Cum Covered 2


115 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Chris English
THEMES: Public Cum, Euro-babes.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: No Cast Listed
If the idea of watching chicks walk around in public with cum on their faces turns you on, then this is a great time to be alive. This series from Zane has been joined by at least one other line that features freshly frosted faces out in pubic for all to see. What I really liked about the first Cum Covered movie was the sex. Sure, the novelty of public cum displays in interesting in a perverted sort of way, it can only take up so much screen time. With sexy Euro-babes taking on well hung studs, the sex was so good, that the hook really didn�t matter to me. There has been some question as to how real the cum on their faces is, but the bottom line is that these women walk around with what looks like cum on their faces. That alone is worth a grin or two.
There are no credits and no cast list with this movie, so I�m not going to be able to tell you which Euro-slut is which. The first girl is a very sexy brunette who comes out onto her terrace topless and starts beckoning guys from the street to come and join her. A couple of guys race up to help this poor women get her fill of cock. Without a word, she gets on her knees and starts sucking both cocks. This kind of girl can brighten up any porn flick. They move into the bedroom and she manages to take both cocks in her mouth at once for a short time. Mostly she sucks one while the other one beats against her face. One guy moves around behind for some standing doggy. While he fucks her, he�s slapping her ass and playing with her asshole, probing it for later use. No problem here as both guys hammer away on her holes. Don�t you just love women who will take strangers off the street for some DP fun? There are some lighting issues with this scene, but the action is hard, fast and this chick looks so fucking good, it really doesn�t matter. (That much.) The guys leave two loads of cum onto her face. She gets dressed and walks through the lobby of the hotel with something dripping from her face. (Probably cum mixed with something to make it more visible.) Though she only passes one guy, the look on his face is priceless.
The next girl is a sharp nosed brunette who gets escorted around town by a couple of guys. They like showing her off and stop for a little fun near a golf course. They find a place in the middle of some bushes for a quickie. Anyone else think this looks like what might have actually happened in the woods during �Blair Witch Project.� This chick just goes nuts, shoving her tongue so far up one of the guy�s asses, she must be tasting his lunch from a week ago. She�s not nearly as attractive as the last girl, but she is up for anything and everything. What is the current record for most pierced porn chick? I think this babe would have to be right there with two in her tongue, one in each nipple and three in her pussy. Maybe it�s because I don�t find this chick all that attractive, but this scene just seems to go on and on. When they finally drop loads on her face, the guys watch as she returns to the path for a nice stroll as the cum dries on her face.
Girl number three is a tall blonde with incredible legs and a great set of tits. (If you can tell they are great when she is dressed, then you know they�re good.) A couple of guys follow her down the street and proposition her. They pull her top up a bit on the streets, examining the merchandise. Once they get back to the hotel, it�s out of the clothes and into bed. From the start, this nice looking blonde proves to be a very eager cocksucker, getting both rods hard, wet and ready to rock her world. The first guy takes his turn between her long legs while the second guy keeps her hungry mouth busy. With just her shoes on, we have full view of her leggy perfection. It�s a good thing these guys are in good shape, because this horny slut takes a pounding from every angle and still needs more. For the anal, they put her on her knees and really go drilling deep inside her shitter. Once that gets going, she mounts the other guy for some hot DP action. The camera moves in close on her face as the guys pound her and this babe really knows how to take two at the same time. When she goes back to her knees, the guys make a sticky mess of her pretty face, setting the stage for her trip back to the street. No one seems to notice, but the blonde giggles the whole time like a good little show off.
A solid looking blonde is out hitchhiking in tight shorts and a little top when a car comes by to pick her up. There are three guys in the car ready to pounce on this busty chick as soon as they stop. They take her on the lawn, giving her some hard meat to suck on. With a small circle of dicks to suck on, our little hitchhiker just bobs her little head around on all three. After a long, well shot group oral session, she mounts the first dick and lets the other two fight for her mouth. When they go for her ass, it�s very tight, but she manages to get most of it up in there before the DP starts. How hard can she take it? AS hard as they can dish it out and then some. This girl is another example of how pure sexual energy can make a scene blistering even if the girl isn�t a cover girl type. (She�s not ugly or anything.) Her face gets drenched by all three guys. We cut to much later (the sun has gone down) as she walks up and down a crowded street. Clearly this isn�t cum, but the looks on the faces of the people as she walks by is worth the price of the video. What must they be thinking?
There is no doubt in my mind that at least some of the public cum is not actually semen, but something to make it more visible. (That shit dries quickly you know.) However, as I mentioned in the open, this is just a novelty sort of thing from where I sit. If the sex sucked or the chicks were ugly, who gives a shit if they�ve got spooge on their face at the mall? I think the girls were slightly more attractive in the first volume, but they really turn up the sexual heat in this one. The first girl is a great combination of good looks and great fucking. I liked the outdoor action in spite that girl not being very cute. I also found the final cum soaked stroll to be pretty amusing. It�s the reaction of the people she passes that makes it interesting to me. Some lighting issues, but nothing too terrible. Overall, another solid effort. This may be a narrow genre, but Cum Covered is the best I�ve seen so far.
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