Buttwoman 2000



120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex, Latin Women.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Charlene Aspen, TJ Hart, Sophie Evans, Tavalia Griffin, Daisy Chain, Cheyenne Silver, Nakita Kash, Keisha, Alexandria Quinn, Kiri, Mercury O, Alexis Amore, Nia Wade, Mark Davis, Nacho Vidal, Toni Ribis, Joel Lawrence, Joey Ray, Vince Vouyer, Pat Myne, Mark Anthony, Tyce Bune, Ronnie Coxx, Jasper Wade.
OK, we have new Buttwoman for the new Millennium. It’s going to be hard for any woman to fill the incredible shoes of Ms. Tiffany Mynx, but at least Charlene Aspen has a fighting chance. This woman has been impressing me ever since I saw her for the first time working with Lex in Rookie Cookies 4. She has that up for anything sexuality that should make her an impressive front woman. The set up for this Buttwoman adventure is pretty familiar. Charlene’s husband tells her that she should just shoot some sexy adventures and take them to Elegant Angel. Considering she’s going to run into Cheyenne Silver, Tavalia Griffin, Alexandria Quinn and Keisha (among others) I would say she has a pretty good chance of capturing some decent stroke material.
Charlene starts out by convincing her friend TJ to let her practice for her film class by filming the tall blonde. TJ is shy at first, but since it’s for a class project, she opens up a bit for her friend. To help her relax, Charlene gets a little dominant, commanding TJ to just sit back and let her see what’s under that tight little dress. I don’t know if TJ is supposed to be a newbie to the ways of veggie love, but Charlene is definitely the aggressor here. Mark shows up and tries to act like he’s not thrilled by the idea, but as he sits and watches, it’s pretty clear he wants to fuck the shit out of both women. It helps a great deal when Charlene starts sucking his cock. This girl is one foul mouthed little cock sucker and you know that’s a compliment. TJ is looking pretty good these days and takes a really hard anal from Mark. However, Charlene is the star and should have stepped in earlier to take over the action. She gets pounded hard for a few minutes before taking the load on her face. With such a hot talking slut, some more post pop would have been hot.
On her way to the car, Charlene is spotted by a horny photographer, Nacho. He invites her into his place to shoot some photos and she sees this as a great opportunity to keep filming. In his back yard, Tavalia, Sophie and Tony Ribis are already posing. Charlene jumps right in, inviting Nacho to even the odds a bit. When he approaches the models, Charlene just drops to her knees and starts sucking his big Euro-prick. The problem here is that when she hands Nacho her camera, we switch to black and white. (Mynx did the same thing in the last Buttwoman.) This cheats us out of the great POV blowjob that Charlene is delivering. Sophia is a pretty blonde and Tavalia is a brunette Euro/Aussie slut who I really like. Everyone moves inside for a nice five way fuck. Tavalia really captures my attention with her awesome ass. (Too bad about her tat) Of course, Charlene does break out into Spanish dirty talk which fucking rocks. More of that in porn wouldn’t suck at all. She also puts her whole body into her blowjobs, making this the best footage so far. Charlene uses her mouth to suck and talk, her feet to jerk off cocks and basically looks like a super slut in full cockhound mode. She and Tavalia share one pop shot, while the second gets dripped down on Tav’s awesome buns.
Charlene stops by to see her pal Daisy Chain. Nikita Kash and Cheyenne Silver are in the backyard by the pool and they agree to pose for our new camerawoman. Daisy catches on quickly that Charlene is shooting something a little more than a student film. They strike a deal and Daisy agrees to help out. They hit the bed together for a little veggie sex. (What about Nikita and Cheyenne?) Daisy would be way hot if not for all those tats on her smooth skin. They hook up in a hot little lesbian romp until Nikita and Cheyenne come in. Then the heat triples and things really get out of hand. (And remember, I don’t really care much for g/g stuff.) Cheyenne Silver and Charlene really light things up with some great anal toy play. I dig Nikita’s tan lines and the way she takes it deep.
Daisy has an unusual relationship with her husband, she doesn’t have sex with him. (and the married guys all say ‘why is that unusual?’) Part of their deal is to have Charlene show him a good time. She enlists the help of Keisha to make sure it’s a huge event. With Daisy instructing, Charlene is a total sub slut for this hard cock. Keisha shows up and brings Joel Lawrence. Now the fun really begins. Keisha and Charlene giving a double blowjob will likely give all you lovers of latinas a huge thrill. Daisy is in there as well, sucking pussy and trying to shove both hands up Keisha’s coochie. The problem is that the action gets somewhat scattered. (We did just see Daisy doing the veggie thing.) Shouldn’t the focus be on Charlene slutting it up with two more cocks? Too much girl/girl stuff kind of ruins this for me. How about ditching Daisy and letting the two hot brunettes take turns with cock? The really good action happens when either of them are getting fucked. Keisha does a great DP scene that leaves her fucked raw at both ends. Charlene steps in, begs for cum and gets a big load on her face. After Keisha kisses her, she takes a load of her own. This scene needed less to become more.
Charlene shows up at Patrick Collins’ office to convince him that she should be the next Buttwoman. He introduces her to Slutwoman Alexandria Quinn. The two women both seem to think that they can out-slut one another. Patrick thinks quickly and brings Vince Voyuer over to test them out. Alex deep throats his cock with total ease, but Charlene makes an enthusiastic effort to keep up with Slutwoman. For some reason the action is split again. Let’s keep our attention on Charlene and Alex shall we? There are some attractive chicks in this mini orgy, but I want the two super sluts to battle it out. Alex does take a deep assfuck and Charlene dirty talks her way through the whole scene. I really wish Collins would have cleared the other chicks out of the room for this final scene, it ends up just a jumbled mess of women instead of focusing on the two really hot ones.
There are a few things that I notice by the end of this video. The first is the huge waste of potential during the second half of the movie. It starts out really nicely, with Charlene working TJ through a hot scene, then being ringmaster for a decent group grope. From there, this movie suffers from too many chicks. I know that a huge cast and massive group scenes work for some people, but I firmly believe that in many cases less is more. (Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?) The all girl scene is actually pretty good even though Cheyenne and Charlene steal the show. However, bringing Keisha in for a scene that has Daisy hanging around cooled down what should have been a great four way fuck. (Though this is still some of the best sex in the flick.) In the finale, Quinn and Aspen are inexplicably paired with a couple of other chicks who only serve to distract from that action. (And since this is supposed to be sort of a show down, it takes away from the premise of the sex as well.) This is a well shot movie and Charlene makes a fine Buttwoman. (She’s no Tiffany Mynx, but then who is?) Like I said, sometimes less is more and by cutting down the number of chicks in the cast, Charlene could shined more brightly and that would have made this one of the best movies of her career.


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