Ben Dover’s Hot Spice Girls


128 Mins.
VCA- 1997
DIR: Ben Dover
STARS: Monique Covet, Vivienne, Sasha, Sam, Super Mario, Ben Dover.
THEMES: Big REAL Tits, Young Girls, Facials, Big Cocks,
OK, this is embarrassing, but what the Hell. I have been waiting for a Spice Girls porn video since I first saw this no talent New Kids on the Block with tits on MTV. While the girls in this video do not resemble the chart topping Brit popsters, they are actually better looking. (Still, don’t you just want to see those girls tossed on a bed and boned raw?) Beyond the catchy title, Ben has once again assembled an incredibly sexy cast of hot young honeys, all ready and willing to give their all for his enjoyment and ours.
Monique Covet, an incredible Hungarian blonde who is every bit as beautiful as Jenna and ten times as hot sexually, is up first. She is a first class tease and gets Ben hard just talking in her thick accent. Not taking no for an answer, she fishes his hard cock out of his jeans and works it in her hands while still purring in her sexy voice. They decide that the lobby is too public and take off for the room, but Monique can’t wait and we are treated to some hot solo and even hotter cocksucking in the elevator. Very rare and quite erotic. Once in the room, Monique teases Ben by playing with her full, shaved pussy lips and beckoning someone to come fuck her. She can’t take that for too long without wrapping her lips around his rod again, this time really playing to the camera with her beautiful eyes. He bends her over and plays with her pussy, even shoving her undies inside her tight hole, before jerking a big load all over her fantastic ass.
Thankfully, Monique is not done. Ben gets a phone call from his friend Pascal, and Monique tells him in her broken English “My pussy needs more fucking, you can come here.” Forget the George of the Jungle speak, what matters is that Monique likes what he has to offer and gives him the pleasure of her sweet pussy. After greedily slurping up all the juices she can produce, Pascal just kicks back and enjoys some of the same first class head that Ben got earlier. Monique attacks a dick with her mouth and hands like her one goal is to make her partner cum harder than he has in his entire life, and it takes a Herculean effort to keep from losing it in her sexy mouth. His great effort reaps a great reward as Monique hops on him and begins to ride his cock like a champion rodeo slut. I am rather impressed by what a loud and wild fuck she is, taking every pump of meat and begging for more. Even in her tight ass, she seems to need more and more cock to make her happy. You know, I take back that Jenna comparison I made earlier, the blonde American porn superstar should aspire to look this hot. She takes tube in a number of butt busting positions, each one hotter than the last until he can stand no more and unloads a copious helping of liquid love all over her face and tits. Sexy Monique let’s not a drop go wasted. Ben thinks she looks so good with a mouthful of cum, that he adds his load to the mix, leaving the greedy jizz slut well fed.
You almost have to feel sorry for anyone following such a blistering scene, but given Ben’s track record, nothing is beyond him. He brings Pascal to meet eighteen year old cutie Vivienne. Now this beauty is my type big time. Great smile, sexy legs and bite size tits to die for. She says she has never been on camera, and who can argue with this innocent face? Her on camera demeanor gives no hint of shyness however, as she strips down and tells Ben how she has never been brought to orgasm by her English lovers. To remedy the situation, Ben brings in Pascal. Perhaps a sexy foreigner can do what an Englishman can’t. (I know of at least one American who would get the job done, or die trying.) He comes into the room hard, but that can’t stop Vivienne from taking it in her mouth anyway. She is a slow and deliberate cocksucker, savoring every inch of rod and teasing with the tip of her tongue, making sure she has her partner’s full attention. Ben sticks his dick in there for a little two cocks in one mouth action, which she takes with a sexy smile. His pole ready, Pascal lays Vivienne out on the couch and plows into her slit like a man on a mission. While she enjoys being fucked hard, Vivienne seems to like to be more in control and gets going in cowgirl and even more so in RC, where she can suck Ben off while slamming her hips down on his big dick. For a girl who has never been on camera before, Vivienne knows just how to hold her ass open for an invading cock. To end things, her pretty face gets a double dose of sticky cum. Great facial, hot scene. Vivienne is wet dream cum true.
Ben’s mate Mario comes along for the next adventure, and the pair stop by a pub to check out the “naughtiest” strippers in town. One of these nasty girls is blonde Sasha. They pose as club owners looking for new dancers for a new club and tape her act in the bar. She gets as overheated as the guys from her dancing and decides to feed her hunger by sucking Mario’s sizable rod. With everyone watching, she oils down and fingers her pussy in between bouts of knob gobbling. This little show serves only as a warm up for the real good stuff that takes place backstage between Mario and Sasha. This busty bimbo shows she can do a lot more than dance which makes her just perfect for this biz. Since she already went down on him, Sasha is ready to bend over and get royally fucked. Her incredible tits fly about all over the place while Mario pounds Sasha hard. This girl (Like so many Ben brings us.) LOVES to fuck. So much so that Ben gets his cock sucked while Mario slams away on the platinum blonde. Her pussy is so good that Mario has to cum almost too soon and Sasha barely gets her face around in position to take a fantastic facial. Pop shot number two is even better, with tons of goo hitting this sexy slut right on her tongue where she can play with it long enough to get Mario ready for his own second shot. Three facial cum shots, what a killer slut.
Ben ventures up to Manchester to meet the final little cutie, Sam. Holy shit, if Sam doesn’t have the slightest Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing going. It is gone soon, but she is still quite cute with a killer bod and the tightest eighteen year old body I have seen in some time. (Ben says her birthday was the day before, and I pretty much believe it.) She is a reluctant model at first, wanting to stick to still work only, but soon her sex drive overwhelms her (NATCH) and we all get a better look at sexy Sam stripped. Personally, I adore her accent as much as I do her smooth, perfect skin and fantastic real tits. There is plenty of time here for some good slow tease as Ben admires her great body and Sam gets used to life in front of the camera. She begins to play with her pussy, but the guys are not about to let her have all the fun and one dives in there for a taste of sweet, young box. Sexy Buffy�errrrrrr�Sam decides since it is only a day after her birthday, she should blow out the candles. After an all too brief oral segment, Sam takes a standing fuck from behind that washes away all hesitation she may have had about video stardom. She looks smashing in the RC, lowering herself down on a cock that is, by her own admission, just a bit too big for her tight hole. Still, she fucks it long and hard until her own cum lubes the way.
After this wild ride, Ben has her back showing off her oral skills which are quite impressive. Her wet, messy blowjob earns Sam another hard fuck, and that suits the cute teen just fine, as she can’t seem to get her legs far enough apart fast enough. Right in the middle of all this wild assed fucking, they are interrupted. Rather than making them stop, one of the guys who is supposed to be working in this photo studio, figures he would be better off joining in. Sam welcomes the new dick by sucking it as enthusiastically as ever while being fucked from behind. With Sam telling us all how much she loves the “taste of spunk”, it’s no surprise to see the jizz flow from three cocks onto her pretty, waiting face. Sexy Sam (Still looking just enough like Sarah Michelle Gellar to get off you celeb guys) is not a sperm drenched wench with cum dripping from her mouth and pussy.
Once again, Ben Dover has brought three of the UK’s hottest new faces to the TVs of America and the porn world here is better for it. Monique is the blonde slut Goddess Jenna Jameson only hopes to be. Vivienne is a fresh faced coed with a bottomless bottom. Sasha is a stripper whose idea of a lap dance is her lapping cum off her tits, and finally Sam is a Buffy look a like who drinks cum and takes big cocks up her ass. May I say now what a crime it is that most Ben Dover girls are never seen again in US porn. Get a clue guys and use whoever Ben shoots.

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