White Lightning




130 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Veronica Hart


THEMES: Story, Cheating, Fantasies, Cops.


2000 (102/99)

STARS: Ginger Lynn, Kylie Ireland, Sindee Coxx, Syren, Midori, TJ Hart, Keisha Dominquez, Chloe, Angelica Sin, Billy Glide, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G, Dale Dabone, Michael J. Cox.


This is the second film of Ginger Lynn’s comeback and like ‘Torn’ it is directed by Veronica Hart. There are also a number of the same cast members in this movie, telling me something I already would have guessed, that once you’ve had a taste of Ginger, you can’t wait for seconds. (Hey Ginger, some of us are still waiting for firsts.) I enjoyed Torn because it had a great sense of humor and because Ginger’s comeback proves that she’s as hot a fuck now as when she left the biz all those years ago. I only hope she has even more scenes in this one.

Ginger and Michael J. Cox are a happy, loving couple. He starts the morning off by listing all the reasons why she is lucky to have him. If you ask me, he should on his knees counting all the ways he’s lucky to get to have some morning hay rolling with the incredible Ms. Lynn. Not many men get to wake up and snack on such a pretty little pussy. The trouble is, she won’t return the favor? What, you get to cum in his mouth, but he can’t even get a little head? Don’t feel too bad for Mike, Ginger begs him to fuck her instead. He pushes her thighs against her chest and gives her a hard mish pump, getting the juices flowing. On her belly, Ginger gets the hammer dropped on her from behind. Great shots of her thighs and ass while that snug slit is pumped full. After she rides him hard, Mike ends up cumming on her face anyway. What a way to wake up.

There is some trouble in paradise though, and I’m sure we’ll touch on it more as we go. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Michael is meeting Chloe after hours in a strip bar. Meeting would be one thing, but there is something going on between these two. Don’t go thinking I’m super perceptive or anything, the fact that she’s jerking him off at the table is all I need to know to realize this ain’t just the most convenient place to meet for coffee. After jerking him off for a while, Chloe rolls a condom down over his cock and starts riding his lap. With all the hot dancing going on in the club, no one seems to be noticing. This is kind of a low key sex scene, but it’s got a lot of heat as well. She dismounts and jerks his cock right onto her face. So much for being discreet.

When things are still not good at home, Ginger makes a call to her gal pal, Kylie Ireland. Their conversation gets around to some photos of Michael on one of his rendezvous with Chloe. The conversation ends badly, but we cut to Kylie hanging out with Mickey G. She doesn’t fuck him though, because we cut again to Mickey, this time bent over the bed while Chloe whips his ass. Damn, this girl gets around. She totally dominates him verbally, providing the sort of sexy background that makes it fun to watch even if femdom isn’t your cup of tea. He still gets to fuck her and if all you have to do is put up with a little verbal humiliation, isn’t it worth it? Her thigh high boots will please the hell out of some of you, but it’s the hard pounding anal sex that will float most of your boats. Chloe is a dynamic performer and she makes this scene smoke from start, to the big popshot right up her arched back.

Like the other scenes, this one ends with two very unhappy people. It seems Chloe wants Mickey to kill someone and he’s too big a wuss to actually do it. Back at the club, Chloe is up to her old tricks with Michael while Mickey watches. All of this stress has him running back into the arms of Kylie. (Confused? It actually makes some sense when you watch it.) This time, he takes her on the couch. Kylie is looking really good these days and Mickey gets into licking her sweet pussy. She looks great bent over the back of the couch as he pumps her from behind. The soft lighting in this scene, makes it a little too shadowy and cable-porny for my taste. Yes, it’s nicely put together, but I think there is a lot of heat that we miss because of it. Still, Kylie and Mickey manage to make this an anal scene worth watching when she bounces up and down with his rod in her back door. I wish the facial weren’t backlit, but it’s still nice to look at.

Back at Chloe’s club, we see that the backroom is filled with hot women doing sexy things for the customers. Stealing the show back there is the white hot Midori. She leads a band of merry patrons and dancers in a very private dance. The big group scenes don’t generally do much for me personally, but there is a lot of decent action going on here. More of Midori would have been nice, but hey, there is a lot of hot flesh.

The story is taking twists and turns that get a little complex, but fear not, a Ginger sex scene is right around the corner. While trying to figure out what might be wrong between she and Michael, Ginger confesses a sexual fantasy. It involves two of his cop friends taking on Ginger in a torrid three way. I love the little sexy cop uniform she’s got on as she leans back and spreads her legs. They guys stand on either side of her face and enjoy the incredible skills of this hall of fame performer. Ginger’s head moves back and forth between them, treating both cocks as if they were the most precious things in her universe. This is a very high energy three way with Ginger taking it hard at both ends and showing that she’s still ten times sexier than most of the new girls will ever be. They even get into some DP action that is nicely shot with a single pop on her butt.

This leads to another Ginger scene, this time with Kylie and Keisha. The busty brunette has enough tit flesh to feed both women and Ginger drives her nuts by sucking her meaty pussy lips. When the toys come out, Ginger uses a two pronged dildo to fuck Keisha’s two hot holes. Even though g/g isn’t my bag, these three women are totally bone inspiring in this scene.

By now, the story has become a bit bogged down, but Ginger has taken over the sexual action, so who cares? She next pairs with Mickey, who eagerly fingers her pussy until she’s squirming on the couch, ready for action. There isn’t much of a blowjob in this scene, but that’s because he really wants to fuck that pretty pussy hard and fast. For some reason, there is no pop shot and the scene ends with more finger fucking. For a movie that started off so filled with plot twists, this one seems to have crammed a lot of scenes here near the end that lack set up. Ginger follows this scene up with a nice little masturbation scene as Nina Hartley encourages her.

As part of Chloe’s plan, Ginger is kidnapped by Sindee Coxx and Brad Armstrong. Somehow, she just doesn’t put up much of a fight as Sindee sucks her blonde pussy. In fact, her mouth is open in lusty moans wide enough for Brad to stick his cock in. Sindee plays ringmaster, reminding Ginger that her husband cheated on her, so she should enjoy the cock in her mouth. This is the hottest scene since the cop three way, and the fourth in a row with Ginger. That works for me. She practically begs to be bent over and fucked. This is another moody scene thanks to some nice lighting. Check out the clear, beaded, corkscrew dildo thing that Sindee uses on Ginger’s ass. That ought to get your juices flowing a bit. Mickey doesn’t like to be outdone by non live toys, so he gets to fuck Ginger as well. Great anal shots here and Ginger proves she can still buttfuck with the best. The facial misses slightly, but that can be forgiven. This scene is the perfect mix of art and totally hot sex.

If you’re looking for Ginger Lynn, you’ve come to the right place. She caries the sexual action in this film much more than in Torn. Her three way cop fantasy is a real scorcher of a scene and the final three way, even with it’s arty look, is a nut buster as well. I rather enjoy a good plot, but I don’t think
I should feel confused by all the comings and goings. When you watch it closely, it’s very well done, but for the casual viewer or the guy just looking for something to stroke to, there is a bit too much going on. Ginger looks great and the sheer number of her sex scenes is enough to make this movie a must see. Chloe adds some considerable heat and I really liked Kylie’s scene, but sexually, this one is all about Ginger, and she delivers big time. Besides the sometimes confusing plot, Veronica Hard does some really nice things with the camera in this movie. The Kylie scene as well as the final three way are beautifully shot scenes and they are sexually hot enough to still work on all levels. I’m not sure if I would say this one is better overall than Torn, but more Ginger equals more strokable porn per minute.

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