that the head you get is going to be hard, fast and wet. Flipping her over onto her back, Luciano lays some serious wood between her parted legs. Her pussy is visibly tight and yet Regan takes a major pounding. Nice shots of her shaved slit from below as she bounces up and down on his prick. Check out the total lack of tan lines on her pale flesh. Regan�s a SoCal girl with no tan. (Why is that so sexy?) She spins around to face him and takes his cock up her ass. This is the best scene in the movie by a long shot. Regan�s asshole gets the workout it really needs before she wears a big load on her face. No doubt this is the kind of total slut that Armageddon needs to keep in their assfucking movies.
Finally, Brittany Stryker makes her appearance. She was never as pretty as Amber, but she has held up better in the face. Her body is also in pretty good shape and those tits still look real. Since Brittany was one of the nastiest chicks in porn back in the 80�s, seeing her do anal won�t mean as much as watching Amber�s prissy pooper get popped. (First double anal I ever saw was Ms. Stryker.) She shows Luciano how she made it into porn in the first place, eagerly sucking his cock with all the energy and wet mouthed enthusiasm of a seasoned hosebeast. As she rides his dick, we can see that her tummy could use a little work, but otherwise, she�s pretty tight, especially for having been out of the biz for over a decade. After warming her up with some doggy, Luciano sticks his finger up Brittany�s ass, testing it out. Dude, this chick has had plenty shoved up her butt, just pop it in. Actually, her ass is pretty tight and really grips his shaft as she fucks her. Like before, Brittany is far from a beauty queen, but the chick can assfuck like she was born to do it. When she�s on top in RCA, Brittany looks like she�s jerking him off with her asshole. In between positions, she happily takes him into her mouth, preparing herself for a very nice facial finish.
We can start at the end and work our way to the start of the movie. Brittany was actually a big surprise. She doesn�t look too bad and still knows how to fuck like the first class she was in the 80�s. Regan Starr is perfect for this kind of balls to the wall smut fest. Her scene is the best thanks to some very well shot anal. Donita has limited appeal, but is just such a nasty little fuck that I kind of liked her scene. Kit really didn�t belong in this movie and probably won�t be back any time soon. That leaves the Amber three way. Why they had her paired with Shawna, I have no idea. Ms. Edwards is a C girl who works a fill in, but using her in the open really takes away from any nostalgia there might have been in seeing Amber�s comeback. I did like watching Amber take it in the ass and she has kept her body in pretty good shape. (But why the implants?) A better make up job might have softened her face, but I was pretty disappointed in Amber�s looks. So, what about the movie? It�s got the good hard action you expect from Extreme, but too many of the women were just not that appealing. Unless you�re dying to see Amber or Brittany come back, why don�t you do what I�m going to do, grab the Extreme Gang Bang 3 with Kristi Myst and enjoy that one instead.

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