Up And Cummers 41



118 Mins.

Randy West Productions- 1997

DIR: Randy West

STARS: Taylor Moore, Mika Choix, Jessica Singer, Kiara Syns, Sean Michaels, Randy West.

THEMES: New Girls, Pretty Girls, Anal Sex, Internal CumShots.



Can you believe this is number 41 already? Throughout the history of Up and Cummers, few things have changed. The formula is pretty simple. Randy gets a lineup of beautiful women, usually first timers or close to it, gives them a little interview and then shoots them being well fucked. It has worked so well, why change anything.

Taylor Moore, who looks almost too pretty to even be in porn is up first. She has decided to try something new, interracial sex. Enter Sean Michaels. Nothing like starting off big (Pun intended.). The sexy blonde is quite impressed with Mr. Sean, and he is eager to get to work. His oral attentions light up her pretty face and her pulse is racing in no time. It is nice to see this much pussy eating in a video, it is rare and when shot right, (like here) I love it. When it comes time to pay back his generous taco tasting, Taylor in on her knees giving what Randy describes as (And what certainly appears to be) “Great head.” This is a woman who knows how to suck dick on film and make it look great, lots of tongue action, great, full lips and just the right attitude. His deep probing rod moves slowly, allowing her to get used to such a long cock, but Taylor’s pussy is gushing with every stroke and she starts rolling her hips to meet his strokes. Since riding a cock that big is always the true test, it is good to see Taylor slide all the way down on him and go nuts getting her fill of dark meat. Somewhat reluctant Taylor is slow to take to anal, but given the size of the intruding member, who can blame her. With Sean’s gentle help, it seems Taylor rather likes the feeling of a big cock in her tight asshole. It certainly is a lovely sight. She even takes it right from her ass into her palm and gives Sean a serious handjob until he explodes all over her chin and tits. Very nice hand action to cap off a scene from a new girl I can’t wait to see fucking again.

Randy hooks up with Mika Choix, a seductive little Asian doll with a body from Hell and a set of lips just made to be wrapped around a hard cock. He gets this hot little tease warmed up by tonguing her gorgeous ass and shaved pussy. Thankfully, she is just as eager to give as she was to receive and treats Randy to quite a lust inspiring blowjob. Someone has obviously clued this woman in on the secrets of eye contact and sexy talk during oral sex, because she is a master at both. A little bit of tit fucking and ass licking round out the foreplay, and by then, both Mika and Randy are ready for the main course. Mister, if the sight of Mika on her hands and knees fucked from behind does not make your dick hard, you need to see a doctor, cuz something ain’t working down their my brother. It gets Randy so ready, he is at the edge in no time. Mika stares into his eyes as she jerks a load out into her closed mouth before letting the spooge dribble out all over his cock for her to play with and lap up a second time. Ever the porn stud, Randy has more bullets in his gun and keeps right on going with this hot Asian treat. Returning to doggie, Randy fucks Mika harder than ever and she just loves it. Keeping up his hard strokes, he mounts her and makes those gorgeous tits bounce around like tight water balloons while she screams with desire. (By the way, the look on her face while being fucked is priceless.) Mika takes full advantage of Randy’s ability to rise to occasion by hopping on top of him and literally bouncing her sexy ass up and down so hard they both leave the mattress on the upstroke. His second load ends up all over her shaved, tight little hole, leaving him drained, and Mika with a big grin on her pretty face.

Jessica Singer, a magazine model showed up to try a solo scene, but she took to video so well that she went for a boy girl scene as well. Jessica really does have a mainstream beautiful face and a tight little body. During her interview, she is incredibly cool, no hint of nervousness that first timers often have. A little bit of the solo stuff is here, but we cut to Jessica with Randy’s cock in her hands. Handjobs can be so sexy, yet no one uses them. Props to Randy for letting Jessica do some erotic massage work that we all can appreciate. Her fingers are magic, but I am guessing her mouth is a considerable step up, judging from Randy’s enthusiastic response to having his cock in her sexy mouth. She is not much of a deep throat girl, but her face is gorgeous and she is not afraid to talk with her mouth full. Before Randy will fuck her, he has to get a good long taste of her delicious pussy. He makes sure to sample it until she is more than ready to have her first on screen fuck. Anyone who thinks all models are lame, passive fucks like the overhyped Penthouse chicks, watch Jessica, who is alive while she gets drilled. Randy finds her pussy a fun place to spend a while, stroking her from behind and watching her tight buns shake every so slightly as she slams into her hips.

After getting his fill of her fine pussy, Randy gets a little bit of foot action before sliding in behind her to take her on camera anal cherry as well. Jessica seems to have enough experience to lead me to believe this is not the first time the salami has gone into that backdoor, but still she insists things move slowly and not quite all the way home. On her back, thighs spread and fingers working on her pussy, things seems to go quite a bit more easily for the lovely model turned porn star. Some very fine anal action here, not over the top wild, just a beautiful girl with a cock in her ass for a long time. From her ass (Not directly) to her face goes his cock as Randy jerks off, unloading his seed right onto her pretty face. Nice to see someone this good looking willing to go all the way for our enjoyment.

The final Up and Cummer is Kiara Syns, a sharp featured blonde with lips to die for. After a very brief get to know you segment, Randy moves the twenty year old Bostonian into the bedroom for some fun and games. Kiara is more than ready to suck his cock and seems to do so with a lot of tease. While not at the level of the other girls, she is nonetheless an attractive young woman with an active tongue. The problem with having this girl last is that she has three quite impressive women proceeding her, which tends in my book, to make her better than average romp with Randy something less special that it perhaps could have been. Also, I have never been a fan of internal cumshots, and that is what we get here. Fans of this will want to check it out.

This is the first video from this highly successful series that I have given the full Rog treatment, and I enjoyed it a good deal. Of the four women, three were exceptional. Taylor and Mika are porn stars for sure, and Jessica could be if she wanted to drop the magazine modeling. Some anal, some facials but mostly this is for fans of pretty, new girls, very comfortable with the guys they are fucking. It technically sound and has plenty of sexual heat for me to recommend this tape especially to those not acquainted with Up & Cummers.

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