19 And Naughty 3


19 & NAUGHTY 3

75 Mins.
Midnight- 1996
DIR: Cash Markman
STARS: Sindee Coxx
THEMES: Bad Girls.
I have no idea what the first two parts of this video are about, but part three opens with a voice over that actually sets up something that may resemble a plot. Now that half my readers have left, those of us who do sometimes enjoy a little dialog with our sex can sit back and see what happens when porn writers try to bang out a story in between the mandatory balling.
While cruising down a dirt road, our conservative male lead, spies a horny young couple, Vince Voyeur and Sindee Coxx, getting very personal under the blue skies. I really like Sindee. When she is working with a good male and has good direction, she gives off a lot of sexual heat. She is showing off her new breasts and the Daisy Duke cutoffs she is sporting are wet dream material. The topless, top-heavy blonde gives Vince some head that he is not likely to forget. (And neither am I.) She takes nearly the whole thing down her throat and does not skimp on the eye contact and tongue-wrist action. (You know Sindee, this is just about perfect head, but if you ever want to practice, give me a call.) Vince neglects to taste her sweet pie, but Sindee doesn’t seem too upset, on her hands and knees taking it doggie style her big tits bouncing about wildly. As she turns over and invites him between her thighs, there is a total energy and heat that makes the whole scene just jump out. Excellent camera work here, capturing Sindee from all wonderful angles. After a thoroughly rousing fuck, she spins around on her knees and captures a well fired sperm scud right on her face, leaving her a very messy, but lovely young thing.
Sindee is playing a carefree, wild youngster who quickly disposes of Vince after fucking him. Our unsuspecting guy has no idea what he is in for when he picks up the inciting, pigtailed rider. His company seems to bore her and she can’t race out of the car fast enough at a gas stop. She ends up in a bar where her blatant attempts to stir things up hook up bartender Jake Steed, with cowgirl Harley in the men’s room. While Jake is enjoying the feel of his footlong python sliding between Harley’s lips, Sindee is making off with all the cash in the register. Harley, who has a decent face, can’t get much of that monster into her mouth, but she makes up for it with a lot of hand action and has Jake primed and ready in no time. He rewards her by bending her over the bowl and filling her insides with salami. (Ah romance.) She doesn’t seem to mind the less than perfect setting though. In fact, she hops in the saddle and starts bouncing her pale, and somewhat jello like thighs up and down until they look like someone is waving a sheet over Jake’s lap. Back over the bowl, Jake slowly slips his anaconda into her backdoor. Any anal with Jake Steed is an accomplishment. Too bad the spin around A2M facial is more of a A2H (Hand) and a dribble load.
Back in the bar, Sindee greets a trio of customers. The sexy blonde challenges the dude in the group to a dare. She bets them she can down a tall whiskey, and if she does, this guy has to fuck his two girlfriends, Kimberly Kyle (Yuck) and Spice (Mega Yum!) Spice, with her closely cropped do and incredible cute face, couldn’t look any more inviting if she had “fuck me” written across her face. Good decision by the stud to bend her over and fuck her while Kimberly (Who looks old enough to Spice’s mother) gets her pussy eaten. This looks great, but the problem is that is all we see for a long time, until the guy moves in for Kim’s beaten up looking pussy. Step down in a big way my friend. How can any guy in his right mind fuck Kim with Spice so close and ready? Fucking insane. Kind of wastes the talents of this sweet little piece.
Sindee has to high tail it out of there when her little activities are discovered. She and her knew friend get out of town quickly and spend the night in a hotel together. On the old tube, there is a hot porno on starring Beverly Glenn and some guy with the thickest dick I have ever seen. Bev can barely get her lips around it, but loves it in her shaved box. The scene is pretty sliced up to make it shorter which is too bad since this is some damn fine stuff. It works wonders for Sindee’s overcharged libido however, and she offers her body to her uptight pal. He wisely accepts and is rewarded for his good decision making with an incredible blowjob. Sindee has really become quite a sexy star and shows off all she has here while sucking and fucking this stuffy guy into a whole new frame of mind. With Bev getting boned in the background, Sindee outdoes her at every step. Both ladies take their loads all over their tits, with Sindee having her bog ‘uns coated in good.
Deciding she just can’t live life his way, Sindee take the money and runs again, continuing her odyssey into the great unknown. OK, so the plot starts off with more promise than it delivers, but it is still a decent bit of writing. Sindee Coxx gives two of her very best scenes which are the highlight of this tape. The Spice scene is disappointing since they waste her by letting Kimberly Kyle take most of the action. Watch it for Sindee, she is worth the price of the tape, but the rest of it is skipable.


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