Homegrown 483: Fantastic Facial Finishes



118 Mins.
Xplor- 1997
DIR: Amateur
STARS: Stacy Nichols, Carmel St. Clair.
THEMES: Amateurs, Facials GALORE!
Since Home Grown video is really the only true amateur video I watch, the quality is sometimes a bit up in the air. After all, most couples don’t have elaborate lighting set ups, boom mikes and digital cameras sitting around the house. Since some of the scenes are iffy, I always look for great pictures on the boxes or catchy little titles, and this one caught my eye right away. Something about real women taking loads of cum on their face had me really wanting to see this video.
There are not full scenes here, just the very best facial endings from recent and classic Home Grown titles. Rather than rattle off single lines about the 40+ scenes, I will just hit the highlights.
Bear with me readers, this one comes with no cast list on the box, and chances are, I don’t know too many of these ladies. I’ll do my best. Since each scene does start out with the Home Grown volume number that the scene was taken from, I will start each scene description with that number in parentheses.
(474) A very cute blonde in knee high stockings and glasses takes a very big load all over her face and licks the guy’s cock clean afterwards. Quite hot.
(471) Exceptionally pretty blonde gets her pussy fucked and her ass fingered before the guy pulls out and paints her face with a big, runny wad.
(470) Outdoor three way with a shaved, small titted blonde being fucked as her girlfriend kisses her (With pierced tongue.) until the guy drops a thick load into her mouth.
(430) Another pairing in a hot tub scene with a lot of cocksucking and a VERY impressive load shot by the happy guy.
(403) Cute girl doing her best to suck on a really fat cock that stretches her lips wide before he drops a load on her slightly Liv Tyler-ish face.
(384) A dark skinned, shaved woman gets a big face full of jizz. Very real amateur here, hot.
(371) Very big titted brunette is entertaining a room full of horny guys. She has some very good deep throat skills which she shows on a rather big cock before taking a big wad on her chin and huge tits. Really hot, I need to pick this tape up to watch this woman take on all these horny studs.
(369) Great eye contact and dirty talk from an average looking blonde who gives her all to milk a load of cum into her mouth and onto her chin.
(361) This one goes one better, with a pair of sexy talking ladies working the jizz from one very lucky who, judging from their actions, must be finger licking good.
(340) Here we get a little interracial as a very enthusiastic white woman is the creamy center of a red hot Oreo. Of course, she is the one licking cream off her face after one of the guys blows his nut right in her mouth.
(323) A very pretty blonde makes love to her well hung boyfriend until he can’t hold back any longer. He straddles her sizeable chest and shoots a big load right on her tongue. This little cutie laps up cum like a hungry slut puppy.
(320) One of my favorite underrated sluts, Stacy Nichols shows off the oral skills that made her a star on a faceless guy who jerks right onto her pretty face. Another one I have to pick up. (And if anyone knows where Stacy is, let me know, I think it’s time someone put her back in front of the camera.)
(259) This one goes back a ways, but a pretty brunette stares right into the camera while sucking the head of a cock while she vigorously strokes the shaft. Very nice stuff here, and of course ends with a fine sperm shower.
There are only about ten percent of the facial creamings in this two hour spunk fest. If amateur facials are your thing, then you will not find a better collection than this one. Each and every scene delivers what it promises and gives the connoisseur of fine facials plenty to look and love. Even if amateur video is not your thing, check this one out. The women are all really good looking for the genre and there is not a cum dodger in the bunch.


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