Lil’ Women 18 Spicy Girls Rock


75 Mins.
Eurotique/Astral Ocean
DIRECTOR: Harry S. Morgan
THEMES: Blondes, Euro-babes.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Linda Sweet, Mishell More, Brenda Vankova, Vivien Ferbert, Klieo Shamzek, Angela Csepke, Melody Gritish, Holly Nimrodish, Rosi Panitch.
No matter how many Lil’ Women movies I watch, I am always amazed at the quality of the young women who fuck and suck and these flicks. Like Private, the makers of the LW vids stack the cast with great looking young babes who have natural boobs and fuck like nobody’s business. They put together little stories that are fun to follow, but basically, these are great movies for raincoaters because the women are just so hot. (And since there are little stories, these are the kind of movies that you can sneak past your wife for a little crossover porn fun.) I don’t know if the story will have much to do with an all-girl rock band, but just the idea of those here-today-moms-tomorrow UK pop tarts doing the nasty is enough to make me more than a little curious.
I’m not even going to try to figure out what leads us to the first scene. A couple of chicks look through binoculars and somewhere a blonde chick is having her pookie fingered. There is another guy watching them, but who knows why? All we really need to know is that this blonde babe is super horny, fingering herself madly while waiting for her man to drop his drawers. When he gets his dick close to her, she grabs it and shoves it into her hungry mouth. There is nothing not to like about this woman. She’s pretty, had a hot body, loves dick and has flexible legs that look great pushed back to her shoulders during a hard fuck. Watching her ride his lap is a treat for those who love real tits that bounce invitingly. From there, he spins her around, holds her cheeks open and waits for his friend to slide a dick into her ass. Now that she’s being fucked in both holes, she’s not able to move as much, but this chick is still going nuts over the feel of two cocks in her. The guys shoot on her ass, finishing a very enthusiastic opening scene.
I am taking a stab in the dark on the plot here, but it appears that the two women with the binos are groupies hoping to get into the hotel to meet their favorite rock stars. A doorman lets them in, but a power failure nearly ruins their plans. For some reason, when the lights come back on, the dude has a bulge in his pants and the girls are quite eager to check it out. Both of these babes are quite cute and the redhead looks at his cock like it’s the greatest thing she has ever seen. I don’t know what this guy was expecting from his day at work, but I’m guessing head from two gorgeous babe wasn’t on the schedule. They are a little bit crowded, but he manages to bend red over and fuck her from behind while her blonde pal rubs her clit nearly raw. Both women keep a lot of their clothes on while being fucked here. The blonde takes her jeans down just far enough to take a dick in her hot little puss. Nice handjob facial for the blonde with her friend there to lick up any residue. I sure hope these chicks make it to see the band because they both need more cock.
This doesn’t get the girls in however, and they bum a ride from a guy outside. (Maybe he works for the band?) I’m starting to think that maybe these girls are trying to have a demo tape heard. (See, sexist Rog assumes that the chicks are groupies instead of musicians.) The guy driving the van listens to their tape, seems impressed and looks to seal the deal. There is a blonde chick now with them and she moves right in to suck his cock. (It’s good to be the record company exec.) If that’s all it takes, then these girls will be fine because she makes him pop in near record time.
Our first two girls return to their band and tell the tale of doorman again. It lets us see the facial for a second time, but causes some tension in the group. (Cut me some slack, I have no fucking clue what they’re saying.) As the rest of the band clears out, the drummer (Actually the prettiest girl in the movie so far) gets a little one on one help from their new manager. He fills her head with dreams of Las Vegas then takes her to the floor. As I said, this woman is the best looking so far and as her dress comes off, she has the body to match her incredible face. They actually kiss and undress for nearly two minutes before she starts sucking his dick. Her blowjob doesn’t last long because he is very anxious to taste her sweet honey hole. I don’t like the quick pace of this scene though. Let us enjoy this pretty girl a little bit. Until the gets on top for a squat fuck, things move too quickly. Once she is there however, she really enjoys his rod. There is an interesting pop here as he pulls out during a standing fuck to shoot onto her lower lips.
The blonde from the van comes in and catches the couple in post coital bliss. She is not very happy and in the ensuing fracas, the dude gets a bottle over his head. When he comes to, he makes another call on the girls’ behalf. The guy on the other end of the phone is busy fucking some girl, but we don’t stick around long enough to watch. Instead we go back to the blonde from the car (I believe) as she sucks some guy’s dick in front of the dude from the first scene. If the plot is getting frustrating, at least this time, we get a nice long blowjob to enjoy. She works her tongue up and down his shaft, giving quick little licks that look fantastic. More than just a pretty face, this babe knows how to give a great blowjob. From there, we move to the manager, then to the dude he was calling. (Still balling that chick.) This time we get to watch and the action is intense. (When not in slow motion.) I’m pretty sure this is one of the band chicks, but whoever she is, this chick fucks him hard and jerks him off even harder.
Two of the blonde chicks hook up in the bathroom for a little bit of all-girl action. They spend some time rubbing tits and pussies while kissing. You don’t see this sort of action every day and I find it rather erotic. One of the girls gets four fingers up into her friend while rubbing her clit at the same time. Yeah, that seems to work, sending the pretty blonde right over the edge. Into the action comes the strange dude with the suspenders. He hops into the tub with the two hot blondes and really enjoys his good fortune. One of these chicks is my little drummer chick and she looks great riding his prick. Both women have fun taking turns riding him. The fucking is fast and hard with both women sharing a jerked facial.
I have totally lost the plot by this point, so all that’s left to talk about is the sex. The long haired dude now has this pretty light brunette chick in his bed. She’s got on some garters and hose, but what’s really notable here are her awesome breasts. Apparently he agrees with me, because he fucks that rack, letting her lick his head on each stroke. That gets him hard and ready to plow her tight little twat. They actually kiss while he hammers away, and her hand pulls him in deeper. (See, nice couples touch, right?) As she rides his cock, this cute chick reaches around and starts fingering her own asshole. This leads right into some deep anal. Nice tight shots of her stuffed ass mixed in with more kissing. As she leans back, we get some POV ass fucking that is marred only by the inopportune use of slo-mo. Still, by the time she gets around to jerking his dick onto her face, we’ve seen a very nice scene.
Confused? Don’t worry about it, if you were watching this movie for a story you can understand, you would have given up long ago. The lack of even a basic English translation of the story makes it pretty tough to follow. That and the fact that I don’t have a clue who any of the women are. Still, it’s the girls and the sex that really matter in this movie. On both counts, everything is fine here. Once again, the Lil Women are cute, natural and total whores between the sheets. (On in a van or a bathtub or just about anywhere.) Other than a litt
le bit of slow motion, the sex is totally hot and nicely shot. As an added bonus, you can always sit with your wife, turn down the sound and make up dialog for the movie. (Hey, it worked in the Casa de Pipe.)

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