Ya: Young and Anal 18


YA 18


80 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Young Girls, Anal Sex.

CONDOMS: None Noted

2000 (3/00)

STARS: Mesha, Harmony, Dynamite, Brandy Nash, Backey, Herschel Saveage, Dave Hardman, Jay Ashley, Ice Man.


Never in a million years could the creators of YM magazine have imagined their look would be snaked by porn producers looking to cash in on the youth market. OK, I can’t even repeat that without busting a gut. Anyone with half a brain knows that porn is going to cash in on anything and everything they can. Turning a popular teen fashion mag into an anal themed porn series isn’t even that much of a stretch. Not all of the creativity in this line goes into the box, but the blurbs on each box are often worth a guilty chuckle. (Not for the PC, to be sure.) Still, the focus in this line is on young women taking dick in their ass. There are usually simple set ups, followed by the hard-core ass reamings. How good the movie is generally depends on the cast. I only recognize one name in this cast, so maybe we’ll see some new anal sluts to enjoy.

Jay Ashley starts out by playing truth or dare with Meesha and Brandy. Meesha is really cute and Jay takes care to kiss her long and hard when he is dared to give her a peck. As soon as Meesha starts seriously bobbing on his knob, Brandy gets grossed out and leaves the room. Someone seriously wound this little cocksucker up. It’s as if there is nothing better on earth than Jay’s hard cock. I know he’s not all that big, but the way she takes him all with no effort at all makes me wonder what she would be like with an even bigger cock. Meesha has a trim, sexy bod with great real tits. She is almost too active when she’s on top of him, bucking all over the place like the end of his dick is electrified. Come on, no one on earth is THAT hot to fuck Jay Ashley. Super pale Meesha has a pussy that’s even nicer looking than her tits. Of course, this is YA so it’s her ass that Jay really wants. All of that enthusiasm comes in handy as she’s having her colon crammed. She hops on for RCA, rubbing her clit and screaming out as he piston fucks her pretty pooper. (And watch those real tits bounce baby.) All that remains is or Meesha to make Jay cum and then take care of the discharge. No problem here either as she jerks him into her mouth and sucks up every last drop of jizz.

Brandy’s trip home is not a pleasant one. She walks into the middle of some beer swilling losers who try to take advantage of the young girl as she walks by. Along comes Backey to the rescue. Brandy is immediately taken with her handsome hero and is more than willing to play a game with him. He puts her on her hands and knees and starts kissing her young ass. For such an innocent girl, she isn’t bothered by a couple of fingers in her bum. Becky has some nasty looking horse teeth when she sneers, but when she has a dick in her mouth, giving eye contact, she has a pretty nice looking face. Fucking her face isn’t enough for this Euro-stud. He wants her to lick his asshole as well. Unlike her friend, Becky is not overly energetic. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a dead fuck, just not the kind of wind up fuck toy Meesha is. Her pussy is just as shaved and smooth, but again, pussy sex is not the main course here. Backey goes back and forth between both holes, finally shooting a thick wad on her lips in a bit of A2M face fucking. One pop only gets him started though. He moves her to doggy and makes her beg for anal sex. Her tight ass really gets busted this time. Backey realy enjoys her flexible young body and her now stretched sphincter as well.

Harmony shows up looking for Ice Man’s brother. He’s not around, but as soon as she comes onto his brother, her search for cock to suck has ended. This young blonde is quite a talker and brags about how good she is when it comes to sucking cock. Haromy has a very slutty look to her face and a rather square build. Not fat by any stretch of the imagination, just lacking curves. Like the others she has natural boobs and a pierced tongue. Her mostly shaven pussy has some pretty serious shave blemishes around it, but he doesn’t seem to mind once he’s got that rod in her hole. Moving her from the stairs to a chair, he bends the blonde over and power fucks her from behind. Having tried her mouth and pussy, you just know her butt is next. The best part about the brief anal is the way she encourages him verbally the whole time. A nice facial closes out the least appealing scene so far.

Dynamite has a problem with her relationship. Her mother and step father are not at all happy that the cute redhead is dating Dave Hardman. He takes the news well over the phone, talking his young girlfreind into some self love. In walks step-dad Herschel and he hits the roof. One thing quickly leads to another, and she’s got his cock in her mouth. Dynamite is in full schoolgirl gear here, plaid skirt, white blouse, knee highs and braids. It’s amazing how quickly this shaved little cutie opens up to her disfunctional dad once his tongue is up her puss. While he’s fucking her from behind, Dave shows up to help his girlfriend. Now Dynamite has a cock in her from behind and once in her mouth. I would say that this girl wins out for the hottest overall. Meesha is still a little prettier, but Dynamite seems more genuine in her fucking and sucking. They finally strip her out of her outfit, giving us a fill view of her young, beautiful bod. The guys take turns on her two holes for a long while, fucking her in just about every position they can think of. Finally, Dave takes her ass, lifting one leg high in the air during some spooning. The camera stays tight on her asshole for several minutes while he fucks her. This tells me she proably didn’t look thrilled to have it there. When it does pull back briefly, Dynamite looks to be having a bit of difficulty. She manages to take them both on in some DP footage that really stretches her holes to the limit. In the end, she closes her eyes and holds her mouth open as both guys dribble fairly weak pops right onto her face. Dynamite with cum on her mug is a fucking pretty sight, that’s for sure.

The first and last scenes in this movie are easily the best. Meesha is a cute, energetic fuck toy who loves cock in all of her holes. Dynamite is every bit as fuckable and takes on two cocks as a bonus. Brandy doesn’t seem to be quite as hot for anal action as the rest and Harmony isn’t as good looking as the rest of the cast. There is nothing here for couples or PC porn viewers. Expect the sex hard, the women in pigtails and the sphincters worn out. If that’s your bag, you’re going to love this one. I say any time you get the chance to watch chicks like Meesha and Dynamite get banged raw, it’s worth an hour and a half of your life.

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